In this Canadian Patriot Podcast, Matt Ehret speaks with Dr Jessica Rose about the multi-level fraud that is the “Covid Pandemic” with deep dives into her work, her mode of thinking and her penetrating research proving the ugly realities within VAERS and other aspects of the pandemic and the “solutions” which the world was tricked into drinking in response.

Throughout the conversation, the tricky beast known as “statistics” was discussed, which, though useful as a tool, has come to increasingly find their use in the advance of tyranny. Some discussion takes place on the topic of the the electromagnetic components of molecular biology which could serve as tools of great good and great evil, as well as our thoughts on the science of mass stupidity.

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3 thoughts

  1. “So Many People Don’t Have Any Idea That Anything Is Happening” Correct Jessica!

    The scientists (yourself), the ethicists (Kheriaty), the big mouths (Del / Naomi) must pass the baton to the screamers, and organize them in every city, every weekend. Signs, bullhorns, marching.. in front of CVS, Wallgreens, Universities, Pediatric Offices, Hospitals, Town Halls etc…

    With all due respect, how many times can you be right? How many times can McCullough, Hoffe, Cole, be right? Being right, while preaching to the choir is not getting “us” anywhere. Isn’t it obvious to you?
    Bobby Kennedy Jr. says at the end of every speech, “See You On The Barricades”. Where are the _______ _________ barricades??
    A football analogy is kind of in poor taste right now, but you MUST make the hand-off. Scientists are not fighters. Recruit the fighters. It’s not even risky for you. You’re already a giant target. The fighters are sitting on the couch with nothing to do. They will jump in a heartbeat if given direction. I will jump with them.
    Send them. Simplify the message. Get a commercial printer who knows the truth. Flood events with flyers. Litter them all over the place. You will have much awakening!!

    So, you wanted to know in the above podcast why no one knows what is happening..
    This is why!

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