How have millions of educated citizens and professionals found themselves walking in lockstep to scientific frauds during the past decades? Whether we find ourselves concluding with computer models and anonymous ‘experts’ that our economy had to be shut down to stop a virus, or that food production must be annihilated to save the planet or that we must shut down industrial civilization to prevent a new eco Armageddon, the result is the same: Mass death because computer models say it must be so.

But are these models based upon authentic science or are they merely a pseudoscientific fraud pushed by an oligarchy that wishes to restore global feudalism?

In this episode of the Mel K Show, Matt was invited to unpack the content of his new essay published on Whitney Webb’s Unlimited Hangout titled ‘The Club of Rome and the Rise of the Predictive Modelling Mafia’ where we unpack the origins of this perverse form of thinking in great detail with a focus on the Club of Rome and the re-tooling of eugenics in the post WWII epoch

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