In this Rising Tide Foundation presentation, David Gosselin (editor of the New Lyre and Chained Muse Poetry journals) expands upon the thesis of breaking the spell of mass hypnosis which has been used by social engineers over the course of several generations to induce western civilization to abandon its moral traditions while walking into an illusion of “individualism” and “liberalism” that have induced the masses to acquiesce to their own enslavement. A robust discussion of solutions is of course also featured in this interactive presentation.

Read David’s series on Trance to Transcendence here:

Part 1: “Lifting the Veil: From Ancient Rhetoric to Modern Psyops — How the Magicians Are Destroying the Republic”

Part 2: “From Trance to Transcendence: Lessons for Saving a Dying Republic”

David Gosselin is a poet, researcher, and editor based in Montreal. He writes on Substack at Age of Muses.

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