In this week’s episode of the Great Game, VJ, CJ and Matt explore the roots of 20th century fascism and the origins of transhumanism by evaluating the occult geopolitical operations that destroyed the Christian-Muslim-Confucian-Jewish alliance of the early 9th century and the origins of the Crusades. We explore Putin’s Valdai speech which identified two opposing currents within the too-often labelled “western culture” with only one of those two cultural traditions as being compatible to the multipolar world.

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To learn more about the truth of Khazaria use the following resources:

1- Khazaria and the Forgotten Christian-Jewish-Muslim-Confucian Alliance

2- The Shocking Truth about the Khazarian Mafia myth, the Rothschilds and Manifest Destiny

3- Pierre Beaudry’s Charlemagne and the Ecumenical Principle (full book!)

4- Life at the end of an Empire with St Augustine

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