In the course of this jam packed history lesson delivered on the Tish Talk Podcast, you will be introduced to a sweeping new approach to over a century of history as it wasn’t taught in school.

The question of Pierre Trudeau’s role as a leading Fabian Society operative is explored at length with a deep dive into Pierre development from a fascist-loving Jesuit trained high school student in Quebec to a protege of Harvard’s William Yandall Elliot and Harold Laski at the London School of Economics to a leading cybernetics junkie operating within Canada’s Privy Council Office during the 1950s and his role leading a de-Christianization program of the once anti-Malthusian Quebec as part of a technocratic Quiet Revolution of 1960.

The October Crisis and Pierre’s role in that false flag, the creation of the Club of Rome in Canada and and CSIS are also evaluated. More importantly we explore the Rhodes Scholar take down of John Diefenbaker and the Bank of Canada during the 1960s which coincided with a major fight that simultaneously was waged between patriots in British Columbia and Quebec’s Daniel Johnson Sr who had something big in mind when he invited President De Gaulle to Canada in 1968.

Not to look only upon modern history, we also plunge into the deeper reasons for the British North America Act fraud of 1867, and the fraud of a fraud known as the Charter of Rights of Freedoms of 1982. We also explore the anti-imperial faction of Canadian nationalist that emerged into power around the figure of Wilfrid Laurier who was also ousted in a Roundtable-directed coup in 1911 followed by this group’s re-ascendency to power in the 1920s and again in 1935.

Finally, if you wanted to know how the Liberal Party was purged of it’s Laurier liberals led by C.D. Howe (aka; the Minister of Everything) starting in 1957, and was taken over by a Fabian Society virus, then this show is for you.

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