On this week’s episode of TNT Radio’s Hrvoje Moric Show, Matt Ehret sheds light onto the science of energy as far as it relates to population levels, and how this important relationship was once well understood by previous generations long past but which has been increasingly forgotten during the recent 50+ years of post-industrial consumerism.

The delusion that 1 kilowatt of nuclear energy is somehow equal to 1 kilowatt of solar power energy was once understood as a pure mathematical fantasy, but has increasingly become a gospel truth among those poor souls brainwashed by a mathematicization of education which has mentally handicapped virtually every specialist in energy, and economic science. Only societies which forgot that industrial creation was the precondition upon which consumption could be justified would ever permit their children’s destinies to become bound by windmills, or solar panel energy sources.

Hrvoje and Matt additionally discussed the different conception of “sustainability” and “green energy” which we see emerging from the Multipolar alliance vs the closed system Malthusian cult dominant among the Trans Atlantic. While Hrvoje still has doubts that China isn’t a part of the Great Reset, Matt recapitulate the essentials of his argument why they are not.

Lastly, a bit of time is taken to flesh out the connection between MK Ultra, Anglo-American intelligence operations more generally and the rise of the UFO cult during the Cold War.

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