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In this interview with Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network, the following topics are discussed:

90% of the land in Canada is owned by the British Crown.

25% of everything that comes in from the Crown Estate goes to King Charles III and family.

Crown Agents was established in 1833. They control the energy and healthcare systems of the British Commonwealth, which encompasses 22% of global surface area.

Hong Kong still participates in Commonwealth Institutions.

Do Klaus Schwab people have control over the Crown?

The oligarch’s idea of what should be done has been infused into the ideals of morality.

Does the WEF want to take over Russia? Dick Cheney wanted to destroy Russia as an entity.

Russia is highly heterogenic. Oligarchs want to inflame tribal passions in Russia, leading to internal break up.

We’re trying to contain Russia and China. Brzezinski wanted to divide Russia into 12 microfederations. Same strategy to break up China.

Did Putin just not want NATO on its border? He wanted a buffer to prevent the historical attacks on Russia.

NATO missiles in Ukraine are only 7 minutes away from Moscow. Putin wanted to stop that threat.

West wants to kill Putin and says it has encircled Russia. But Russia has advanced hypersonics, underwater drones, technology beyond what the west has.

Do the oligarchs really want nuclear winter?

Kerch Strait bridge was partially destroyed on Saturday. Underwater drone coincided with truck with explosives passing by on bridge.

Zelensky calling for preemptive bombing of Russia. Russia realizes the existential threat and need to change strategy.

Nazis have a strong presence in Ukraine. Maintained by propaganda over many years. Led to creation of Azof battalion.

Putin’s speech on 9/30/22 called the west satanic. Realizes the West is morally bankrupt and delusional. The US is failing – can’t even overcome Syria.

Russia is calling out the West for its uncomfortable history. Opium wars in China, terror in Vietnam. Trying to wipe out entire civilizations. Transhumanism, destroying family structure. Trauma in Korea, Japan, Germany, Iraq from unnecessary bombing.

Japan is still a client of the West. As is Germany.

Can be a homosexual in Russia. But can’t promote it.

How about bioweapons in Ukraine? At least 46 labs. Created after Cheney’s 2004 Project Bioshield Act which was enacted after fake anthrax attack. Georgia and Ukraine chosen to host facilities. Obama created additional labs.

China and Russia know the western banking system is set to blow, and then there will be a set of blows on the west’s enemies.

Were the scenes of Chinese suddenly collapsing at the start of the pandemic faked? Matthew says no, that something was targeting them.

Gazprom said it could stabilize pressure in at least one of the Nordstream lines.

Some Brits say they will try to go entire winter without heat because energy is so expensive.

What happens if Brazil’s Bolsanaro loses to the leftist candidate? Brazil is only 3% of GDP of the BRICS. Has been a supporter of BRICS development bank. Into big infrastructure projects.

Is the end goal of the Greens nuclear power? They would prefer it would never have been discovered, nor electricity. But they will coopt and try to use it for themselves and not have it accessible to the masses.

Are Russians trying to flee their country so they don’t have to fight? More so in Moscow and cosmopolitan cities, but media overstates it. Western colonists still control sectors of banking.

Russian media allows some opposition views. Ukraine has shut down any opposition in the press.

Vast majority of Russians support Putin. They know what Nazism is. Clamor way back in 2014 to support Donetsk and Luhansk against Ukrainian attacks.

Landmass of Russia and Canada is similar.

If conservatives win next month in US elections, will anything change in relationship to Russia? They have a more rational perspective.

Where is all the US money earmarked for Ukraine going? A lot of laundering going on.

Little will to fight by Ukrainian soldiers. Early mass exodus by 18-40 year old men from Ukraine.

Ukrainian Nazis have retaliated against and murdered pro-Russian supporters.

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