This week, I was asked by Grace Agazara and Roy Coughland (hosts of Freedom International’s weekly program) to shed light on the Anglo-American intelligence operations hard at work shaping a new boogey man with China playing the role of global supervillain #1 out to destroy western civilization.

Within the first few minutes of this conversation, I realized that my 40 slide power point presentation and formal lecture would not be appropriate for the sort of conversation that needed to occur.

So before shedding light on the CIA lies behind “Chinese run genocide campaigns against Muslims”, or the origins of the CIA connected Asian scientology cult called “Falun Gong”, or the fallacious claims of Chinese organ harvesting, or the how the Club of Rome and Kissinger organized the adoption of disastrous one child policy in 1979, the conversation first covered topics ranging from secret societies, intelligence operations, mind wars, methods of cult creation from ancient times to present, an analysis of constructive vs reductionist approaches to geometry, the Golden Section and more.

I would encourage everyone to watch the full program, but if you really want to only get my thoughts on China, then skip to the last 30 minutes.

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One thought

  1. Wenn es für Politik von USA profitabel China in negativen Licht zu zeigen, bedeutet das nicht, dass oben erwähnte Missbrauchs der Menschen(gruppen) dort massenhaft nicht existieren. Heutzutage ist nämlich China Leiter der Sammeln, totale Kontrolle und Einwirkung der Inuformation für Unterdrückung von eigenen Bürger.

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