Was the US revolution as planned, steered and executed by the grand vision of Benjamin Franklin over the course of four decades merely a pragmatic fight between 13 colonies and an overbearing British Empire, or was something much greater at play during the years 1776-1783’s signing of the Peace of Paris?

Could the revolution have been successful without the international cooperation of republican leaders around the world stretching from France, Poland, Prussia, Ireland, Russia, and even India and Morocco? How about the influence of Chinese Confucian thought on the formation of the young republic and why did the Continental Congress choose the name of Muslim freedom fighter Hydar Ali as the name of the first US naval flag ship?

How did Ben Franklin’s discoveries in electricity play a role in recruiting the best minds of Eurasia to the cause of liberty?

What was the role of Morocco in securing victory for American ships against barbary pirates allied to the British East India Company and why was Morocco the first nation to recognize American independence in 1777?

In this 2nd of a series of historical video shorts inspired by the audiobook of Clash of the Two Americas vol 1 (the Unfinished Symphony), written by Matthew Ehret and Cynthia Chung, narrated by Hugh Patrick Trudeau and produced by Jason Dahl, we are introduced to the terms of this history as you’ve never seen it.

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