By Karin Brothers

On the morning of July 6th, the CBC crossed the line from merely putting out its usual biased news on Ukraine to a defamatory attack on independent journalists who report live from the Donbas. While they named Americans John Mark Dougan and Patrick Lancaster, they reserved particular venom for the highly-respected Canadian Eva Bartlett.

The National News anchor Ian Hanomansing featured Justin Ling, a writer who has been known to attack reputable journalists whose accounts counter state propaganda. They suggested that those who report the Ukrainian news from Bartlett and her colleagues’ perspective must be in Russia’s pay.

The implication that Eva Bartlett’s reporting is bought and paid for by Russia (made, incidentally, by those whose opinions seem to have been bought and paid for by Canadian taxpayers) is defamatory. She has a well-earned reputation for courageous eyewitness in the most dangerous situations, including in Gaza when it was under devastating Israeli bombardment in 2008/9, in Syria (where she publicized western false flag attacks), as well as in Ukraine, where she showed the reality of the supposed “mass graves” in Maripol.

Implying that those who call out US responsibility for fomenting the Ukrainian conflict are Russian pawns is cover for those flogging western propaganda — propaganda that:
ignores the US-backed 2014 coup against the democratically- elected Ukrainian president;
ignores Zelensky’s landslide victory on the platform of making peace with Russia;
ignores the U.S. undermining of the Minsk Accords that would have enabled that peace;
ignores the Kiev government’s ongoing attacks on Donbas civilians [now with the use of new U.S. weaponry!] that have killed an estimated 15,000 since 2014; and that
even ignores the now-public evidence that the US motive in training tens of thousands of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi soldiers for the last eight years was to prepare them for this proxy war in order to weaken Russia and get rid of Putin.

Americans who have spoken out about the U.S. set-up of Russia for this conflict include:

Prof. John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago;
Former Pentagon advisor Col. Douglas McGregor;
Former Virginia State Senator Col. Richard Black;
Former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and Editor of the Wall Street Journal Paul Craig Roberts;
Former U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter;
Editor-in-Chief of Consortium News Joe Lauria; and
Marine Corps Veteran and producer of “The New Atlas” Brian Bertelic.

The CBC owes Eva Bartlett and her colleagues a public apology for their defamation.

To make amends, it should present a clip of Eva Bartlett’s work to show viewers what honest reporting looks like.

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  1. Not only is a demonstration of apology needed, but a statement indicating that the CBC is disolving iits organization in light of its continued abuse of world citizens who depend on news organizations that are truthful and supportive of freedom of information, as opposed to constant lies and propaganda spread by tyrannical states.

  2. Why am I not surprised by this? With respect to showing Eva’s work on CBC, please don’t because that would be ‘pearls before swine’ in my opinion. People who still read and believe what is on the CBC deserve what they get and are too foolish to recognize the value Eva brings to the world.

  3. Once more CBC exposed itself of the bias and lies spread to Canadian people. No more support with our taxes to this propaganda state TV.

  4. The CBC used to be a reasonable source of information ,not so anymore. We now have a highly biased CBC so called news reporting which is actually nauseating to be honest .Both on the Ukraine Russia issue and also on health grounds. Canadians are being led by the nose by the propaganda we get by the Liberal government paid for, CBC biased reports .Now that the Liberal and NDP have signed a pact of mutual support ,we are left to wait until the next Federal election in order to vote them out .

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