Where “conspiracy theories” were once understood to be the driving force of world history (both for good or for evil), today’s dumbed-down populus has increasingly become induced to believe that the term is synonymous with either insanity at best, or domestic terrorism at worst.

The fact is that the behaviorists attempting to “nudge” humanity into a Great Reset of technocratic feudalism have set their sights on “conspiracy theories” as the primary threat to their agenda which they assert, must be destroyed and subverted through a number of techniques enumerated as early as 2008 by Cass Sunstein (counsellor to Biden’s Department of Homeland Security) in his essay “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures“.

In this Canadian Patriot Review documentary produced and narrated by Ottawa film maker Jason Dahl, the true nature of “conspiracy theories” is explored from Ancient Rome, through the Golden Renaissance, American Revolution and our present age. Rather than seeing conspiracies as solely a negative term as is so often the case, we evaluate both evil as well as positive expressions of this fundamentally human process which literally means “two or more people acting together in accord with an agreed upon idea and intention”.

The film is adapted from the text written by Matthew Ehret titled ‘Will Conspiracy Theorizing Soon Get you Labelled a ‘Domestic Terrorist’? 

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  1. Great vid. Let’s get it out there. Get yourself on Children’s Health defence with the chairman, the Highwire, Rebel News, InfoWars, Joe Roegan etc etc. Lets get Quigely, Preparato, Docherty and McGregor, etc out there, into schools. You, Reiner Fuellmich and RFK Jr. have said three things that I believe have come together. The oligarchies scheming often blows up in their face; a bunch of bankers and financiers got together late 2019 in a panic to figure out how to cover up another financial meltdown and thus cooked up the covid fraud, or perhaps more accurately, moved up the release date. But the scheme is just too egregious, too outrageous that some of humanity had a hard time believing it, namely those of us who don’t watch TV or give a damn about fitting in so we started investigating and ended up here. Thank you for all your work and helping us get to the truth and reality. As Kant said, human beings to not react to the reality of the world but as to how one perceives it.

  2. Matthew Ehret is invaluable. That said is insufficient in itself. Problems with words of his like God, knowledge, freedom, conspiracy and many more such tie him to a Western mode of awareness, which ensures this limitation. One powerful and undeniable insight indicating this is that a thoroughly contemplative reading of primarily daodejing and then sunzi is the remedy. This will induce a mind of what such as Xi Jinping is a mind of.
    The first reality sourced in this way is that such as God is useful but must never be held as necessary. Indeed all others briefly mentioned above fall into this category just as the entire English language does. In short he is not wrong in his use of them, but this also means he is limited by what can best be describes as loyalty or any form of loyalty to them; to English in short just as all others who do so are.
    In short again:
    Beginning is word
    Bad words, bad outcomes.
    If Darwin’s understanding of evolution is to have a future it is best applied to language.
    To break the historically well proven and shockingly destructive hegemonic habit of English resulting initially in words like God is a long term project for any who are otherwise blessed with it as a home language is a long term project.
    To not bother with this is to drop into extinction for English is clearly the language that is driving the omnibus those who speak it call our world off the edge into this chasm.

    This comment is not intended to be clever or cleverer. Ehret has a mind that can be easily seen to put that of most others like mine to shame while remaining exceptionally free of clevernesses, and as laozi generously reveals in the multiple of ways recorded by the remarkabley non exclusive non right plethora of renditions freely available on the internet while allocatimg not a smidgeon of blame whatsoever:
    Clever is not wise
    Wise is never clever

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