By Matthew Ehret

Last week, I was pleased to receive a message from Whitney Webb asking if I would care to participate in a forum/debate moderated by herself and Off-Guardian’s Kit Knightly.

The purpose of the event was simply to flesh out the important and very divisive question of Russia and China’s complicity in the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset Agenda.

Many analysts within the alternative media community take the view that both Eurasian powers are wholly integrated into the grand conspiracy to break up nation states, and institute a depopulated, dumbed down technocratic feudalism using the current war in Ukraine, covid scam and broader economic breakdown as catalysts.

The two journalists who represented that point of view during this discussion were Riley Waggaman and Iain Davis.

Opposing that view were market analyst Tom Luongo and myself who defended the view that Russia + China = Not evil Great Resetters.

If you are a frequent reader of the Canadian Patriot Review, then you know where and why I stake my position as I do. Rather than wax eloquent about my reasons for defending the Eurasian Partnership as the last bastion of genuine resistance against the New World Order, I encourage you to watch the entire 2 hour event hosted on Off-Guardian’s new Rofkin, conduct your own research and come to your own conclusions:

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