Yesterday, I was invited by my friend Hrvoje Morik onto his new show on TNT Radio to discuss a short response to a new viral video that has been produced by James Corbett earlier this week.

Corbett’s video advances the thesis that Russia and China are both controlled opposition to the western unipolar Great Reset Agenda and are actually in cahoots as part of a grand game to enslave the world. The principal device used by Corbett in this video are two February 4th Joint Statements (one on US-Canadian Relations and another on Sino-Russian Relations) which use identical language. Although Corbett may have used this device as a piece of sarcasm to push the thesis of Russia-China complicity in the Great Reset, the fact is that based upon countless comments from viewers who have watched his video on many online platforms, including dozens of subscribers who wrote into me after having watched Corbett, these documents were both treated as factual.

Just to be clear with the many people who were confused about this: the Canadian-US Joint Declaration does not exist.

Despite this, I share interview because the willingness to believe that every nation is controlled by a sociopathic oligarchy out to kill us is tied to a deep cultural sickness of nihilism, pessimism and the belief that humanity is intrinsically corrupt and doomed. That level of cynicism is attractive partially because it alleviates each of us from having to take responsibility for righting injustices or risking our personal security in order to intervene upon an evil self-destructive system (for how could we make something Good which is evil by its very nature?)

This cynical way of thinking also appeals to our own tendency to wish to remain voyeurs watching and commenting upon reality as if each of us were not also integrated into the system which we were voyeuristically trying to watch as if it were reality TV.

My preliminary written remarks (which I feature here below) were shared by our mutual friend Joaquin Flores on his excellent Telegram Channel (, and the discussion with Hrvoje are also featured below.

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Preliminary Thoughts Upon Watching Corbett’s new Viral Video ‘Shocking Document Reveals Trudeau (Putin and Xi’s) Real Plan’

My preliminary reaction after watching this argument is a bewilderment that Corbett is completely incapable of ever looking at what Russia or China are actually doing in terms of actions which undermine the depopulation agenda. There are currently the largest development projects now underway pulling over 1 billion out of poverty led by China’s Belt and Road Initiative which is in total opposition to the depopulation program yet it’s like none of that exists.

Another paradox that Corbett seems to be happy ignoring: if all sides are all controlled and have been so long, then why didn’t the oligarchy get their technocratic feudalism a LONG time ago. I mean George Soros had his own agent (Zhao Ziyang) in thee highest position of power in China ready to privatize everything under the fourth industrial revolution (in 1983!!) So why was that agent arrested with his allies (a few who evaded arrest by sneaking off to the USA and Canada) and Soros given a lifetime ban from China?

All of Russia was brought under total control during the privatization 1990s of Yeltsin with NATO and Soros taking control of the entire post Soviet space. Today Soros is banned and many of the leading Russian oligarchs created during that time are in sanctuary in London and Florida. Why? Why didn’t that level of influence continue? Why did oligarchs get sent to prison and see their privatized state assets re-nationalized? Why did Russia not let the Syrians get the Iraq treatment or let Venezuela get a regime change in favor of WEF agent Juan Guaido? Why not let Kazakhstan get a Soros regime change treatment a couple of months ago? Why promote National banking when the oligarchy wants all central banks private?

Yes AI and digital currency will be used by Eurasia, but what is their function?

How is the system functioning differently in which such things would be used? Are digital currencies or AI intrinsically evils or is there a principle of function, design and intent that determines whether tools will be used to enslave or support human life?

I get really annoyed with pattern-formation thinking advocated by alt media black pilled libertarian commentators who appear to have giddy-fetishes for dissecting evil to such an extreme degree that when evidence of the Good is right in front of their face, their polarized intellectual lenses cannot see it.

Im going to write something on this with the title “so you’re too smart to hope” or “an ode to the black pilled”

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Matthew Ehret is the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review , and Senior Fellow at the American University in Moscow. He is author of the ‘Untold History of Canada’ book series and Clash of the Two Americas. In 2019 he co-founded the Montreal-based Rising Tide Foundation .

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  1. Dear Mr. Ehret, Your work is very solid, but you fail to deal with the Hegelian Dialectic (HD), as surely you have seen how this tool is used to bring 2 position into one. After this growing war they can bring these divisions into one, that allows for all regional warlords, with a technocratic system over them into being (or some a varying version of this of some sort). Trotsky was meant to keep the Soviet Union in WWI, and then split Europe to bring in a compromise HD Style later. The NWO keeps at things they want stubbornly, and so had WWII, but got a Gaulist hero in Stalin, so they are at it yet again.9-11 had 2 tries as at the can, another quirk example. To really swing the Alt-Media to your side you must also come to the role of the Frankest Jews. Are they just a disproportionate number of the elite, or court Jews or from the beginning lead by Hyskos leaders with a jealous god, who beguiled their own people first and then moved on to the Venetians, Dutch, British, Americans etc. If you can discuss these issues well I would be willing to assist you in your efforts, yet to avoid these questions is to point to you being being a new gatekeeper of some sort. You are too smart to be anything else.

    Another Canadian in Japan,
    Timocrat (Pen Name)

    1. The Hegelian dialectic or creation of false opposites to arrive at a solution is as old as time. Without understanding this you can’t make sense of anything in history, but it is also a mistake to place every player and every process in history into one of the two controlled camps. There are vitally important individuals and processes that don’t fall into controlled cages. The case of Thomas More and Erasmus who stood in opposition to both the radical conservative reactionaries of the Church vs the radical reactionaries around Luther is one such example and there are many many others. I’ve addressed the issue of the jews extensively in my writings

  2. “I get really annoyed with pattern-formation thinking advocated by alt media black pilled libertarian commentators who appear to have giddy-fetishes for dissecting evil to such an extreme degree that when evidence of the Good is right in front of their face, their polarized intellectual lenses cannot see it.”

    You are not the only one!

  3. I agree with you that Corbett has gone off the deep end of negativity, Matt. It’s a pity because his “Follow the Money” 9/11 video was masterful.

  4. I found James’s take on it disturbing. In the sense that it muddied seemingly clear waters, those being the usual black and white dichotomies that are embraced by many re. Putin/Russia vs the “West”/NATO. Since his ascent to the Kremlin in his two capacities, I was an unabashed supporter, but my view has become more nuanced of late, especially since the covid psy-op was foisted on our Earth, and of course also due to the personalities that surround him, many of whom are alumni of various globalist projects such as the IMF, WHO, all that sort of thing. Sberbank’s leading role in CyberPolygon did not help, as well as its domestic initiatives pertaining to identification, vax passports etc. (I even wondered if the Ukrainian drama is a theatre with script and foregone conclusion that only hapless Ukraine is not privy to). Perhaps he recognizes that Pandora’s Box has been opened for good or for ill, and now there is only one imperative, and that is to ride the inevitable wave, to not get swamped by it or left behind in its wake. As it’s said – “you can’t stop progress”. My hope is that Putin has a primary motivation – that being the interest of Russia and Russians, the secondary being the general good of our species – the two are not only not mutually exclusive, but inextricably linked. Can twist Donne’s poem to say “No Nation is an island, Entire of itself; Every Nation is a piece of the continent,  A part of the main”. So we will see how events develop, will witness further apparent contradictions in our carefully constructed worldview (at least in mine), and do what is in our power to mitigate or at least to not facilitate the more nightmarish aspects of the BNW scenario that we seem to be rocketing toward. The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is a pretty good song, touches on that sense of being a cynical witness or spectator to unfolding history. We’ll hope for the best, is all.
    Not too many worse feelings than having no certainty of belief, no ideological mooring, no idea of what is “truth” and what is a phantasm, so my gratitude for enabling my return to the coveted comfort zone, the sharp delineations, and the soothing B&W landscapes. (I think) I renounce the heretic Corbett and all his works, and will again light the candle ‘neath my photo of Putin, faith restored.

    1. Incidentally, do you know what Maurice Strong was working on in Beijing in the years preceding his death? Apparently he moved there to end his days. I know little of him other than the usual, his involvement with the Rockefellers etc, his role in the Rio summit, some sort of Gaia worship village/ranch in Colorado or something. Interesting man, and from what I can glean, a fellow traveler of Soros and his ilk. Interesting in the sense of being an utter psychopath with tremendous influence. That’s the trouble with psychopaths – if all other factors are equal, such as intellect, ambition, resources etc – who will prevail in any contest? Those who are completely unfettered by moral or ethical constraints. Those who will do whatever it takes to prevail in any given contest. That seems to be the inevitable destiny of our species. To be ruled over and disposed of by those types. It’s only logical. All that said, I will now listen to the interview. I only read the article and should have commented after doing both.

  5. At the part where you’re discussing Justin, Biden, Stoltenberg etc and their incompetence. How the Hell did Justin even pass any vetting when he ran for the leadership of the Liberal Party? Does CSIS or the RCMP not put any such person under a microscope? He cohabited for two years with a convicted trafficker and producer of child pornography while teaching at West Point Grey Academy. (Charles Christopher Ingvaldson). Any foreign Intelligence agency worth its salt would be aware of this highly valuable info.It’s like he was put there due to potential blackmail, not in spite of it. That’s not the only example, and is alleged sire Pierre also had peculiar good friends, namely the UKHC to Canada Peter Hayman.

  6. I strongly disagree that Corbett is black pilled, either in general or in this episode in particular. He has a series of videos dedicated to finding solutions at various levels, and makes his interpretation of the difference between hope and hopium very clear in an episode of his podcast, affirming that the former is an important part of creating a better world. He constantly repeats that we as individuals and as social groups have the power and the responsibility to change the world for the better in our every day lives instead of looking up to our ‘rulers’ for answers. He often mocks doomsayers and encourages people to mock the tyrants.
    I don’t agree that the difference between being realistic and being black pilled is whether or not you think Russia and China are part of the Great Reset in particular or part of the overarching globalist one-world-government agenda in general.
    Corbett has never pretended that there is no infighting or power-struggling at the highest levels of global power. I agree with you that it is important to identify where and how Russia and China undermine or break away from the western-based agenda, but to then claim that these examples constitute proof that there is no collusion between these two sides is to employ the very black and white thinking you warn against.
    Corbett’s thesis here is basically that the class war is waged globally, and even though nation-states may be in cold and hot wars against each other, they collude at a certain level in order to maintain and increase their power at the expense of the general population. Each citizen’s greatest enemy is their own State. Maybe you don’t share his anti-statist views, which is not only fair but also important as the resistance must take many shapes. But Corbett’s presentation that Russian and Chinese states are not the solution and are actively part of the problem are founded on solid ground. They may disagree on how the agenda should unfold and they may fight to get a better seat at the table, but they are all in favour of the table and the power structures that support it.

    I look forward to reading your full length article on the subject and I am ready to change my mind if the evidence and reasoning is sound. I strongly suggest you make it as serious as possible with no snipey or snarky comments as those undermine your points. I’m also currently reading your new article on Unlimited Hangout and very much appreciate it so far.

  7. Thank you. I had the same feeling with Corbett’s view. I did a Presearch search and found your page. It does appear that China, Russia and India are not going along with The Not So Great Reset in word and deed. I also agree that digital currencies and technological systems are not inherently evil. It’s the motivations behind them. I feel that the WEF “Masterminds” are being used as tools for change and it’s up to the people, resonating with the already present higher Consciousness to decide what comes next.

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