By Matthew Ehret

Today, the Canadian political landscape is being remoulded by a nest of technocratic ideologues who aim to lead the nation into a post-nation state Great Reset.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was among the earliest public figures who celebrated this new age stating in 2015 that Canada is “the world’s first post-national state”. Once the COVID pandemic had been used to justify the shutdown of the world economy, the same Trudeau stated in November 2020 that “this pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.”

As Canada moves into a new phase of overt dictatorship in the form of the Emergency Measures Act invoked by Justin Trudeau and his Rhodes Scholar/WEF Forum-led handlers, the question remains: How did this all happen? How did a party which was once renowned during WW2 and the two ensuing post-war decades as a champion of progress led by such figures as C.D. Howe and Prime Minister St. Laurent to become a party devoted to technocratic management of a post-industrial/post-truth world order?

As I outlined this story in Origins of the Deep State in North America part 2, and How the Deep State Overthrew the Last Nationalist Government of Canada in 1963, the story of this liberal party takeover begins during a purge which occurred between 1957 and 1963 when the liberal party had briefly fallen from power and “a palace coup” took place.

This 1957-1963 destruction of the once pro-development spirit of the Liberal Party of Canada was replaced by a Fabian Society/Rhodes Scholar-run instrument of technocratic fascism culminating in the 1968-72 revolution in cybernetic affairs early on in the mandate of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. This federal “Quiet Revolution” put a complete halt to scientific and technological progress and ushered in a replacement of a formerly pro-development orientation that had hitherto dominated top down policy making and mass popular consciousness in Canada and replaced it with a new oligarchical system of control in government based on Trudeau’s commitment to Cybernetics and Systems Analysis. In real terms this meant “ecosystems management” at home and third world debt enslavement abroad with the guise of protecting nature from selfish humans.

The world was now become a process which could only be observed and interfaced with via a filter of “closed systems” driven by computer models and supposed “natural states” of homeostasis. Anything which disturbed said natural states of equilibrium (like hydroelectric dams or other forms of technological progress) would be thus defined as “un-natural”, destructive and hence “bad”.

Ushering in this new overhaul of the federal government, Pierre Trudeau delivered a speech in Hamilton Ontario stating: “We are aware that the many techniques of cybernetics, by transforming the control function and the manipulation of information, will transform our whole society. With this knowledge, we are wide awake, alert, capable of action; no longer are we blind, inert powers of fate.”

In fact, as Julian Huxley outlined over 20 years earlier, Cybernetics and Systems Analysis-thinking would be the tools selected to repackage “Eugenics” and “Malthusianism” under new names.

Gordon’s Thinkers Conference: 1960 Kingston

The original conference that brought this new Liberal makeover scheme together was known as the Kingston “Thinkers” Conference of 1960, led by agents of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs (CIIA) Walter Gordon, Maurice Lamontagne, Lester B. Pearson, Lionel Chevrier, Tom Kent, Keith Davey and other social engineers who were obsessed with cleaning out the political landscape of all forces committed to scientific and technological progress and continental cooperation with the pro-development America of John F. Kennedy1.

Under the chairmanship of Gordon, the participants of the “Thinkers” conference created the Committee to Restructure the Liberal Party Organization which set itself to work to counter the challenge the brilliant young President John F. Kennedy was launching against the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy[2]. Under Kennedy’s leadership, Canada was in danger of slipping away from the hands of the oligarchy’s influence as a bold vision of new frontiers called forth the pioneering spirit of Canadian citizens and policy-makers. Although the C.D. Howe Liberals and Diefenbaker Conservatives differed in their methods, both were fundamentally committed to achieving progress and increasing the productive powers of the nation through scientific and technological progress. Diefenbaker himself had attempted to found a new Canadian nationalism upon a bold vision for Arctic development which represented a grave threat to the oligarchy and had to be undermined at all cost.

C.D. Howe, Canada’s great continentalist “Minister of Everything” here ushering in a U.S.-Canada pipeline which was one of his many nation building initiatives. The Liberal Party was purged of most of his collaborators after his 1957 death through the intervention of Walter Gordon

In response to this danger, the Liberal party was wiped clean of C.D. Howe Liberals in what Henry Erskine Kidd, General Secretary for the Liberal Party, called “a palace revolution” run directly by Walter Gordon, while Gordon himself led in the destruction of Diefenbaker3. C.D. Howe himself, now nearing his last days watched the Thinkers conference with sadness when he wrote: “I am afraid that Mike [Pearson] is being advised by the wrong type of officers. The meeting of the Thinkers Club certainly didn’t help him politically”[4].

On top of this, a new Fabian-inspired centralized-socialist planning structure was adopted to provide social incentives for Canadians to remain complacent and controlled, a new national anthem and flag were adopted to promote the mythology that Canada had been freed from its British mother to become a sovereign country, and a new technocratic structure of bureaucracy and systems planning was adopted. The blueprint that was designed to implement this reform was led by Gordon’s partner at Clarkson-Gordon John Grant Glassco, who ran the Royal Commission on Government Organization in 1962 and Gordon’s protégé Maurice Lamontagne, who ran the Senate Commission on Science Policy from 1968-1972. Both Gordon and Lamontagne served as Presidents of the Privy Council consecutively.

To understand this structural overhaul which began to bring in a vast compartmentalized bureaucracy run by technocratic social scientists and accountants, it is worth noting that this 1960 conference was itself modelled on a yet earlier precedent that had occurred 27 years prior named the Port Hope Conference under the guidance of Gordon’s CIIA collaborator Vincent Massey. Both Gordon and Massey are credited as the fathers of Canada’s post 1963 “New Nationalism”. Key founding blueprints for this ‘New [anti-American] Nationalism’ were laid out in Gordon’s powerful Royal Commission on Economic Prospects for Canada from 1955-1957 which followed Massey’s 1949-1952 Royal Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters and Sciences.

Massey’s Conference: 1933 Port Hope

The 1933 Port Hope conference was sponsored by CIIA/Round Table leader Vincent Massey. The danger for the Canadian-British oligarchy represented by Massey even then was that pro-nationalist forces had dominated the Liberal Party throughout the 1920s in the form of the “Laurier Liberals” of O.D. Skelton, Chubby Power and Ernest Lapointe, all three of whom exerted enormous influence on the leader of the Liberal Party, William Lyon Mackenzie King, who became Prime Minister once again in 1935 after the party had fallen from power in 1930.

Then serving as President of the Liberal Party, Vincent Massey, a student of Lord Alfred Milner5, noted that the 1933 Conference marked the transformation of the Liberal Party “from the laissez-faire traditions of the party to a new, more technocratic and interventionist view of government”[6]. Just as would occur 27 years later in Kingston, the challenge for the oligarchy involved 1) keeping Canada complacent by encouraging a technocratic managerial class and 2) blocking greater cooperation with an anti-Imperial America led by the great Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This conference was designed to coincide with the 1933 London Economic Conference that had brought together 66 nations to deal with the global depression by the establishment of a globalized standard of balanced budgets, and currency controls under the dictatorship of the Bank of England.

Fortunately in 1933, the London Economic Conference of 1933 was sabotaged by Roosevelt who refused to attend and decided not to sacrifice American sovereignty on the Wall Street altar of a globally extended bankers dictatorship. It was FDR’s sabotage of this conference that put a final nail in the coffin of the imperial League of Nations. Fabian Society eugenicist H.G. Welles blamed the rise of global fascism on FDR’s nationalist sabotage of this conference.

Canada 2020 and the Kingston Conference of the 21st Century

In the modern period, the 1933 Massey Port Hope Conference and 1960 Gordon Kingston Conference took the form of a June 2006 conference in Mont Tremblant Quebec hosted by a London-run think tank known as Canada 2020.

The two-day conference which saw a young Justin walking around barefoot was sponsored by this new think tank and was keynoted by none other than Al Gore, who was brought in by high level members of the Queen’s elite Privy Council such as John Manley, Bob Rae and Anne McLellan, in order to reform the policy structures of the federal government, the Liberal Party and the Canadian culture itself after the controlled demolition of Prime Minister Paul Martin in February 2006.

The Liberal Party of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin, which had been in power from 1993-2006, distinguished itself as being the last major federal party to resist, even in some small form, aspects of the Anglo-Dutch Empire’s global program in the form of their rejection of Canada’s participation in the Iraq war and the failed 1997 attempt to consolidate the “big 5” banks into the “big 3”. Battles between Chretien and such pro-British establishment figures as Lord Conrad Black expressed this lack of British control over its Canadian dominion to a large degree. Such lack of control of an important dominion within the British Commonwealth had to be reined in and a more virulent form of Canadian nationalism more conducive to globally extended empire had to be weaved in its place.

An important decision made during the conference of 2006 was to groom a young Justin Trudeau to become the spokesperson of the new liberal party. Prize assets of Power Corporation, the World Wildlife Fund and the Canadian International Council (CIC)[7] were subsequently deployed to manage this new cult of “Justin” in preparation for the 2015 elections with CIC President Bill Graham playing a key role in the event. Both Al Gore and Larry Summers represent leading spokesmen of the Canada 2020 policy orientation on the economy and the environment.

Among the many interesting characters running this think tank was none other than Mark Carney’s Oxford-trained wife Diana Carney who was Canada 2020’s Vice President of Research from 2009-2013. Carney’s own intention to take the helm of Canada’s ship of state after the upcoming COP27 UK summit is no secret.

The Case of Axworthy and Manley

A vital player in this process is none other than former Principal Secretary to Pierre Trudeau, Thomas Axworthy. By the end of the 2006 conference, Axworthy had been made responsible for chairing the Liberal Party Renewal Commission in which he oversaw 36 task forces which examined each aspect of the party. The outcome of Axworthy’s 36 task forces resulted in the current Cass Sunstein-modelled behaviorist design now being adopted to brainwash the population to support the Great Reset.

Not only is Axworthy the President of the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation, Senior Fellow at Massey College, former Executive Director of the Charles Bronfman Foundation, but has gotten his start in social engineering working as research assistant directly under Walter Gordon on the 1967 “Task Force on the Structure of the Canadian Economy” (aka: Gordon Task Force). Axworthy was joined by Walter Gordon’s other surviving protégé Keith Davey, who also helped co-found Canada 2020 and who participated in the Gordon 1960 Thinkers Conference.

It is also noteworthy that both Thomas Axworthy and the 2006 Conference co-chair John Manley were both members of the Independent Task Force on North America to integrate the North American Economies under a European Union-modelled zone called the “North American Union”.

Although it is frightening for some to state this fact aloud in polite society, the ugly truth behind the Great Reset and the thing masquerading as a global pandemic is an intention to cataclyze a complete reform of human civilization under a Great Reset. The forms this reset has taken involve the creation of a new global caste system of subhuman unvaxxed deplorables on the one hand and well behaved citizens who only need to think the right thoughts and have the right behavior in order to access their universal basic income payments to feed themselves and their families as members of a new useless class.

The green energy reset that aims to cut global carbon emissions under a Green New Deal boondoggle as outlined by Mark Carney’s Climate Task Forces and COP27 Decarbonization agenda is just a cover for depopulation under a new technocratic feudalism where the majority of the people on earth “will own nothing and be happy”.

In Conclusion

Today, a system of oligarchical controls established in 1970-1971 are now preparing for a final murderous thrust whereby it is believed that the last dwindling vestiges of democracy, freedom, nationalism can be finally wiped from existence in the form of a global Great Reset. Those managing the controlled demolition of the system from above have wished to advance a remedy for the systemic time bomb whose fuse was set 50 years ago. However certain things were not part of their pre-programed Great Reset ‘remedy’. Among the top of the list of those unexpected variables not “fitting into the unipolar” post-nation state script are the organic freedom movements bursting onto the scene from Canada to the USA, and all across Europe as a surprising movement of civil disobedience.

Across Eurasia, far outside the trans Atlantic/Five Eyes cage, the depopulation agenda advanced by Fabian Society operatives for over a century are being rejected across major civilizational forces that have decided they would rather not sacrifice their ancient cultures on the altar of Gaia.  Instead of a unipolar rules-based order premised upon zero-sum geopolitics, we have a very different operating system at play representing a Russia-China-Iran driven alliance that features over 140 nations (to varying degrees) recognizing the need to break free of the shrinking futureless dystopic cage that is the Anglo-American run world order.

Decrying the loss of control of the script for the new world order that was never meant to be challenged, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres (who has already integrated the UN with the WEF in July 2020) bemoaned the rise of this new system of win-win Eurasian-led states recently saying:

“I fear our world is creeping towards two different sets of economic, trade, financial, and technology rules, two divergent approaches in the development of artificial intelligence—and ultimately two different military and geo-political strategies.  This is a recipe for trouble.  It would be far less predictable and far more dangerous than the Cold War.”

Which new operating system will come out of the current storm victorious remains yet to be seen. But one thing we can have faith in, is that when genuine human beings acting on the basis of their right to life and liberty organize themselves in the face of an evil tyranny, creative powers are awoken that no power-obsessed technocratic control freak knows how to deal with.

If Canadians will be able to navigate through the coming storm and win their rightful freedoms, they must be able to picking up the torch which was dropped with the demise of C.D. Howe, the Kennedy brothers, de Gaulle, W.A.C. Bennett and Quebec’s great statesman Daniel Johnson Sr.


[1] It is important to note that Pearson was not terribly respected by these “new reformers” led by Gordon, and was largely used as their Nobel Prize winning instrument. When Pearson became too easily influenced by the pro-C.D. Howe Liberals remaining in his party such as Robert Winters and Mitchell Sharp, as well as JFK himself, Pearson was scrapped for a more effective replacement in the form of Pierre Trudeau in 1968.
[2] For the full story of Kennedy’s battle to liberate the world from the British Empire, visit
[3] As Diefenbaker himself wrote in his autobiography “One of the ironies of recent Canadian history is that Walter Gordon, a man whom I only met for a few minutes when he delivered to me his Royal Commission Report, has stated that he decided to do everything in his power to make Mr. Pearson Prime Minister because he hated me and feared that my policies would wreck Canada”, Diefenbaker Memoirs, p.202. Rhodes Scholar Governor of the Bank of Canada, James Coyne, and two Rhodes scholars embedded in Diefenbaker’s own cabinet (J.M. Mcdonald, and Davie Fulton) played a key role in Diefenbaker’s final 1963 downfall and failure of his Northern Vision.
[4] Stephen Azzi, Walter Gordon and the Rise of Canadian Nationalism, McGill-Queens Press, 1999, p.80
[5] The young Massey, then on the cusp of inheriting the fortunes of his family’s farm equipment dynasty, had helped install a Round Table chapter in Ontario in 1910 and was rewarded for his services by being sent off to Oxford to study under the Round Table’s founder and controller, the eugenics obsessed “race patriot” Lord Alfred Milner in 1911.
[6] Vincent Massey is quoted from Richard Blake’s From Rights to Needs: A History of Family Allowances in Canada, UBC Press, p.33
[7] The Canadian International Council became the new name for the Canadian institute for International Affairs (CIIA) in 2007. The CIIA had been the new name for the Round Table Movement, formed in London by Lord Milner in 1910 and run by the Rhodes Trust network of Oxford scholars in order to advance Cecil Rhodes’ design to recapture America as a lost colony and form the rebirth of a new globally extended British Empire. For more on how this hive has mis-shaped the 21st century, see “British Dictatorship or American System part I and II” (2013) by this author in the Canadian Patriot #7 and 8, downloadable on

Matthew Ehret is the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review , and Senior Fellow at the American University in Moscow. He is author of the‘Untold History of Canada’ book series and Clash of the Two Americas. In 2019 he co-founded the Montreal-based Rising Tide Foundation . Consider helping this process by making a donation to the RTF or becoming a Patreon supporter to the Canadian Patriot Review

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