It is an undeniable fact that conspiracies hidden from public view (both for good and evil) shape much of world history. Going back to records of ancient history, we find traces of societies organized around rites of initiation bringing the initiate into ever higher degrees of engagement with supposedly ‘secret knowledge’. But is this form of “special knowledge” qualify as such or is it merely symbolism wrapped in self-hypnotic trances designed to deconstruct aspiring elites who will be useful in managing various systems of empire across the ages?

We might also ask: is it correct to label all members of freemasonry equally bad, or is there solid evidence of a battle between opposing forces of good vs evil within even the various lodges throughout history?

In this conversation, One Radio Network’s Patrick Timpone and I discuss the important question of conspiracies and secret societies as causal forces of change within history.

For further study:

‘The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elite’ by Lyndon LaRouche (1978) discussed in this show, download now by clicking here

‘The Mission of Moses’ by Friedrich Schiller (1792)

Plato’s Fight Against the Temple of Delphi and the Cult of Democracy by Cynthia Chung (2021)

Solving the Mystery Behind the Building of the Great Pyramid (K2019)

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