By Leif Johnson

What is the reason for the increasing American and NATO military threats against  Russia?  NATO military exercises are conducted in countries bordering Russia, offensive arms are shipped to Ukraine which bombards  the neighboring Donets Basin breakaway republics that adjoin Russia, and  naval and air operations continue at the borders of Russia.        

The Atlanticists (America/NATO) are  goading, or actually begging, the Russians to attack. Why?

What is happening is that the Atlanticists and partner, the EU bureaucracy, are waving the bogeyman of Russian “aggression” to bend Europe to their political will. They have good reason to do this now because the structure of the EU is being undermined by nationalist forces, while a financial catastrophe looms before the Anglo-Americans.

 Nationalist forces have emerged most notably in Hungry and Poland, both of which are defying Brussels dictates. Hungary has opposed George Soros’ university reforms, clamped down on George Soros-created anti-government  agents organizing students against the government and has forbidden advertising or media coverage of sexual perversity.

Poland refused to allow the EU to control and reform its judicial system. They said it would destroy their sovereignty, which indeed it would. Neither of these issues have been resolved, but the American press has put Hungary and Poland on its list of “undemocratic nations.”

There is more: while NATO’s chief Jens Stoltenberg and the EU’s foreign minister, Josep Borrel were hurling imprecations at the Russians,  Germany’s newly elected Chancellor designated an emissary to deal with Moscow, by-passing the  pro-NATO Green Party foreign minister. It is reported that Sholz now wants to meet with Putin directly  Italy is demanding the EU bureaucrats unblock the Russian  gas lines Nord Stream One and Two. Remarkably, the former Norwegian minister to NATO has cautioned NATO to restrain its harsh words against Russia. In Norwegian culture, “ restrain” is a strong term.

This all occurs in the context of the  financial crisis which clearly so frightens the Atlanticists that very little is reported in their media. Even the Council of Foreign Relations, the preeminent American policy-making organ, is eerily quiet.

The Europeans (and perhaps South Korea and Japan) are facing a choice: either remain within the Atlanticist financial and political cage, or break

out of it by opening its doors to the  world’s fastest growing markets, Russia and  China.

 But that choice for many European countries is now an existential one. To remain bound to the Anglo-controlled financial system is to suffer either a deflationary collapse or a hyperinflation,  either of which would be disastrous. Both would shatter the economies of their respective nations, causing unprecedented misery and social turmoil.

The gathering financial storm and the danger of nationalism among European states impells the Atlanticists to use the Russian bogeyman to keep them on a tight rein. It’s a replay—albeit a failing one—of the Cold War which was began with Winston Churchill announcing in 1947 that an Iron Curtain had fallen across Europe and the great struggle between the Free World and Communism had begun. NATO was formed to “defend Europe” against a Russian invasion.

Like today, the Russians weren’t going to invade Europe, but the specter of  Communism was used to consolidate the Atlanticist financial system over Europe.

For Europe, NATO was an army of occupation, an aggressive plan to “rollback Communism”, and an integration of Europe into the Anglo-American merchant-banking Empire.

 If European nationalism continues to solidify, we will witness the meltdown of both NATO and the European Union. To avoid the effects of the Anglo-American financial crisis the European nations will need to turn towards the huge markets in the East. Therein lies the Atlanticists’ worst fears.


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One thought

  1. Bravo Leif Johnson, Well researched, analyzed & written article. Kazakstan is the latest putsch at destabilization / regime-change happening this moment, but thankfully the eastern alliance of Russia, China, Iran etc are responding as in Syria. Folks are beginning to realize that the virus wars are just a geo-political extension of attacks on nations. Join the Atlanticist NATO alliance & have your population, economy & ecology destroyed. Western oligarch puppeteer controllers of the USA, Canada, Britain, France, Netherlands etc are psychologically ‘despondent’ (given up hope on life), ‘schizophrenic’ (can’t maintain a cohesive public discussion or argument), ‘homicidal’ (endless wars on behalf of oligarch masters) & ‘genocidal’ (destroying the lives of millions every year).
    However it will take all of us working to restore a kind & loving humane economy to the earth from the bottom-up aka ‘Organizing-from-the-tree-roots’). All ‘politics’ (‘poly’ = ‘many’ + ‘tics’ = ‘workings-of’) begins with ‘economy’ (Greek ‘oikos’ = ‘home’ + ‘namein’ = ‘care-&-nurture’). The last integrated human Relational-Economy was during all humanity’s once flourishing-abundant biosphere-based ‘indigenous’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) biological-period, with all people in full control of their ‘community’ (L ‘com’ = ‘together’ + ‘munus’ = ‘gift-or-service’) before this oligarch-led ‘exogenous’ (L ‘other-generated’) colonial genocide began 7000 years ago in Babylon. Its time to connect with & understand our roots, beyond oligarchy’s Mighty-Wurlitzer propaganda we have all been fed.

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