By Dr. Michael Clarage [originally published on Mclarage.blogspot ] 

This essay is for those who find something eerily familiar about current global events. I recently learned that there is no clear distinction between physical memory and psychological memory. If the events occurring all around the world seem familiar to some of us, it might be because a memory has been passed down from ancestors who went through something similar. 

   We know that if one generation experiences famine, or terrifying threats, then subsequent generations will be changed. Their DNA is not necessarily changed, but certainly how the DNA is expressed is changed. There are many wonderful published studies on this. I will quote my two favorite. 

Fruit flies grow spikes when they are terrorized

   If you terrorize one generation of fruit flies they will grow spikey thorns on their hard exoskeletons [1]. I find it miraculous that somewhere buried in the fruit fly DNA is the recipe for making thorns on their skin. The further surprise came when the 2nd and 3rd generations also produced the spikes on their exoskeletons. The message was passed along “we live in a dangerous world, make spikes”. This memory lives in the world of epigenetics. The instructions for “spike proteins” is in the DNA, but will only be called upon when the flies are being threatened. There are several layers of control that live above, outside, “epi”, to the DNA. This world of the “epi” helps control what bits of the DNA are expressed. In this case, the “epi” layer was stimulated to make the 2nd and 3rd generation of flies with spikes at birth. 

   The flies in the 1st generation were able to “remember” how to respond to a threat by forming spikes on their skin. Then a “memory” was passed to the children who came ready-made with spikes. In one study the 3rd generation also became adults with spikes. But if the 2nd and 3rd generations did not face threats, then the 4th generation were born again with no spikes.

Famine in one generation causes “genetic” diseases in grandchildren

   The 1944-45 famine in Northern Europe [2] [3] has allowed us to watch the grandchildren of those people, and do statistics to see what effects famine in the mother and/or father has on the genetic expressions of the subsequent generations. The phenomena has since been a hot topic of study in animal trials [4] [5] [6].  We do not know if the famine affects the DNA of the various generations, but we can verify that how the genes are expressed can be modified and passed along for at least three generations. [Kind of makes you think of the passage in the Old Testament where the sins of the father are passed along to the 3rd generation.] For example, the 3rd generation after the famine still has the DNA for making insulin, but the epigenetic layer that determines when and how insulin is produced will be faulty. Hence grandchildren of the famine sufferers have a higher rate of diabetes. 

Physical and Psychological Memory

   When the pandemic was announced early 2020, some of us felt that something was very familiar. The familiar part was not the illness. The familiar part was the changes we saw happening in the society around us. We had seen it before: the collective top-down control; the fear, fear, fear being broadcast on all media. The assigning of “good” and “bad” people. Or better, “the people who are OK, part of the tribe” and “the people who are not part of the tribe and must be feared.”

   Early on in all this, I vividly recall having conversations with some friends with phrases like “this is eerily familiar” and “I have seen this before.” Why were we using phrases like that? 

   Epigenetics memories can send messages forward in time about events. These messages can affect the bodies of the 2nd and 3rd generation. This is known. Why draw the line at physical? Why not include psychological memories also being passed to the 2nd and 3rd generations? If my grandmother witnessed mass murder under very specific political conditions, don’t you think this would affect her just as much as famine? And why wouldn’t this be passed along in some kind of a memory, be it physical or psychological.
   Think of those grandchildren fruit flies, the ones born with spikes all over their bodies. They must have also had some inner disposition that corresponded to their spikes. Do you really believe that those grand-children flies were like, “ignore my spikes, they mean nothing.”  When we talk about humans we say psychology and inner experience. When we talk about animals we call it behavior and instinct. Yet animals do have an inner life. Do you say that only humans have an inner life? How absurd is that. Anyone who has compared the hornet to the bumblebee knows that these two creatures have different inner lives. Same with the mouse and the hawk. Have you experienced both? Are you serious that they do not have vastly different inner lives?

   If a generation experiences both famine and totalitarian madness, I say that subsequent generations will have epigenetic markers that speak to both experiences. Both events will be remembered. Which is easier to remember, famine or genocide? I say both are equally remembered. If you say otherwise, where is your data? I have data on both sides. What is happening now around the world is very familiar to me and to others. We have seen this before. Not the health issues, I am referring to the society issues: 

  • surveillance
  • splitting of people into OK and not-OK
  • state control of just about everything
  • censoring anything outside the one narrative
  • vilifying anyone who speaks outside the one narrative
  • pat phrases which substitute for thinking
  • the conviction that if only “those other people” were not here all would be good
  • the cleanliness and contagion fixations

   No, I have not personally seen this all before, but something very deep inside me has seen it all before. I have seen it before because my ancestors have seen it before. I am those 42% of Swedish grandchildren whose insulin response was still expecting a famine. Those 42% were not wrong, they were only primed with the memory of what to do if the same events happened again. My inherited memory is about the state-vs-individual drama always playing out on the surface of the Earth. I am not wrong – I have simply remembered when it happened before. Something is seeking to take control of the individual. This has happened many times before. The US Constitution is an explanation about how to NOT have that happen. Read the Constitution and Bill of Rights and you will see they often spell out the limits of government. The state is expressly limited, because the individual is primary, while the state is secondary. What is happening now around the world is a massive shift in the other direction – making the collective primary.

   So when you ask me to just go along, modify my genes, have my movements and conversations and finances tracked 24×7, all for the benefit of the state, I have a different memory. What is your memory? How did all that go last time?

   Many people fall back upon, “Dr F____ said …”, and “The CDC said …” I say, “show me the studies that was based upon.” Most people have not read the studies. I have. And many times Dr F and the CDC are suggesting things that are VERY different from what the medical studies have found. Abdicating your opinion to authority is anti-scientific. Yup. ‘fraid so. This is one of the battles Science fought against the Church. Some have said this is THE battle of science against the church. Authority means bumpkis. Many cannot imagine that in such a time as this our leaders would be giving us bad advice. Lack of imagination is not a scientific argument.

   I cannot personally verify every drug and treatment that comes down the pipeline, but when it comes to modifying my genes and the genes of my children, I am going to read a few studies, read a few patents, read a few corporate reports to see who is going to profit from these genetic modification therapies. How could you look me in the eye and say you should not also do that?


[1] this is maddening. I cannot find the studies. I gave a whole talk on this 15 years ago. 

[2] – [6] follow the links 

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  1. This I find very interesting. It seems to relate to when family members say a child “takes after” so and so, something I never took seriously until I recognized some or my own characteristics in my grandson, Charlie. He is now twelve and unlike his father (my son), rather detached socially, doesn’t express much emotion, observes and questions everything.

    I was the kid that never believed in Santa Claus. It seems uncanny, but sometimes I feel like I can communicate telepathically with Charlie. He’s not shy but he doesn’t seek out the company of other kids unless they are considerably older and especially if they can teach him something. Yes, he’s got my temperament, albeit a better looking and brighter version of myself at that age.

  2. When the earth was proved not flat, that was about the unconfirmed unknown.
    The distinction between flat earth and now is generational non remembrance of the Holocaust but the accounting ad ensuing wars of trauma since.
    Underestimating the Enlightenment and advance of Science by the global lay has not made the Church cloy to both the unknown and laws of reason all these years millennia afterward. That is the deposit of Faith.

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