During this conversation between One Radio Network’s Patrick Timpone and the Canadian Patriot Review’s Matthew Ehret, the following questions are asked:

Do China and Russia want to risk a nuclear war? Is China just playing along with the narrative of global warming?

Whatever one thinks about the origin of the coronavirus, it’s for sure “we’re being played”.. buit why?

How do we get into the mindset of these global engineers who promote oligarchy?

What part did Henry Kissinger and the Trilateral Commission play in the politics of China?

When did China start pushing back against Kissinger’s opposition to nation-states and support of Malthusianism?

What was Kissinger’s Nietzschean perspective?

How did his belief in Darwinism affect his foreign policy?

How did Kissinger’s 1970 visit to China promote the Gang of Four until Mao Zedong died in 1976?

What was behind Pierre Trudeau’s 1973 visit to China? What was China’s Century of Humiliation?

What did the British Empire and foreign powers do to “accelerate entropy”?

China’s aim is to turn debt into value at home and in Africa with their enormous natural resources, whereas the U.S. emphasis is on installing 200 bioweapons labs around the world. How are these two methods incompatible?

Why does China regard the IMF as a “parasitical system that rejects the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence” ?

China files more parents than the U.S., and is a world leader in high-speed rail networks. How did this happen?

How did Donald Trump initiate the reconstruction of America and how did the same forces which seek to destroy China also run a color revolution in the USA?

Is Biden continuing along the same path or is he following the dictates of the New World Order?

How did Aristotle’s 4th Century book, “Politics” influence today’s system of globalism? How does it compare to the Confucian Mandate of Heaven?

Are people born “blank slates” or are they a “reflection of the entire universe”?


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