by Rich Scheck

Apparently unnoticed by the Mainstream Media and the broader public is how the harsh rhetoric and provocative actions of President Biden are enabling Ukraine’s boldness via Russia including the threat by President Zelensky to build nuclear weapons.

But Zelensky doesn’t need his own nuclear weapons, he can spark a war with Russia which would tempt Biden to bring in NATO which has nukes.  

The main motive of the West’s dangerous and desperate escalation of the current crisis seems to be the near completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline linking Germany and Russia:

As Mark Gaffney points out, this confrontation has “Biden “leading” the world to the brink of nuclear war over Ukraine!”

Control of the Black Sea is another key issue involved in this crisis and involves the roles of Georgia and Turkey:

The US spent $5 billion to overthrow the pro-Russian government in Ukraine in 2014 and has been working to expand NATO ever closer to Russia’s border in gestures that are very threatening to a Nation that has been invaded by Napoleon and Hitler from the East.

Ukraine is obviously part of Russia’s sphere of influence.  We have our Monroe Doctrine warning other nations away from our region.   It is simply self-serving propaganda to decry “Russian aggression” against a country that has deep roots in Kiev and Crimea that go back hundreds of years.

It is hard to put into words the seriousness of such brinkmanship on the part of the West that coupled with similar actions against China demonstrates a level of lust to obtain Pax Americana exceeding any previous Administration.

Biden and his Democratic cohorts seem to be living out the wet dream of the Neocons who surfaced during the term of George W. Bush when they saw the 9/11 attack as an opportunity to achieve their quest for a unipolar moment. 

Putin has shown clearly he will not be intimidated by all the huffing and puffing even if his enemies are not bluffing.  But all it will take is one overly zealous general or even private to trigger a chain reaction of the kind that launched WWI for push to come to shove for a global conflagration.

With bipartisan support in the Senate to block the US from withdrawing from NATO as President Trump suggested, the true nature of American Imperialism is on full display for all to see how devoted both parties are to implementing their vision for global domination.

Biden appears to be all in for war against Russia with Ukraine as his proxy.  Calling Russia an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States” is beyond inflammatory and has provoked a strong response from Moscow to the tune of half a million soldiers.

One would think that after two world wars that began in Europe, people would have learned the weakness of our current international system and the failure of leaders from that part of the globe to shape a viable planetary peace.

Hopefully sanity will prevail and the lessons of history will impact the thinking of these individuals to stop the rush towards war!  We need more voices other than Tulsi Gabbard’s reminding us to “stop the saber rattling and begin de-escalation!”     

Our collective silence in the face of such reckless behavior may well doom us to a fate no decent person wants for themselves or their posterity.  We can and must do better! 

Rich Scheck is a graduate of Harvard Law School and was at one time a part of Nader’s Raiders.  An independent journalist, he provides a Big Picture view of emerging geopolitics.


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