Daily case numbers dropping around the world since Biden’s election was certified

By Carey List

In what can only be termed as proof of Biden’s messianic calling as our saviour in these troubled times, there has been a sustained decline in Covid-19 cases around the world for over two weeks. My own province of Ontario, as well as Canada as a whole is in steep decline.

Image: Cases in Canada since November 1, 2020. Source

Image: Daily cases in the three worst-hit provinces, Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta, all in steep decline for at least two weeks. Source

The US is dropping as well, especially numerous US states run by Democrats which were previously facing unprecedented surges in cases under Trump, in what can only be described as a miraculous turnaround. From Pennsylvania, to New York, Michigan and California, covid cases which previously crippled the country are all in a steep and sustained decline. California is now planning to cancel its stay-at-home order. New York is following suit now that Biden is in.

Image: Cases in the U.S. since November 1, 2020. Source

Image: Clockwise from top-left, daily cases in Michigan, Pennsylvania, California and NYC dropping steadily, particularly since Biden’s win was certified January 6, 2021. Sources: MI, PA, CA, NYC

Across the pond in the UK, a similar miraculous turnaround is playing out, in what was previously one of the most desperate covid hotspots in the West, despite months of some of the strictest lockdown policies yet seen.

Image: Cases in the UK since November 1, 2020. Source

The reason we know this has to be attributed to his divine grace is because the cases began falling right after the electoral college vote was certified for Biden. He was not even in office yet. Just the power of his coming being certified was enough to ward off pestilence and plague, and not just in his country. Around the world, the word has gone out of his arrival, and the virus is fleeing in his wake. We have also seen precipitous declines in daily case numbers in Ireland, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Thailand, Slovenia, and Hungary. All of this in January, when respiratory diseases typically thrive and wreak havoc on healthcare systems. What more proof do you need of him being the Messiah? Throw up your hands in worship and praise, for salvation is at hand. How ironic of the Lord to send us a saviour against respiratory disease who has been inappropriately sniffing things his whole life. But what better cover to fool the forces of evil? The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways. Is it any wonder that he won the most votes in history in a completely uncontroversial election that can not be criticized in any way?

Not coincidentally, the WHO has seen the light on the issue which caused the surge in case counts in the first place, namely using PCR tests with high cycle thresholds. What has been dismissed as baseless conspiracy theory since the lockdowns began has been quietly updated to official truth now that the retribution of the Joely spirit is at hand. After Biden’s election, the power of his coming began to accumulate like an onrushing tidal wave, and forced the hand of the infidels. On December 14 the WHO submitted to his glory and issued new guidance that great care must be taken with PCR tests with high Cycle Threshold (Ct) values, because there is a good chance that “background noise” has contaminated the test and given a false positive. As Biden was being inaugurated on January 20, the WHO was being compelled by his higher power to update those guidelines again, and admit that Ct value is inversely proportional to viral load, and hence to infectiousness. In other words, as Ct goes up, the chance that person is actually sick with a transmissible disease goes down. Precisely what all the conspiracy theorists and medical experts have been saying for some time!

What the conspiracy theorists didn’t realize is that it doesn’t matter how many doctors or studies you have, without the almighty fury of Biden’s ultimate worldly triumph, none of it mattered. Here is Dr. Fauci saying it in July 2020. Here is a study saying anything above 25 should not be considered infectious. Here is another study in the Oxford Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases trying to verify that claim and finding it is more like anything above 35, in line with what Dr. Fauci says. Here is the creator of the PCR test Kary Mullis saying if you choose the right primer and do enough cycles, you can find almost anything you want in anybody. But none of this mattered before Biden. Even with all this evidence, the mere questioning of the PCR test was met with endless derision from our benevolent fact checkers as baseless conspiracy theory, since it was clear that PCR was the gold standard and was not to be questioned. Now that Biden’s glorious reign has begun, the blinders have been removed and the fraud of the PCR “gold standard” can finally be exposed.

Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with vaccination. We have been told repeatedly that immunity requires two doses of the vaccine, and then several weeks of time after the second dose. In Canada, only a tiny percentage of people are fully vaccinated, and almost none were vaccinated on January 9 when the drop began. In California, they have only vaccinated health-care and long-term care workers. Globally, the numbers vaccinated are miniscule, and clearly cannot be the cause of the severe decline in cases.

There is a very good chance that the massive rise in cases seen since September 2020 is mostly due to very high Ct values being allowed for the Covid-19 PCR tests. This can easily be seen by comparing case numbers and deaths from the first wave and second wave in countries around the world. With much higher case numbers in the “second wave,” deaths counts are still very similar to the first wave.

Image: Cases vs. Deaths in the U.S. since the pandemic began. Source

Image: Cases vs. Deaths in Canada since the pandemic began. Source

Image: Cases vs. Deaths in the UK since the pandemic began. Source

Around the world laboratories have been going as high as 45 cycles as their maximum. Coincidentally, governments around the world have refused to publish the cycle threshold reached for each test since the pandemic began, despite being asked to and despite there being no good reason not to. Recently the state of Florida became the first to mandate its reporting. How many of those cases you were bombarded with daily for months during this second wave, leading to a loss of some of your most fundamental rights, had a Ct above 35? We don’t know because almost all governments refuse to publish the data. We have a right to that information, and we need to fight for it. The truth about the rise and fall of covid cases is in the suppressed PCR test data. Please consider signing this petition to the government of Ontario imploring them to release the Ct value for every Covid-19 PCR test done in the province. And please petition your own government and local health authorities to do the same. The truth will out. All glory and praise to our Lord and Saviour.

Carey List is an engineer who loves history, and lives in Ontario, Canada. He can be reached at careylist@protonmail.com.


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