By Doug Miller

The world of accepted illusions is maintained only to the extent that the members of our society chooses to subscribe to them.  Before this author tackles one of the larger illusions that limits and debilitates our ability to understand the integration of humanity, our past or our future potential, I would like review some short examples of what misconceptions/myths/fallacies do and how they are formed.

Some false myths are promulgated by those with impeccable intentions but a selective myopic perspective of the breadth of circumstances, to say nothing of political designs shaping our history. 

One of those popular but false presumptions is the idea that the US did not really fight the Revolutionary War but that it was a stitch up, a nod-nod, wink-wink affair between the moneyed land-owners of the colonies and the oligarchy, i.e., The Venetian Party that ruled in London, particularly after the “Glorious Revolution of 1688” that installed a puppet king and started the private Central Bank of England. 

Unfortunately, 240+ years later, the sacrifices, passionate devotion and suffering of those early rebels has been blunted with time and are less razor edged than they once were. It is too often forgotten that many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were intentionally ruined and their families often killed by local British forces during the conflict.  It is surprising that the “win” seemed to happen so easily at Yorktown even though eminent historians will tell us that the British were caught short with additional troops stalled in New York and surprised by Hamilton’s daring night raids, Cornwallis was surrounded and defeated. 

To properly evaluate these “American” events, one should also take note that the British were also involved in four other conflicts simultaneously: The Anglo-French War, The Anglo-Spanish War, the 4th Anglo-Dutch War, and the 2nd Anglo-Mysore War; thus such extensions do strain resources and lines of command.

The surprise victory, though, is not at all amazing as the Empire had very deep inroads in landed traitors in the USA itself fully loyal to the British oligarchy rather than the new nation.  Some of these traitors are well documented in Anton Chaitkin’s groundbreaking book, “Treason in America” and one of them famously murdered Alexander Hamilton.  The oligarchy and its intelligence services were highly confident that their undermining of the new American Republic could be accomplished in short order during the years following the revolution in order to bring the rebellious settlers back into line and under oligarchical control.

The Empire persisted in its efforts to restore the United States to the status of colonies and had no shortage of stooges willing to do its dirty work before, during and after the War of 1812. Not the least among these traitors included even elected Presidents like Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren who conveniently scotched the nation building efforts of the earlier presidents and the national bank begun by Alexander Hamilton which was funding canals, roads, railways, bridges, industrial sites and other projects to enable a more highly industrial and independent nation, free from the extortionate demands of foreign industrialists. 

Beyond these efforts, slightly reversed before Lincoln, there was the undermining of the soon to be secessionist south through direct financial support and promises of trade volumes in order to create in them a separate agricultural feudal idyll always critical to the British oligarchy’s control of the countries it colonized.

The Civil War brought with it British attempts to blockade the North that were impeded and reversed by the Czar Alexander II’s sending of his Atlantic and Pacific fleets to protect New York and San Francisco harbours and thwart the British and French, then under the governance of Napoleon III, a known Empire stooge.

British undermining of the US continued through the remaining part of the 19th century, impeding the Canadian provinces from joining the US as they petitioned President Grant to annex them… and this was particularly significant given that British Columbia was geographically essential to the realisation of Governor William Gilpin’s vision of the trans-Alaska/Bering Strait/trans-Siberian rail link-up already envisioned as early as the Lincoln Administration. 

This would grand international project have been and remains a significant improvement available for world trade, neutralizing the British control of the high seas that impedes the independence of the world, its countries, and would be effective in opposing the colonisation efforts of the Oligarchy.

The stories of the many assassinations of US Presidents that can be traced to British operations are legend as even the strange and unexpected deaths of some seemed likely to have been British plots because the presidents involved would not follow the oligarchy’s designs.  After the anarchist assassin assigned Emma Goldman (herself an asset of British intelligence) killed President William McKinley in 1901, the Anglophile Teddy Roosevelt took over that office and the US became thoroughly subservient to oligarchical colonial interests with brief respites during the administrations of Franklin Roosevelt (1933-1945) and John F Kennedy (1961-63). 

Many consider the well-financed and multi-faceted opposition to President Trump to have had similar roots in his refusal to follow the neo-con colonialist subservience of earlier presidents and even most of his administration.

Rather than there not being a true American victory at Yorktown that ended the influence of the City of London in the Americas as many have been led naively to believe, this author would contend that the oligarchy, true to its multi-millennial history, thought it could rely on subterfuge, infiltration, bribes, extortion, murder, assassination, and an advanced intelligence network to undermine the upstart colonists. These independently minded colonists were giving it sufficient military problems that it wanted to disengage from the North American front, focusing on its other wars, and let the internal rot it was stoking in America do its work, and so undermine the fledgling nation in a less direct manner.

However, like the gross miscalculation the British Empire made in respect of the damage that was inflicted on its own assets from the first World War that it had orchestrated, this too was a massive error in an arrogance led to self-destructive misjudgment.  The US did not cave to its internal enemies and among the devastating results of WWI included national bankruptcies throughout Europe… including Britain herself.  As usually happens with oligarchies, they often fail through their overwhelming arrogance and tendency to underestimate their opposition.

This process is no less true today as the sponsors of the violence and chaos in many American cities is considered by many to be a function of entities following orders of the oligarchy delivered through fronts and billionaire-sponsored anarchist groups. These facts imply that the ongoing attempt to scupper the US are just as active as ever. Indeed, the fact that such lengthy efforts to undermine the US continue to go on merely underscores the fact that there really was a revolution, a victory, and the creation of a country that was and is an alternative to the de-humanising Hegelian State that is the hegemonic Empire/oligarchy with its center of power now as it was in the 18th century… in the City of London. Breaking the world free from that system was the original intention of the Winthrops and Mathers who called for their new society to be “as a city on a hill” which all of humanity would emulate through its goodness and virtue.

And so did the oligarchy underestimate the exuberance and confidence of a country premised on self-government, liberty and on the improvement of its people through unbounded progress.  Liberty is a quality one does not abandon lightly after the fruits of its exercise and freedom of choice have been tasted and appreciated. And so while it may have looked quite often as though the extent of imperial intrusions into the US government signified an official underlying effort, it rather indicated the orientation of national leaders, more anglophile than patriot, had facilitated the infiltration of seditious forces seeking to undermine the the republic and its constitution.

An irony now presents itself: had the revolution not been successful, the oligarchy would not have persisted in 244 years of efforts to destroy that which they supposedly already control, right? And yet inversely, had the revolution been a total success as others have been led falsely to believe, then there would be no traitorous power structures loyal to the City of London which must still be extricated even at this late date. 

Thus the presumption of a phony revolution is thoroughly at odds with the facts of the Empire’s continued efforts to destroy the righteous efforts of America’s settlers and founding fathers.


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One thought

  1. Doug Miller, RE: “Glorious city on a hill”. First thank you for the informative complexity you have approached history with. Having some New Netherlands ‘Dutch’, French, Scot & Mohawk 1st Nation roots, I can attest to the multiple levels of war which drove my ancestors from & to their historic homes both as victims & perpetrators of war.
    However, what I find egregious about the USA’s false ‘revolution’ & Canada’s false-confederation is exemplified by over 250 years of oligarch-directed perpetual war & US imposed poverty both within Turtle-Island (North-America) & abroad since. The USA is still used as a bulldog worldwide by its masters to impose oligarch command & control over their world hegemonic holdings. At the time of both the US false revolution & Canadian confederation, 1st Nations were still the overwhelming majority populations of both. 1st nation sovereignty is still the only law of this place. Violent invasion is never the foundation upon which human society can be founded, no matter what or how often the lies we tell ourselves.
    Most can’t think outside this ‘glorious’ ‘EXOGENOUS’ (Latin ‘other-generated’) oligarch-colonial violence based indoctrination. European Settlers came as economic-ecological refugees from 1500 years of oligarch mis-management & destruction since the invasion & destruction of ‘INDIGENOUS’ (L ‘self-generating’) Celtic-Europe. Oligarchs exported settler ‘misfits’ (my ancestors) as agents of violent invasion & conquest worldwide in the many 10s of millions as a massive export of ‘FAILED-SYSTEMS’ in order to ‘shore-up’ their fragile failed false ‘money’ (Greek ‘mnemosis’ = ‘memory’ hierarchies. For 5000 years oligarch empires have institutionally imposed amnesia (failed memory) upon their subjects.
    EMPOWERMENT FROM THE BOTTOM-UP (true re-love-ution)
    In order to get a handle upon a loving ‘self-generating’ approach to our short time on earth, its important to understand all humanity’s worldwide ‘indigenous’ heritage & that of the fractal laws & customs of First Nations here. ‘FRACTAL’ (‘Fraction, multiplier, building-block where-the-part-contains-the-whole’) indigenous governance starts with the worldwide universal intimate, intergenerational, female-male, interdisciplinary, critical-mass, economies-of-scale practice which enables local collaboration. ~100 person MULTIHOME-Dwelling-Complex (eg. Longhouse-apartment, Pueblo-townhouse & Kanata-village) were the common domestic-‘economy’ (Greek ‘oikos’ = ‘home’ + ‘namein’ = ‘care-&-nurture’) organizational fractal unit. Its interesting today how 70% of populations worldwide & in America live in Multihomes (apartment, townhouse & village). The average size of multihomes today is 32 dwelling-units or ~100 persons still. The 2nd indigenous fractal is time-based equivalency accounting upon the String-shell worldwide value system used here on Turtle Island (eg. Wampum) & worldwide (eg. Quipu in South-America & Cowrie in indigenous Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia & all the islands). RELATIONAL-ECONOMY
    Examples: Multihomes & String-shell economically-inclusive, welcoming worldwide is called:
    – ‘Kaianerekowa’ (Iroquois ‘The great-good-way-of-kindness’) here among the ‘Haudenosaunee’ (Iroquois ‘People of the extended-rafters’ aka ‘welcome’). AKA ‘Great-law-of-peace, aka ‘Constitutional law of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Across Turtle-island were some 110 nations formed into ~30 confederacies with councils fractally from interpersonal, family, extended-family, multihome, village, city, region, nation, confederate, continental & hemispheric councils.
    – ‘In-Lakesh’ Mayan ‘I am another you, You are another me’) in Central America.
    – ‘Maloka’ (Aymara ‘Longhouse’ relations) in the Amazon.
    – ‘Ubuntu’ (Nguni peoples in southern Africa = ‘Human-kindness’)
    – etc in every indigenous nation on every continent & island worldwide, until the genocide (removing people from their means of livelihood), invasion & murder then institutionally (eg. Language restriction & Residential-Schools) imposed amnesia & false-history, which subsumes us today.
    Such an intimate loving personal & fractal indigenous foundation to human society & ‘sylvalization’ (L ‘sylva’ = ‘tree’) is best understood as an ECONOMIC-DEMOCRACY, however quite different from the false version violently imposed by Schiff-Trotsky & Warburg-Lenin upon Russia & their false ‘community’ (L ‘com’ = ‘together’ + ‘munus’ = ‘gift-or-service’) revulsion.

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