By Nicholas Molodyko

For centuries “Ukrainian” was a political enterprise exploiting the country’s natural resources, Ukrainian people and Ukrainian diaspora, in order to pit the Slavic fraternity, in a quest for an Anglo-Saxon one-world government. But in 2020, Ukrainian babas saved the day. Because in their wisdom they knew that beauty and truth are both timeless and there is great strength in love.

My Mother, Philadelphia, 1956

The Old World

There still exists in America some Old World charm. I know this for certain. My parents are from that time and place that you would only know of yourself if your parents were also old school European or Continental, decidedly not “Western,” nor British, nor WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant). For me, my parents define internationalism in the grand Westphalian sense, without ever knowing it themselves. That’s part of the charm. It is not a drive-thru or pedestrian situation. You have to live in the warm wormhole of the Old World. I have. The connection between widely separated regions of space-time is not a mythical place. In fact, among other uses, these days the term “Old World” is used commonly in “the West” to refer to Africa, Asia and Europe, regarded collectively as the part of the world known to its population before contact with the “New World,” which is decidedly Anglo-Saxon. And from a highbrow perspective, understanding the true context of Thomas Robert Malthus’s 1798 Essay on the Principle of Population, the most famous book on population ever written or ever likely to be, is imperative because it is persistently misrepresented. Malthus coldly advocated the elimination of the “unfit to make way for the more fit.” Malthus went so far as to propose that even children perish in the “New World.” He designated genocide. ‪Yet the spectre of ‪the English economist, sociologist, and pioneer in modern population study ‬was never completely banished.‬

This is a follow up to Master and Servent which was my plea to Americans that we must emancipate ourselves from British domination. My mother will serve as our beguiling Marianne. Her family was never dominated by the British. Plus, mothers are the landlords of truth and beauty. For most of her life she’s been a matushka (meaning little mother), the wife of an Orthodox Christian mitred archpriest. Among many things, she was an entrepreneur who in the 1980s brought contemporary art from the “lower 48” to Alaska before the internet and globalism made it a click away. Today, with a loving upgrade, she is a Ukrainian baba and the world could learn from the wisdom of Slavic grandmothers. After first identifying as an Orthodox Christian, Anastasia proudly calls herself “American.” Not “Ukrainian-American” or even “Slavic,” just “American.” She intuitively knew so-called “identity politics” was the political garbage, quite Bolshevik in nature, that it is.

For six years now, I have regularly consulted my parents in Florida, particularly my father, not my mother, about what’s been going on in Ukraine. My father and I have probably driven my mother nuts with our Ukraine talk and such. She deserves every award for her patience. And my father, the Slavic Yoda, deserves all my gratitude that I will express in a separate tribute.

My mother’s family emigrated to America at a precise moment in time from a very specific historical spot, Galicia in Ukraine before the Wars. That combination holds the key to unlock the door to the vaulted hallway containing dark British secrets. After my mom’s family fled for the U.S., Galicians were framed by their enemies with poverty and hardship, Nazism and subsequently public scorn. My maternal grandparents, and thus my entire family today, dodged that crater when they ended up in the “Northern Liberties” (the irony) neighborhood in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, at the turn of the century before any of that awfulness happened.


Ukrainians are divided, particularly by religion. While the majority of us Ukrainians are Orthodox Christians, a loud minority is politically tied to different brands of Catholicism. That is the age old strategy of the British Crown and the East India Company. Thus, there is a subset of Ukrainians that are found on the margins of the elite and the British Empire. Of course, everybody knows about the Ukrainian oligarchs, but I am also talking about the policy making crowd that tags along, too. Some of the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada are on the odd side. A minority, are radically Ukrainian, in an activist-like manner. There is an understanding that they are all paid for this fake (political) presence. They are inauthentically Ukrainian. A corporate-manufactured idea of a spirit. After all, this is what chaos makers like George Soros invest in. His Open Society sponsors these activists. We see this more among Canadians in the fascist state of Toronto. A shocking example of what passes for Ukrainian. Politically Ukrainian, making sure that absolutely everybody knows it. Lunatics. Politically aggressive in a dictatorial manner, like high ranking Nazis or something. This minority of lunatics entered into U.S. foreign policy via British-backed think tanks such as the Atlantic Council, which is funded by the Ukrainian World Council along with the oligarchs including George Soros. The Ukrainian lobby both in Canada and the U.S. serves the interests of the British Crown.

After all, during the American Civil War, the British Empire supported the Confederates (the Democrats) and sent down forces from Toronto in Canada to attack the Union. Loyalist Americans settled in Toronto, Canada, after the U.S. War of Independence, preferring British rule to that of the new Republic. Some 40,000 are believed to have settled around the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River and continued throughout the 19th century. From the very beginning, America and Canada were not united by any stretch of the imagination as a common societal entity such as “the West.” But a myth repeated often enough, like “the West,” becomes accepted as a common societal understanding.

Fast forward to 2014, when during the Ukraine crisis, they exiled 40,000 Ukrainian users on Facebook, terrorized accounts on Twitter, blacked out any real news from Ukraine and replaced it with reports of mythical proportions. The majority of Ukrainians on social media and in the news media were silenced and were replaced with fake (political) Ukrainians from Canada who did the talking during the war. I have cataloged the whole thing. Algorithms are used to marginalize people. It was a government “perception management” campaign. Years and years of breathless articles in the New York Times and Washington Post. All lies. There was even a Hollywood movie that the CIA produced (Winter on Fire) and it was nominated for an Academy Award. A production meant to manufacture public consent for war of which surpassed a similar PR campaign for the so-called “War in Iraq.” All fake Ukrainians.

This is how I stumbled upon the British government’s operations in Ukraine. I have a long career and background in international development and when the conflict broke out in Donbas I took great lengths for a very long time to find a communications role for myself with a humanitarian institution. After years of due diligence, I ended up instead with a very uncomfortable assessment of both the British government’s clandestine role in Ukraine and moreover its covert operations in American foreign policy.

From nearly day 1, regarding the crisis in Ukraine, all those years ago, I said that the forces attacking that country were anti-American. And I am NOT talking about Russia. Much of the 20th century infiltration of Rhodes Scholars and Fabians into America happened by way of the British Empire’s only “official” arm, Canada. The British intelligence strategy was to use Canada as a wedge to every which way keep Russia and America from becoming allies but also to divide America itself. I think back at all the propaganda we Americans were incessantly fed about “liberal” Canada and it all makes sense. British control over Canada never ended. The British Crown directly overseas Canadian government affairs today. While In 1982, it adopted its own constitution and allegedly became an independent country, that constitution is based on Britain’s, which does NOT exist. Canada serves as a hub for British intelligence. They snuck in from Canada as Ukrainians to lobby the Atlantic Council and then through various British agents. U.S. President Trump has closed the border with Canada. And it is not because of the coronavirus.

Warning: Our neglect to better define and address influence of the British Crown in the U.S. government gave former Vice President Joe Biden, former CIA Director John Brennan and former assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland free reign to rape, pillage and gut Ukraine —the British agency of Neoconservatives in America have been operating abroad in that clandestine manner for decades.

They essentially turned being Ukrainian-American into a political enterprise for the Democrat Party. They exploited not only Ukrainians in Ukraine but their own constituents in the United States. Take a good look at all of the U.S. Congressmen that visited Ukraine in recent years. It is dirty politics of the filthiest variety. Take a good look at the rotten parts of the FBI and the so-called “intelligence community” who rely on faith-based attribution and spectral evidence from British Crown agents. Take a good look at NATO, the IMF and other institutions that profited off of the harm they did to Ukraine.

Great Britain

‪Everybody, even Ukrainians themselves, were spellbound and thought the crisis in the country in 2014 was authentic until it was revealed during U.S. President Trump’s first term to be the covert action of British agency in America. The crisis in Ukraine has all the markings of a John Brennan operation that has been launched stealthily to prevent anyone from knowing its real origins. MI6’s Christopher Steele, Sir Richard Dearlove, GCHQ, National Endowment for Democracy, Victoria Nuland’s State Department, George Soros’ NGO’s and British and American intelligence assets were all united in the 2014 regime change operation in Ukraine authored by London and DC.

How was any of this even possible? The Old World explanation is the “dark arts” which refers to any covert action mainly used to cause harm to, exert control over, or even murder the victim. One of Britain’s largest lobbying companies has been secretly recorded boasting about its access to the heart of the Government and how it uses the dark arts to bury bad coverage and influence public opinionPerfidious Albion invented what Kipling called “the great game” in the dark arts of misdirection and duplicity. The newer forms of that duplicity are carried out by massive British disinformation operations via the MI6, GCHQ, 77th Brigade and other sections of British military-intelligence, not to mention similar Canadian and Australian intelligence units, all involved in a great attempt to destabilize America. With Neoconservatives serving as advisories to the various White House administrations, covertly living as agents of the British Crown, British Intelligence was in its full capacity in the bowels of Washington. And the GCHQ and the NSA have to some extent become effectively the same organization.

Warning: The same “political technology” used in “color revolutions” like Ukraine is being used in America right now. Therefore, we simply must explore how British intelligence is entangled in U.S. government and policy, culture, religion, mass media, and really any number of other aspects to American life, especially amongst our elite educational institutions. 

It is British organized crime in America and online. The British government employs a very large number of people whose full time job is to influence the political narrative on social media. The 77th Brigade of the British Army, the “Integrity Initiative,” MI5 and MI6 and GCHQ all run major covert online propaganda. They have turned TwitterFacebookGoogle and YouTube into a division of the 99% versus their one percent. I saw it in the early days with the fake Ukrainians from Canada I mentioned earlier —agents of the British Crown.

The famous Palestinian-American academic Edward Said called the Neoconservatives and other poseurs —self-styled élite, meaning the best of class in French— as “local agents.” They serve as proxies for Anglo-Saxon colonialism. The world’s proxy elite. That is why I use the words “agent” and “agency.” And also why I use the term “elite.” Neoconservatives rest in the margins of the elite, in the margins of British imperialism.

Warning: To the elite of the British Crown (backed by the City of London banks and Wall Street), people who aren’t WASPs are considered “the other.” This means pretty much everybody in the world and in particular, Torah (Orthodox) Jews, Slavic people, all people of color, and even everyday Americans, those who are not part of the “establishment “ are “the other” as well. Madame Hillary Clinton famously called them degenerates. The discrimination does not stop with race, it certainly encompasses sex, gender and social economic class. It is a caste system. Thus, the closer one is to the margins of the British elite, the more they are included. Earlier I wrote about the mechanics of this 1% versus 99% relationship. President Trump calls the latter group the “silent majority.”

The inequities in America start with the lack of fairness or justice in Britain. In recent years, we’ve been surprised to see this and now realize just how undemocratic and corrupt England is. We were brought up to think it was a beacon of honesty.‬ In that regard, we cannot continue without mentioning Cecil Rhodes. In Britain he is a hot topic at the moment. The “Rhodes Must Fall” movement from South Africa in 2015 has resurfaced in Britain. If you are not familiar with him, read up now. One of Cecil Rhodes’ primary motivations in politics and business was his professed belief that the Anglo-Saxon race was, to quote his will, “the first race in the world.”

In 1877 Cecil Rhodes wrote at the age of 22 in a Confession of Faith: “Why should we not form a secret society with but one object the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole uncivilised world under British rule for the recovery of the United States for the making the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire.” ‪Rhodes systematically used his stolen fortune in Africa to set up and inspire a number of white supremacist institutions, many still in operation today. One such institution was the Round Table Movement which was used to set up what’s today known as the Rhodes Trust and Rhodes Scholarship. Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table led to the founding in 1921 of both the U.S.-based Council on Foreign Relations and its sister organization Chatham House in London, Bilderberg founded in 1954, the Club of Rome (1968) and the Trilateral Commission (1973). All of these organisations are dedicated to global governance.‬

“Rhodes must fall” is not about a statue. It is about NOT HIDING British history which is filled with far more violence, theft, cruelty, racism, slavery, genocide, wars, than any of the so-called “authoritarian” Russian and Chinese enterprises. It’s about moral responsibility. Please take a moment to acknowledge that for years and years we had to endure bitter foreign policy mandates about alleged Russian and Chinese imperialistic threats from this Anglo-Saxon contingency, namely NATO. And they are now silent about British imperialism. NATO was never an American initiative, but was always an enterprise of the British Empire. The so-called “Americans” who led in its creation were in fact largely connected to two think tanks known as the Fabian Society and Oxford’s Rhodes Trust network. Today, it is vital to remind ourselves that NATO, the IMF and other global white supremacy networks were driven by the design outlined by genocidal diamond magnate Cecil Rhodes. Ukraine is a slave to this British imperialism and so is America to some extent. Cecil Rhodes legacy of colonization, slavery and empire lives on in NATO today. Hitler described Cecil John Rhodes as “the only Englishman who truly understood Anglo-Saxon ideals and destiny.” Do I really need to say anything else?

Race Patriot Cecil Rhodes

The United States of America

In regard to the Anglo-Saxon “New World,” everything started to go south for it in 2015. Neoconservatism was on the wane in the U.S., due to the candidacy of Barack Obama. Then, when he got elected they hijacked his administration and used Obama to reinforce the illegitimate authority of political and technocratic elites, and the validity of bogus “identity politics.” However, social justice made a big comeback, regardless. Momentum had gained after Barack Obama was elected president and social justice movements sprang up around the world, even in Israel. The Maidan movement in Ukraine was infamously hijacked by British agency and turned into a disaster the likes of which the world had not seen heretofore. They left a trail of their crimes.

Now, politics in America has changed dramatically and it changed everything else within reach. There’s no more public patience for a pernicious Neoconservative pundit with a Stanford Business/Harvard Law pedigree. The Neocons have been found out as malign. The spell has worn off. The effectiveness of identity politics, of intellectual false pretences, excessive grooming and camera ready over-articulated responses which mean nothing but sound like everything, keeping up dishonest appearances, is a bygone era in America and that has spun change around the world.

The world has changed under the American Presidency of Donald Trump. Why? Nobody can seem to come out and say it but my guess is that the British Empire has finally come undone and the World War II era institutions by which we were living accordingly, like NATO, were British creations, and they are crumbling. There are only a few brilliant people who have been able to elucidate the big picture. The young Canadian scholar Matthew Ehret can probably be credited as the founder of this fine academy of thought. I urge you to read him before it is fashionable to do so —no doubt, we will be hearing more about his work in the future. His most recent article about the Crown Agents is an absolute must-read.

My words are far less academic than the professor’s. I lack the patience for nuance when it comes to slavery. Because that is what it is. To that, I say, everybody needs to go back and re-think slavery in America. When you think about racial equality and civil rights, which political party comes to mind? The GOP or the DNC? Democrats falsely claim that the Republican Party is the villain, when in reality it’s the failed policies of the Democratic Party that have kept blacks down. And when all of their efforts to enslave blacks, keep them enslaved, and then keep them from voting had failed, the Democrats came up with a new strategy: If black people are going to vote, they might as well vote for Democrats. As President Lyndon Johnson was purported to have said about the Civil Rights Act, “I’ll have them n*****s voting Democrat for two hundred years.” —My mom lived through the Johnson administration, she can attest to his crude character.— So now, the Democratic Party prospers on the votes of the very people it has spent much of its history oppressing. Like today’s Neoconservatism or elitism, pro-slavery can be found in the history of both parties. Therefore, it becomes about which party was considered “the establishment” at the time. And this is a uniquely British political phenomenon.

Here’s the model. In the UK, entrenched groups that form the establishment may include the Royal family, aristocracy, privy council, civil servants, legal representatives, academics, clergy in the Church of England, financiers, industrialists, teachers and other professionals. We’re quite aware of this today because the Democratic Party, now associated with the establishment, and the so-called “deep state,” associated with the intelligence services and bureaucracy, continue to try to carry out a coup d’état and overthrow U.S. President Donald Trump. There’s nothing gamey about it. The Establishment is a term used to describe a dominant group or elite that controls a polity or an organization. It may comprise a closed social group that selects its own members, or entrenched élite structures in specific institutions. So the Establishment are the WASP, rich, elite who are deceitful, exploit religion and always favor slavery in its various forms. The one percent. It’s not a conspiracy, it is an economic model. With maybe a little witch’s brew.

You know who is not part of the Establishment? The current President of the United States. In fact, it is because of Donald Trump’s presidency that the Establishment has come out of the woodwork and has shown that slavery, religious persecution, so-called “liberal democracy,” and British Imperialism are inextricably interlinked. The Democratic Party, associated with the establishment, and the so-called “deep state,” associated with the intelligence services and bureaucracy, continue to try to carry out a coup d’état and overthrow U.S. President Donald Trump. I like to think of l’affaire ukrainienne in the relatable terms of a 1990s Hollywood romantic comedy.


Our story began (and will end) with a beautiful ingénuea country called Ukraine. She grew up under poor circumstances but she’s a real beauty who has remained unappreciated for her real worth and quite vulnerable to predators. But she’s a tough cookie, this Ukrainian Cinderella. In 2013, she became famous overnight. Like the American actress Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, she’s been cast in a Hollywood movie low on the reality scale, and regardless of the outcome of Ukraine’s blockbuster we’ll remember she was beguiling and deserved not the life of a street hooker.

Ukraine is the ingénue in every romantic comedy because for Ukrainians a lighthearted, good natured spirit is standard. But when Julia’s Vivian character gets to shop at the Rodeo Drive boutique where the snooty sales associates had earlier refused to assist her, that nails Ukraine. No second class for her, baby, no Upstairs, Downstairs —Ukrainians have no time for the tired notion of a caste system, plus we like best quality fashion, that some refer to as luxury. Before 2013, Ukraine politics wasn’t on anybody’s mind. Then, it became unavoidable for some of us. My family is of Slavic descent, and in modern terms, you could call us “Ukrainian.” My mother’s family from the lower West side and my father’s family from the upper East side of Ukraine. And I live in the heart of America’s biggest Ukrainian neighborhood. Now, seven years later we’ve all lived through an unimaginable amount of lies about the country and our heritage. And I personally want to set her record straight. Here’s my attempt to tell Ukraine’s back story. She should not be known as a prostitute to NATO and the IMF. Historians backed by the British Crown have strangled Ukraine and chained it to bogus written history that it is not its own, one meant for a prostitute not a church lady. If history is written wrong by such frauds and then fixed, it is not rewritten, it is reclaimed.

In fact, modern Ukraine is a combination of three primary historical territories: Galicia (west), Malorossia (center), and Novorossia (southeast). These Ukrainian lands were once an indistinguishable part of Rus’, but were divided after Mongol invasions. The term “Ukrainian” was used exclusively on the territories of Empires hostile to Russia. Foreign Empires actually developed the term “Ukrainian” as a way to dominate both Russia and the Ukrainians themselves, by attacking their unity. Before WWI, Western Ukraine and Transcarpathia were part of the Roman Catholic Austro-Hungarian Empire. Ukraine as a national idea was created when the Austro-Hungarian Empire pursued a policy of “Ukrainization” on the local Ruthenian population of what is now Western Ukraine. This policy continued during the 19th and early 20th centuries and after the Russian Empire fell. The Austro-Hungarian “Ukrainian” project outlived that empire, too. This policy aimed at division between Russians, Malorossians, and Rusyns was continued by the Bolsheviks. Following the coup in Russia in February 1917 and until 1920 on the territory of Ukraine, there were named 16 political entities. Leave it to the schizophrenic and subversive Bolsheviks! Before then the majority of Ukraine was a seamless part of Russia with no national uprisings. Russia was a holy union of Orthodox Christians working towards a divine future, not a “humanist” union of materialistic people seeking only to improve the human condition —the difference between the real Orthodox Russia and what the British-backed Bolsheviks tried to accomplish, to kill Russia.

The growth of Ukraine from the 17th century to the present

The battle for Russia always seems to involve religion and specifically allowing Roman Catholics to occupy and steal Orthodox land. We are seeing this in Ukraine again today with the Nationalist neo-Nazis supported by Neocons who’ve picked up where the Bolsheviks left off. Corporations and the very wealthy use the Roman Catholic Church as a sort of spiritual enemy to Orthodoxy. As Brazilian writer, professor, political scientist, historian and poet Luiz Alberto Moniz Bandeira wrote, Ukraine became a new piece in the British Empire’s great geopolitical fame: the invention of Ukraine. His book, World Disorder, is a masterpiece.

Like the invention of Ukraine, “Western Civilization” was also a massive grift. It was the practice of “the West” (the British Crown) imagining “the East“ and then telling the East what it is, as Edward Said called Orientalism all those years ago. U.S. foreign policy came to rely on a foundation of these British imperialistic lies. The British elite are grifters.

Wisdom: There is no protection from intellectual grifters, chancers, con artists, charlatans and frauds, if we are to truly to live as human beings ought to, with sincere hope, faith and optimism placed in humanity. Even a thief is a human person. It is the paradox of blame the crime, but not the criminal. With every grift we become more aware of such dangers and gain practical knowledge, and at the same time develop compassion and patience for the grifter, although sometimes that can be a real struggle. 

My mother Anastasia comes from a long line of fearless women and was in fact, named after her baba, my great grandmother. My baba, my mother’s mother, was the sweetest grandmother a kid can ever hope for, because a baba’s purpose on earth is to love her grandchild in ways that parents cannot —this generally involves delicatessen foods, and church— but if she knew you were doing something wrong, she told you in no uncertain terms and there was a pointed finger and no conversation that made sure you understood your moral responsibility. Memory eternal. ‪

Wisdom: The beauty of a Slavic grandmother is that she teaches her grandchildren that in love, there is also great strength.‬ I don’t think your parents can teach you this, at least not while you are living under their roof. Thus, to me, Ukraine means a proper family structure and its heart is my grandmother, and the roots of my being. I thought my baba was the most beautiful woman in the whole world. Now, I think the same of my own dear mother who is baba to 11 grandchildren. That is Ukrainian Old World beauty. Because love always wins through its quiet strength. Families are divided over politics and that is the point of Anglo-Saxon dominance —to divide us. Because there is strength in the family unit and strength in love.

Ukraine is the deadly beauty of truth. Like a geopolitical Venus flytrap. Ukrainian beauty doesn’t fit into the paradigm of “Western Civilization.” The Five Eyes intelligence alliance slavery network, the English language, and its web of lies, all rendered incompetent in the country of my ancestors. Because the “West” is based on a British pretense, the ability to “make believe” in a socially constructed environment. And Ukraine is our truth. The fall of Western Civilization has already happened in Ukraine. The Ukrainian baba brigade sends its regards. The network of fearless women set the record straight themselves. They got the truth out. Church and delicious foods, certainly vareniki/pierogi, were probably involved.

Many Americans were indoctrinated into the notion of “Western Civilization,” from the start, as children. As children we naturally trust the adults around us and when we realize that their actions are far from corresponding to their words, we find ourselves trapped in a double-bind. Either we betray those on whom we depend by exposing them as liars, cheaters, and hypocrites, or we betray ourselves by denying our perceptions. The outcome of this destructive battle depends on our self-confidence. Many decide to blind themselves at the cost of their well-being.

Wisdom: Remain as a child in your adult life, by pursuing such truth and beauty. Mother yourself and mother others. Recall, mothers are the landlords of truth and beauty. Do not confuse this strength with some kind of weakness. My mother is a sweet old grandmother now, but don’t be deceived. She went to Drexel, raised six kids while supporting in every imaginable way my father’s very large church parish and an even larger deanery, and juggled several careers in medical science, and then while running her own contemporary art galleries, one by one sent her kids off to college. Don’t mess with the 99% of Ukraine, folks. Just don’t do it.

‪My mother and father were never spellbound by the British Empire in the first place.‬ Like the villagers who favored Glinda the Good Witch of the North in the Wizard of Oz. They’ve literally lived in a different world. The Old World. British dominance never successfully infiltrated that world, in the first place. Their Orthodox faith, the roots of their belief system in a modern “New” world, made them impervious to the intellectual slavery. And they instinctively knew that being Ukrainian is not some kind of political enterprise. It’s the hearts of our grandmothers. Orient ourselves towards love because our rights come from a superior source. There is strength in the family system and likewise in Westphalian national sovereignty. Keep alive memories, traditions, and the values of our ancestors.

It may seem like I dragged my parents into a deadly world of international intrigue and that I am either wildly eccentric or nuts for honoring my mother’s 80th birthday (Many Years, Mom!) with such a tribute as this. That is the true ordeal in America today. We’ve all been dragged into the unnecessary drama. All of us live with the coercion and perverse cruelty of the British Crown. Particularly, Orthodox Christians around the world who have been greatly persecuted because of it. Before U.S. President Trump took office, we were simply unaware of it.

Like the baba brigade, I would like to protect our silent majority of people of Orthodox religious faith. The majority of their Faith gives them the moral freedom to put love, hope and truth before money and power. But they are left without a weighted intellectual voice in the so-called “West.” And the 99% themselves are unable to access a true understanding of what “intellectual” means to the one percent.

I have been leaning on metaphor because there is a spiritual element that my own mother like all Slavic babas instinctively understands. In this context, Slavic has no nationality, no color, there is no “other;” it is a fraternity of people of great Faith. Thus, the baba brigade are an army of fearless spiritual warriors. Because in love there is great strength.

Not unlike the Civil Rights movement against racial divisiveness in the southern U.S., the Maidan Movement was rooted in the centuries-long efforts of Ukrainians and their descendants to reject that form of slavery and seek unity and individual freedom through peaceful civil disobedience. The so-called “Atlanticists” are, in fact, slave traders. NATO is a global slave trading operation. Serbia, like Ukraine, can attest to that. A global Malthusian (meaning genocidal) colonialist institution of the underground British Empire.

Please take to heart my warnings and my parents’ wisdom. And thank you for your patience.

Nicholas Molodyko is a writer based out of Chicago whose work can be accessed on Mediapart