Many people are unaware that two separate and incompatible currents of science which have shaped western civilization.  Because of this ignorance, a terrible inability to assess how and why an oligarchy has managed to take over controlling positions of power across western governments since the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. This veil of ignorance imposed through western educational institutions prevents many people from recognizing the interconnected system of geopolitical, economic, cultural rules preventing society from achieving the creativity driven future of constant progress which humanity has proven itself capable.

One current of science stretching from ancient times to the present is premised upon the conception of mankind as a creature of unbounded creative reason whose purpose is to elevate the species to dignity and freedom while the other current is premised upon an limited belief that nature can only be known by “description” nature through inductive and deductive lines of reasoning.

While one method liberates mankind from the shackles of the senses, the other enslaves. While one unites science and art, the other divides. In the 20th century these two opposing currents are dramatically exemplified by the life of classical pianist and revolutionary physicist Max Planck who unlocked a new science of quantum dynamics while the other is represented by the “discovery-free” life of Lord Bertrand Russell. This is a man who attempted to enslave science into a mathematical cage of formulas in his 1910 Principia Mathematica and was completely undermined by both Planck and Einstein’s friend Kurt Godel decades later. In this presentation, Canadian Patriot Review founder, and co-director of the Rising Tide Foundation, Matthew Ehret introduces an audience to this battle and the deeper geopolitical foundations of epistemelogical warfare.

Supplementary Reading Material

Max Planck’s Philosophy of Physics (1935) 

Venice vs Leibniz: The Battle for a Science of Physical Economy by Michael Kirsch (2013)

Lyndon LaRouche’s How Bertrand Russell Became an Evil Man (1994)