The U.S. drone strikes which killed Maj. General Suleimani (Commander of the Revolutionary National Guard and Quds Brigade) and several leading Iraqi military officials on January 3 has brought America as close to war with Iran as ever before. If one listens carefully, it is possible to hear neocon ideologues like Bill Kristol, Dick Cheney, John Bolton and other architects of the Project of the New American Century giggle insanely as the war which was meant to happen in 2007 looms ever closer. With this war threat, a larger confrontation with Russia and China is also brought closer to reality. This larger NATO targeting of a Eurasian alliance led by Russia and China has always been the focus of every regime change operation in Bosnia, and across the Middle East.

This strategic danger should not come as a surprise for anyone who has been paying attention to world politics over recent decades and this is why I recommend this astonishing November 1999 EIR video recording delivered by the late American economist and geopolitical analyst Lyndon H. LaRouche which provides a comprehensive overview of our current world dynamic a full TWO YEARS before the events of 9/11 unfolded.

I share this little-known video message entitled “Storm Over Asia” not to simply showcase the forecasting capabilities of this particular individual, but rather to cause you, the reader, to take pause and consider what method of thinking, and what quality of conceptions were needed then for this American presidential candidate to speak with such certainty of the events which were to unfold over the subsequent 20 years. It is also worth considering what remedies could have been adopted by leading nation states over the course of those disastrous decades in order to avoid the chaos the world has undergone and which yet may still be applied before the point of no return is crossed.