By Matthew J.L. Ehret

On February 28, 2019 a new policy announcement was made in Ottawa Canada that called for a re-orientation towards space exploration in partnership with NASA on an endeavor known as the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOP-G) program.

This program was first announced at a Press conference in the morning with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accompanied by several fellow MPs and two young astronauts. The press conference also featured an inspired presentation by David St. Jacques, the French Canadian astronaut now working alongside American and Russian counterparts on the International Space Station who discussed the ultimate purpose of mankind as a species destined to explore deep space and therein discover our common identity. St Jacques stated:

“The International Space Station… is an example of what humanity can accomplish when we go beyond our differences and work together in peace for the benefit of all… I trained for years with people from around the world and what I realised is that the place we come from isn’t as important as the goal that brings us together- exploration and the advance of knowledge… Here on ISS we have been learning and gaining experience. Now building on what we learned we are getting ready to take the next step. Gateway will be an outpost where humans can live in lunar orbit, where we will learn to live even more autonomously from mother earth.”

The essentials of the program involve a pledge to spend $2 billion over 24 years towards the Lunar Gateway and while it will focus upon Canada’s specialization in Robotics, will have a much more wide ranging set of goals including service as a Science laboratory, a test site for new technologies, a meeting location for the exploration to the surface of the moon, mission control center for lunar operations and a future stepping stone for voyages to Mars.

Responding to the Press Conference, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine enthusiastically wrote:

“NASA is thrilled that Canada is the first international partner for the Gateway lunar outpost. Space exploration is in Canada’s DNA. In 1962, Canada became the third nation to launch a satellite into orbit with Alouette 1. Today, Canada leads the world in space-based robotic capabilities, enabling critical repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope and construction of the International Space Station. Our new collaboration on Gateway will enable our broader international partnership to get to the Moon and eventually to Mars”

This surprising shift towards a pro-NASA space program reflects a deeper pro-China maneuver underway within the Trump Administration which has occurred in spite of years of severe resistance from the Deep State.

It is no secret that NASA’s Gateway program was itself made possible by the advanced vision which both Russia and China have expressed towards a long term deep space orientation; with Russia having already announced a permanent lunar colony by 2040 (with construction slated to begin in 2025), and China’s multi-phase Chang’e program which has just made a milestone landing on the far side of the Moon. The fact that the January 3, 2019 Chang’e 4 landing occurred with collaboration with NASA was no small feat and represented a gigantic success in overthrowing the 2011 ban on US-China cooperation on space imposed by the Obama administration.

Opposing Reason: A Manufactured Scandal

Trudeau and Wilson-Raybould

Ironically, of the eight questions posed by the press after the main presentations had been given, not a single one addressed the issue of space. Instead, the Prime Minister received the “Donald Trump treatment” through a barrage of questions relating to the SNC Lavalin scandal now unfolding, and the scathing testimony given by former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould the day before which currently threatens to not only force Justin Trudeau’s resignation but also destroy SNC Lavalin’s presence in Canada for the next 10 years.

The fact that Wilson-Raybould’s resignation occurred days before Justin Trudeau’s principal advisor Gerald Butts resigned, indicates that a larger fight is underway within the ranks of the Anglo-Canadian establishment.

The question remains: What is happening within Canada? Thousands of Albertan protesters have dawned yellow vests due to the potential demise of the Trans Mountain Pipeline- several hundred of whom have made national headlines by driving a convoy of trucks across the continent to Ottawa last week in order to protest a government which has failed to defend Canadian jobs and development. Many of these protesters are even celebrating the SNC scandal which now threatens to topple the government. But is this scandal truly what it appears?

To answer any of these questions responsibly means taking a higher top-down assessment of the situation with the unconventional idea that perhaps not everything in politics is reducible to monetary profit and that Canada’s often paradoxical behavior may only be understood by observing a higher global operating system FIRST and then evaluating a purposeful role which Canada plays within such a larger “great game”.

Canada’s Role in Advancing a Green New Deal

With the formation of the Canada 2020 think tank after the defeat of the Liberal government of Paul Martin in 2006, a new “green technocratic” policy was created in order to counteract the threat to the New Liberal World Order posed by an ascendant China which was beginning to unify ever more with Russia. With the 2012 imposition of Justin Trudeau as an Obama-modelled figurehead leader of the Liberal Party, this program was put into motion in order to undermine China’s long term growth orientation through the creation of a “Canada-China Special Relationship”. In 2014, none other than Obama’s former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers outlined this strategy in Ottawa as he keynoted the Canada 2020 conference alongside his close friend Chrystia Freeland (now Canadian Foreign Minister and possible candidate to replace Trudeau). During that 2014 presentation Summers and Freeland advocated a new system based upon a “Green New Deal” to replace the current bankrupt order.

Frankllin Roosevelt on May 8, 1933

For those who may be unfamiliar, the term “New Deal” refers to the system ushered in by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 which involved vast state intervention into a financial system driven into four years of depression due to rampant de-regulation, and Wall Street speculation. The New Deal itself was driven by government regulation of the banks and long term credit invested into major infrastructure projects which allowed America to slowly recover from the decay of depression. The green version of the New Deal advocated by the likes of Summers, Freeland and other Malthusians today is a twisted perversion of the original since it is entirely based upon investments into “sustainable” energy infrastructure (windmills, biomass and solar panels). Rather than INCREASING the productive powers of a nation as the original accomplished during the 1930s, the 21st century green doppelganger can do nothing but contract a nation’s productivity and capacity to support its population.

To advance this agenda, Canada had to win China’s trust on the one hand by demonstrating that various “goods and services” could be offered to the rising dragon, while positioning itself to induce China to adopt “Green New Deal” reforms on the other. If accomplished successfully, this plan would sabotage the potential formation of a grouping of Eurasian-led nations powerful enough to challenge the Financier oligarchy.

What were those assets that Canada brought to the potential deal?

  • 1- A Cheap Resources Honey Pot. Canada does, after all, hold the world’s greatest untapped reservoirs of oil and natural gas, as well as a multitude of other strategic raw materials.
  • 2- Nuclear science capabilities exemplified in AECL and the unique CANDU system owned by SNC Lavalin since 2011
  • 3- Infrastructure building capabilities exemplified by such giants as Bombardier, SNC Lavalin, and Aecon Inc. which could be deployed in the assistance of Belt and Road projects globally.

Beginning with the election of Trump and continuing with China’s official rejection of Canada’s special relationship in 2017, it started to become obvious that the Trudeau card was significantly less valuable than it was previously hoped. As 2018 unfolded, all three Canadian capabilities mentioned above started falling apart as we will briefly review below.

  • 1- Tipping over the honey pot:

Efforts to open the Asian markets to Canadian oil and natural gas were entirely hinged on the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline and a 5 year fight to build it began.  Just three months after the Federal Government jumped in with $4.5 billion to buy the floundering project, the Federal Court of Appeals stepped in and blocked the construction on August 20, 2018. No significant channel currently exists to export gas to China as 99.2% of Canada’s oil goes to the USA. Observing the unreliable basket case behavior, China (a country which thinks hundreds of years ahead and requires stability) ultimately threw their destiny into their “special relationship” with Russia, pushing ahead with the $55 billion “Power of Siberia” pipeline to China which is now 99% finished and will soon supply over 25% of China’s energy needs.

  • 2- Nuclear Cooperation strangled with the take down of SNC Lavalin

With a commitment to end poverty, pollution, and drive the vast Belt and Road Initiative, China has become the world’s biggest developer of nuclear power, having grown from 3 to 38 reactors in a mere 20 years, with an additional 18 under active construction. SNC Lavalin’s ownership of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL) brought it into the unique position of handling Canada’s CANDU nuclear reactor system which China has a major vested interest in. Several major treaties were signed between China and SNC Lavalin between 2014-2018 in order to integrate nuclear cooperation- one of the most important being a project to close the fuel cycle using Advanced 37M fuel.

  • 3- The Sabotage of Canada’s Involvement with the Belt and Road

When China attempted to purchase the near-defunct yet highly valuable Canadian construction giant Aecon in May 2018, the Deep State intervened when it became evident that such a purchase could not be permitted if China were the force making the rules rather than western technocrats. This intervention came as a surprise to some who recalled that Canada had formerly done everything possible to attract China’s investments into Canadian enterprises. It was only in 2012, that the Harper government, seeking to move in more closely to China, passed the Omnibus Bill C-38 undoing in one stroke decades of environmental protection, making vast tracts of otherwise inaccessible land open for resource development. This act was accompanied by the over-riding of federal legislation which forbade foreign ownership of large Canadian businesses when China’s National Offshore Oil Co. (CNOOC) was given the green light to purchase Canada’s Nexen gas company for $15.1 billion.

With that intervention, another opportunity for Canada’s participation in the Belt and Road Initiative went up in smoke.

We have come to the moment of truth

Nothing short of a profound shift in the global operating system can have any durable positive effect upon humanity as a whole. That profound shift must take on the character of a leap from a “closed system” of entropy which is the framework under which the London-based financier oligarchy wields its power today, towards an “open system” modelled on the principle of anti-entropy. Where the former system relies on monopolising fixed resources within a zero-sum system of “diminishing rates of return”, the latter system prioritises creative discoveries that increase mankind’s power over nature in a manner which is in accord with the natural tendency for life to grow and thrive under states of increasing creative potential.

Major Eurasian corridors of the Belt and Road Initiative

The Belt and Road Initiative and it’s orientation towards “win-win cooperation” alongside the Russia-China program for unbounded deep space exploration and nuclear power investment have exemplified the potential for “open-system thinking” in the 21st century.

The fact that America under Donald Trump has begun to overthrow “closed system” institutions like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, NAFTA, COP21, and even the ban on US-China space cooperation represents one of the most important flanking maneuvers seen since John F. Kennedy called for US-Russia joint space cooperation to end the Cold War in 1963.

The London-Wall Street led financial system which has been such a key component of the modern British Empire is obviously bankrupt and over-ripe for a collapse. Had the China-Russia alliance not grown to such empowered proportions, surely such a collapse would be a desirable outcome for those Malthusian technocrats loyal to the oligarchy. Surely a controlled collapse would not be a terrible thing for anyone who wished to establish a new “operating system” based upon a post-nation state order of green depopulation (today advanced by advocates of the Green New Deal where the “values” of money are to be determined by increasing rates of decreases of humanity’s “carbon footprints”). But that was not to be.

Not only have Russia and China successfully resisted the post-Libyan regime change order by blocking the many attempts to overthrow the Syrian government, but new alternative financial mechanisms have been created to issue productive credit not for speculation, but for long term development both in Eurasia as well as Africa and Latin America.

Russia-gate has increasingly failed to overthrow the presidency of Donald Trump with no evidence ever found to substantiate Deep State Mueller’s claims of “Russian collusion”. Together, Russia and China have created a political-economic block that includes the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, BRICS and many more institutions which not only defend the principle of sovereignty, but the right of true development of those productive powers of labour that can only be driven by the ever increasing powers of human cognition. This system is open, unbounded, increasingly nuclear-powered, space-based and vectored upon an infinite potential for growth.

When all is said and done, we see an over-bloated empire, drunk through overconsumption of belief in its own arrogant infallibility and self-destructing under its own internal contradictions.

Having committed itself to an ideologically extreme position of zero compromise when faced with the creation of a new operating system that will not tolerate its existence, the oligarchy’s behavior indicates that it prefers to “rule in hell than serve in heaven”, to the point that it would even risk destroying its own basis for existence.

Whether a policy of a Green New Deal is advanced by the Deep State, or whether a true New Deal centering around Glass-Steagall bank reform, productive credit emitted through national banks and great projects of science, high speed rail, energy and space exploration remain the questions that must yet be answered.

A Map produced by the Schiller Institute featuring both current Belt and Road corridors as well as the extensions into the Americas, Europe and Africa.