The Canadian Patriot Press is proud to present the first of a four volume book series titled “the Untold History of Canada” which is now available for purchase on in Paperback and Kindle editions.
This first volume, titled The Tragic Consequences of the Quebec Act of 1774 (or alternatively: “Why Canada failed the Benjamin Franklin Challenge”) details the dynamic of universal history which came to the doorstep of a french colony in the Americas during a time of great revolution, but found people too small to reach the doorknob. A few courage souls did make the leap however and joined Washington’s army under the leadership of Washington’s “French Canadian Spy” Clement Gosselin.
This never-before taken republican-humanist approach to Canada’s origins is composed by historian and epistemologist Pierre Beaudry and I invite you to purchase your copy now in order to share in these discoveries while also supporting this groundbreaking research. Help shed the light upon the dark ugly face of a collective ignorance too long defended by the tyranical force of custom and comfort by doing what the British Empire hates: Make creative discoveries and put them into action.
In the coming weeks, volume two (Recapturing the Missed Chance of 1867), three (Canada’s Forgotten Struggle for Progress) and four (Caught Between Two Worlds) will hit the press along with a few other surprises along the way, so keep your eyes peeled.

The Untold History of Canada – Volume 1

The Tragic Consequences of the Quebec Act of 1774
By Pierre Beaudry (with an introduction by the Editor of the Canadian Patriot Review)
Paperback Edition ($14.00 USD)
Kindle Edition ($6.61 USD)