[EIRNS] Over the past months, the strategic results of the primarily economic Belt and Road Initiative have begun to demonstrate for the world what Lyndon LaRouche has known for many years — there is no distinction between the economic and the strategic issues facing mankind. If you want peace, LaRouche said, get the tractors rolling.

When Presidents Trump, Xi Jinping, Putin, and Moon — all four — presented development plans to North Korea, backing each other up on the concept of “peace through development” as well as on sanctions, the supposedly impossible proved possible indeed. When India and Pakistan both joined the SCO, working directly with China and Russia on joint development ideas, the “permanent crisis” created by the British at the time of the partition of India became suddenly resolvable. On the Horn of Africa, with China’s Belt and Road proposing a development alternative to each of the three nations of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia, an intractable conflict has turned into joyful peace and cooperation. In Southwest Asia, a similar solution to the century of war is now possible.

This process is active across Africa. The BRICS Summit in South Africa last month saw Russia, China and India joining hands with all the people of Africa in bringing real development — nuclear power, high-speed rail connectivity, water projects to green the deserts — and thus posing a real solution to terrorism and to poverty.

The problem remains, however, that the media in the U.S. and in Europe have carefully isolated their populations from any knowledge of this world-historic transformation, which is sweeping through Asia, Africa and Ibero-America. In the U.S., the LaRouche movement is mobilizing to resolve this problem. A first step is a call for transforming the negotiations between President Trump and President-elect López Obrador of Mexico, from a revision of NAFTA to the higher-ordered concept of NABRI — the North American Belt and Road Initiative. This must become a step forward in uniting the U.S. and China through the New Silk Road, a process of building advanced industrial nations throughout the Americas and beyond, and fulfilling Trump’s commitment to restoring America’s former industrial power as a primary source of capital exports for nation-building. This, not coincidentally, is the path to resolving the trade imbalance.

But the British and their assets in the U.S. will stop at nothing to prevent such a new paradigm from taking hold in the U.S. The Council on Foreign Relations, the foremost voice for the Empire within the U.S., has published a report entitled, “Is Made in China 2025 a Threat to Global Trade?” It details the supposedly devious intentions of the Chinese effort to develop their domestic expertise in high-tech manufacturing: through “recruitment of foreign scientists, its theft of U.S. intellectual property, and its targeted acquisitions of U.S. firms,” the CFR claims, China intends to “control entire supply chains,” and eventually “entire industries could come under control of a rival geopolitical power.”

Such hysteria is matched by the emergence this week of “Big Brother” frantically shutting down access to social media for multiple voices which have countered the Russiagate madness, and supported President Trump’s denunciation of the “Russia hoax.” Alex Jones’ Infowars was thrown off Facebook and YouTube — a site which has more than 15 million visits per month— while others were thrown off Twitter.

But the New Paradigm exists — it cannot be stopped, other than by world war. China has arisen, and has joined with Russia and India through the BRICS to offer the nations of the Global South an alternative to the poverty imposed upon them as a legacy of colonialism. They have extended this offer, to join the Belt and Road Initiative, to the United States and Europe, as a win-win alternative to the geopolitics of war, economic decay and cultural decadence infecting the West. The patriotic spirit in the U.S. has been awakened through the phenomenon of Donald Trump, rejecting the warmongers and the post-industrial society advocates within both the Republican and Democratic Parties — what LaRouche long ago denounced as the “two-potty system.” LaRouche’s Four Laws, implemented through the “four powers” of the U.S., Russia, China and India, provide the way forward. The arc of history has reached a branching point, towards either victory or tragedy. The future is in our hands, each and every one.