On December 22, 2014 Rothschild-affiliated Banco Santander [1] announced the first joint venture with two of Canada’s largest pension funds (the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board and the Public Sector Pension Investment Board) to invest in a three-way joint venture green infrastructure project [2].

The project aims to create a company with infrastructure focused on green energy such as wind, solar and geothermal.

The two Canadian pension plans combined represent approximately $250 billion in assets and in the context of the breakdown of the $2 quadrillion global derivatives bubble under way, represents a vast pool of capital that has desperate financiers drooling. The scheme being advanced by the recent Santander announcement falls directly in line with the global bail-in theft of deposits and pensions which began to go into operation in Cyprus in May of 2013.

In Canada, this intention to steal deposits and savings of citizens has taken on several forms, namely:

1) The direct slashing of pensions by half, as has been seen in the case of Quebec under Privy Councillor Philippe Couillard under the recently-passed “Bill 3”, 2) the creation of federal bail-in mechanisms as has been warned by the Committee for the Republic of Canada since April of 2013, and 3) the flushing of deposits into ‘green energy’ sectors which have been proven losers both due to the massive cost hikes associated with expensive, low energy-flux density sources of energy such as windmills and solar… all of which could only exist because of countless billions of dollars of taxpayer subsidies. 

The Green Bail-In Scheme

It is this latter scam which the Santander project falls into. The first major announcement of this green bail-in was made late last November by the Ontario government who announced its participation in a World Bank-initiated Green Bond program which called for using pension plans to invest in toxic, highly speculative green infrastructure sectors which no sane investor wishes to touch with a ten foot pole. What qualifies a project as ”green” is its capacity to lower the potential relative population density of the planet from the current order of seven plus billions towards the carrying capacity ”ideal” of one billion advocated by radical Malthusians such as Prince Philip, Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren or David Suzuki [3].

Banco Santander early on made its leadership felt in the Green Bond bail-in scam, becoming a world leader in this fraudulent field, by winning the Bloomberg title for the world’s greenest bank in September 2014 (with the Toronto-based Royal Bank of Canada at #4 and Goldman Sachs at #5).

In the face of the current intention by the Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy to shift the burden of the global speculative debt bubble from the private banking sector and onto the backs of uninformed citizens by measures of bailout, austerity, and now green bail-in schemes, it would be beyond criminal for any provincial, or federal institution, union or pension plan, to facilitate the theft of citizens’ pensions, as is presently allowed to happen, by governments who are either heedless of the true facts of the matter or simply corrupt.

The Only Solution is Glass-Steagall and the BRICS

It is of paramount importance, that citizens, union leaders and sane political representatives rally boldly to the Committee for the Republic of Canada’s Call for a Global Glass-Steagall, and Hamiltonian Credit System [4] which remains the only pathway to stopping the British Empire’s agenda for bail-ins, hyper-inflationary bailouts, austerity and depopulation.

Under this dynamic, it were possible for Canada to participate in the new BRICS-led system now increasing in global influence which offers the West one last chance to participate in the emerging industrial re-construction of society under a more just new world economic order: Let us make sure Canada joins in the ongoing nuclear energy renaissance, leading us to the advent of early fusion energy development, a bold Arctic development policy, and an international  space effort worthy of man’s unquenchable thirst for scientific knowledge.

China’s President Xi Jinping, at the recent APEC summit, has offered President Obama and western leaders in attendance, a unique opportunity to join the BRICS nations in building the New Silk Road and other great projects which meets the common aims of mankind: to participate actively in a Confucius-driven philosophy of development, a ‘win-win’ policy for every nation which has now, belatedly, come to realize that this is perhaps our last chance to replace a fast sinking financial Wall Street-British Empire policy that is driving the planet towards a thermonuclear war of extinction.


[1] Banco Santander represents a key pillar in the Rothschild-led cartel of banks known as the Inter Alpha Group. This is an 11 bank body under the control of the Royal Bank of Scotland which was formed in 1971 as part of the project to decouple of the US dollar from the fixed-exchange rate system and institute a consumer economy of post-industrial decadence, speculation and resource looting, later dubbed “globalization” or “the new world order”. A full development of this can be read here “Inter Alpha: Nation Killers for Imperial Genocide” by John Hoeffle at http://canadianpatriot.org/archives/577

[2] http://www.wsj.com/articles/santander-canadian-pension-funds-confirm-venture-1419292285

[3] See The World Wildlife Fund: Race Science and World Government by Allen Douglas re-published in the Canadian Patriot #3 on http://canadianpatriot.org/archives/1135 for more on the Malthusian agenda