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Brian Gray (CRC activist and Independent candidate for South Okanagen, West Kootenay, BC)

CRC activist and federal independent candidate Brian Gray has presented his 2015 election platform in order to raise awareness of the electorate across Canada to the reality that is not being discussed amongst the “official narratives” maintained across the mainstream media and party lines. The Canadian Patriot and CRC strongly endorse the program outlined by Brian Gray and encourage other citizens to take up the platform outlined by Mr. Gray in order to help break Canada out of the British-US-NATO war drive now threatening nuclear annihilation and join the BRICS for a new age of development.

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-The Canadian Patriot


BRICS bering

Canadians have an important decision to make. Should Canada continue in our allegiance to the dying and desperate British­-US-NATO axis and the bankrupt city of London and Wall Street financial system…. or should our country align with the policies offered by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and other sane nations for global development? Should Canada continue to accept the austerity and usurious genocidal dictates of the IMF and World Bank…. or choose to function within the framework of new financial mechanisms, the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) for human progress? Should Canadians be content with a Canada that is complicit in NATO military aggression and the very real prospect of world war…. or should we as Canadians strive for a nation that is committed to global development and world peace? For Canada to play a positive role as a truly independent sovereign nation in our world’s challenging future, the following policy is required:

**Restore “4 Pillars” Banking Regulations**

WLMK and FDR reined in global banking with a strategy of National banking, and Glass-Steagall

Up until 1987 our country’s banks functioned within the framework of regulations known as the “4 Pillars” (aka: Canada’s Glass-Steagall) which served to separate commercial, investment, trusts and insurance banking transactions. Under the influence of British PM Margaret Thatcher’s de-­regulation frenzy, a perverted desire by Canadian policy makers to follow the City of London’s speculative banking practices. and with the Mulroney government’s drive for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), this firewall was taken down and Canadian banks joined in on the gambling casino called the Trans­-Atlantic monetary system. Presently, the “Big Six” banks, perceived by most Canadians to be so prudent and fiscally conservative, are responsible for over $29 Trillion of the approximate $2 Quadrillion bubble in worthless derivatives paper. We must rid our nation of useless gambling debts. Restore the “4 Pillars” now!

**National Bank & National Credit**

The National Bank of Canada must be re-­chartered to allow for the issuance of public credit to re-­capitalize commercial banks and directly fund large scale development projects for infrastructure and science. Ventures of such magnitude as Arctic development, water management infrastructure, high­ speed rail transport, nuclear energy development and Canada’s much needed participation in the New Silk Road and World Land Bridge proposals requires that section 18 of the Bank of Canada charter be re-adjusted to allow for credit issued at much longer terms. The industrial and manufacturing base of both our Canadian and international economy, which represents the productive middle class, will be revived with this program, and with that the values of a productive and creative society.

**Development of the Canadian Arctic**

dief and frobMany Canadians have forgotten or quite possibly may not be aware of the Northern Vision policy of John Diefenbaker, while serving as Prime Minister from 1957 to 1963.
For decades now, our country’s policy regarding Arctic development has been one of benign neglect. Canada must return to this Northern Vision legacy. Instead of Stephen Harper’s antagonistic and often belligerent approach to the Arctic region, Canada through our country’s initiated Arctic Council, should be aggressively promoting a multi-­national strategy coordinated with partner nations Russia, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and the US for high technological and sustainable development. A key linchpin in this strategy will involve the completion of the Canada-Alaska Rail line begun by BC’s great premier W.A.C. Bennett, and the Bering Strait Rail connection linking North America to the New Silk Road now driving Eurasian growth. This strategy will not only benefit Canada and the other participating nations, but will serve to benefit the entire globe.

**Restore Nuclear Industry**

Our country was the first to transfer nuclear technology to another nation. The Canadian designed and developed deuterium uranium reactor, the CANDU was purchased by India in 1972. Presently, the BRICS nations and other sane nations aligning with BRICS, like Argentina, Bolivia and Egypt are committed to the development of nuclear energy production. Canada must restore and re-­invigorate our nuclear industry both for our own development as well as for the development of the international community.This means that our country can participate in providing clean, safe energy technology throughout the world for energy and desalination projects. This quite obviously translates into a significant increase in highly skilled, high paying jobs…the production of real wealth in our economy. It is also necessary that Canada more seriously participate in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) for the development of nuclear fusion energy and revive Fusion Energy Canada research program.

**Revitalize Canada’s Space Program**

canadarmThe Canadian Space Agency’s designed and developed Canadarm, Canada’s contribution to the NASA Space Shuttle program, brought a great sense of pride and accomplishment to not only those scientists and engineers involved in this project but also to Canadian citizens across the country. Now is the time for Canada to revitalize our commitment to such bold endeavours. Presently China is pursuing a profoundly ambitious lunar exploration program, a key component of which is the mining of Helium 3, a non ­radioactive isotope rare on our earth but found in abundance on our moon. Helium 3 is the ideal fuel for nuclear fusion energy production. Canada should be collaborating with the Chinese Space Program to provide the already proven capabilities of our Canadarm and related technologies in this lunar mining project.

**Withdraw Canadian Military from NATO and Join the BRICS**

NATO was originally founded to provide a strategic counterbalance to the Soviet Union. Its founding purpose no longer exists, but NATO continues to circumvent the authority of the United Nations and to provoke other nations. In spite of Stephen Harper’s Goebbles-­like lies of Russian military expansion and aggression it is in fact the British/US/NATO alliance that has been constantly escalating a confrontation strategy towards Russia. NATO has long abandoned its role as a defensive  alliance for the North Atlantic and has now called for military presence in the Pacific, thus joining Barack Obama’s policy of the “Asia pivot” in the encirclement strategy toward China. If this un­provoked and unwarranted aggression is not stopped, the irrevocable consequence will be a thermonuclear world war and the extinction of humankind. NATO is an anachronism. Instead of trying to bolster this organization, we should begin serious discussions to dismantle it.

**Eliminate Budgets of British Monarchy**

The National Capital Commission is the government agency responsible for determining and allocating multi­millions of tax dollars to maintain and represent Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II position in Canada. The millions disbursed are for all things related to the Governor General and that person’s two official residences and all things related to the provincial Lieutenant Governors and their official residences. A cursory investigation for the 2013 – 2014 budget reveals this sum as $116,457,134.00. More importantly the office of Her Royal Majesty’s Privy Council, our country’s government within the government, has a budget of $123,409,904.00. These are considerable amounts of monies we as taxpayers foolishly pay to maintain our country’s status as a British colony. These budgets must be eliminated. If the Monarch wishes to continue these traditions and if any member of the Royals wish to travel to Canada, it should be at their own expense.