The involuntary euthanasia organization Marie Curie Hospice, has been a special project of Prince Charles since approximately 2000, and of the Royal Family since its inception in 1948.

The Marie Curie Hospice (also known as Marie Curie Cancer Care) organization is the home of the “Liverpool Care Pathway,” a protocol for Continuous Deep Sedation, which Britain’s National Health Service made a national program in 2004 under Tony Blair. The cause of death of about one in every six Britons who died last year was murder via the program’s delivery of heavy narcotics, and withdrawal of fluids and nutrition.

In an internal newsletter issued in July 2003, the Marie Curie Hospice organization reported that Prince Charles was its new patron, having previously served for three years as President of the organization: “His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has taken on the role of Patron of Marie Curie Cancer Care, in succession to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, who died last year. “Marie Curie Chairman Sir Nick Fenn said: ‘We are delighted that his Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has accepted the position of Patron of Marie Curie Cancer Care.

“‘Over the three years in which he has been President of the charity, His Royal Highness has worked hard for us. He has visited Marie Curie hospices, met cancer patients and nurses and helped spread awareness of our cancer care and research work.

“‘Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was Patron of Marie Curie Cancer Care for nearly 50 years. It is in the fitness of things that she is succeeded by her grandson.'”

Thus, the 2004 National Health Service mainstreaming of the Liverpool Care Pathway took place under the watchful patronage of Prince Charles, in accord with his general Dark Ages outlook. By January 2013, scandals surrounding its genocidal activities had become so rampant, that the Pathway was disbanded.