In examining the structure of the oligarchy’s current team of technocrats surrounding Justin Trudeau, one is struck by the fact that a large contingent is second and third generation managers. These are the children and grandchildren of the first generation of “professional technocrats” who exploded onto the scene of history as agents of both Walter Gordon, Vincent Massey and Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Several striking examples are listed below.

Thomas Pitfield. Justin’s boyhood friend who co-founded Canada 2020, and whose Privy Council father Michael Pitfield was both the right hand man of both Pierre Trudeau and Paul Desmarais Sr. Michael Pitfield got his start working as the assistant to Rhodes Scholar Davie Fulton, and went on to become Clerk of the Privy Council Office as key member of Pierre Trudeau’s powerful cabal. After forming CSIS in 1984, Pitfield went on to become Vice-President of Power Corporation. It was through these positions that Michael acquired a job for his son first on the Powercorp sponsored Canada-Chinese Business Council.

Dominic Leblanc. Leblanc is himself a Privy Councillor and also the son of Pierre Trudeau’s Cabinet Minister and later Governor General of Canada (1995-1999) Romeo Leblanc.

mcnaughtonsGeneral Andrew Leslie. Leslie is the grandson of the anglophile General Andrew McNaughton who is renowned for his cold blooded policy of sending young Canadian men into inhumane work camps in the 1930s and treating young soldiers abroad like cannon fodder, sending thousands needlessly to their deaths in — in order to prolong the war for his British masters [1].  McNaughton also who worked with Ottawa Rhodes Scholars while serving as head of the IJC in thwarting W.A.C. Bennet’s vision and NAWAPA). McNaughton’s grandson serves as Justin’s pro-R2P/world government military advisor.

Raymond Chretien. The nephew of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien (Cabinet minister under both Pearson and Trudeau), Raymond is a former Canadian Ambassador to the United States, a director of the Canadian International Council under Bill Graham, and a member of the U.S.-based Trilateral Commission of David Rockefeller. Other prominent Canadians affiliated with Canada 2020 and CIC who serve on the Trilateral Commission include Bill Graham, John Manley, Andre Desmarais (2nd generation Canadian oligarch and President of Power Corporation), Allan Gotlieb, Larry Summers and journalist Jeffrey Simpson.

Stephen Bronfman. Bronfman is the grandson of Samuel Bronfman and son of Privy Councillor Charles Bronfman. Charles Bronfman’s money was instrumental in founding Canada 2020 in his function as founder of the Dominion-Historica Institute, then run by Thomas Axworthy. Stephen who was given the reins to his father’s large holding company Claridge Inc. dealing in food, media and real estate is a driving force behind Justin Trudeau’s commitment to legalize non-medical marijuana. He is also a director of the David Suzuki Foundation.

Gerald Butts. Another founding member of Canada 2020 is Trudau’s McGill university debate partner Gerald Butts, who had been granted the reins of Prince Philip’s genocidal World Wildlife Fund of Canada in 2008. Butts is a 2007 Bilderberg Group participant who is firmly committed to global depopulation.