It is vital for citizens and policy makers to understand that the promotion of the insane anti-Russia NATO policy not only risks the destruction of civilization, but is being manipulated by western forces steered by the City of London. The absurd confrontational programs which risk thermonuclear war could only be maintained by a vast structure of control in the media, academia and political institutions that shape public opinion. This Trans-Atlantic block is like a financial cage ready to implode and includes within its grip all of Europe and most of North America. The design used to advance this financial dictatorship has been known popularly as the “New World Order” and has destroyed the productive power of once-sovereign nation states under guise of a monetarist driven ideology of “globalization” and its reactionary cultish anti-human phenomenon known as “environmentalism”.

It was in this way that the pro-progress spirit inspired by the  leadership of Presidents Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and their Canadian counterparts such as C.D. Howe, John Diefenbaker, et al were crushed and nearly forgotten by the majority of the population and a new Cold War-shaped worldview of “right” and “left” took over popular thought.

Ever since JFK’s assassination, nominal “right wing” free market ideologues advanced an agenda of liberalization and de-regulation such that vast cartels more powerful than nation states began to monopolize all physical, cultural and intellectual resources vital to the existence of human society. This post-industrial era was governed by a single law: Survival of the Fittest. Social Darwinism became the new religion and an “eat or be eaten” morality became hegemonic.

Since the new logic of free market social Darwinism demanded that quantitative profit margins be the new definition of “progress” and “efficiency”, highly skilled industrial jobs that served as the backbone of western civilization were outsourced to increasingly poorer low-skilled nations for “cheap labour”. This new emphasis on increasing the powers of consumption rather than increasing the powers of production/creation, resulted in an Anglo-American military policy that became increasingly converted from its conventional role as a system of national defense, into a support structure for Globalization. National armies became the new mercenaries for asymmetric warfare, drug production (as in Afghanistan’s vast opium infrastructure built up beginning in 2001) and oil geopolitics throughout the second half of the 20th century and into the present. The logic imposed upon the military beginning with the insane Viet Nam war which JFK fought to avoid, was known as “Game Theory” and its larger ideological framework was “Systems Analysis”. These systems of logic and its fixed assumptions, locked their ideological victims into a closed system of logic that resulted in certain predetermined conclusions, such as the belief in global government, neo-Malthusian depopulation programs under oligarchic control… even at the risk of launching thermonuclear war.

The expected environmental and social destruction of this process resulted in a predictable reaction of disgust in large portions of the confused and angry population. This portion of the population tended to become increasingly absorbed into the “left-wing” environmental movement that had become a reactionary force against the effects of globalization.

The insanity induced by decades of increasing decadence and consumerism has driven western society towards a point of vast mental and moral laziness which has destroyed our populations’ ability to think clearly about not only the past but also the future. It has been known by all great moral leaders in history that if individuals cannot situate their identity within a larger continuum of history, then the only reliable standard of morality is lost and our conscience becomes unhinged from truth. Without that standard, then the power of judgement is lost and all that is left is the power of “popular opinion” and unbounded subjective “feelings”. This loss of future orientation and inability to see clearly beyond the surface of external processes has permitted  this vast ugly web of British dominated influence to come into dominance in the west.

It is not Russia, or China, but rather this invisible imperial power under the Queen of England, which is the only true global dictatorship on the earth. The manifestation of the intention of this power is expressed by the NATO encirclement with Anti Ballistic Missile Shields around Russia and China, and now political isolation and economic warfare via sanctions. This is the insane expression of an empire which knows that it’s financial system is doomed and fears the power of LaRouche’s influence in the Russia-China-India impulse towards progress, knowing that this system may spread like wildfire across the globe.

The time to end this evil system is upon us. The Russian and Asian nations are going with the full LaRouche policy now and if we have a passion for our children and humanity as a whole, so too must we.