On October 30, 2013 the government of Ontario announced its commitment to begin issuing “green infrastructure bonds” as of 2014. The concept was adopted as a response to the fact that Ontario’s schemes for green infrastructure has been proven a total failure ever since the Green Energy Act was passed in 2009. With the reality that energy bills will double by 2016 due to the commissioning of 5791 mW of expensive and inefficient wind and solar energy, no investor wishes to put money behind such a losing model. Faced with such considerations, the question in the oligarchy’s mind has been: Since population reduction via de-industrialization is necessary at all costs, then where will the financing for such “green” programs so necessary to bring that about, arise?

The November 1, 2013 Toronto Dominion Special Report describes the scheme thusly:

“Green bonds are a debt instrument issued to raise capital for projects with specific environmental benefits – think of them as victory bonds for the environment. The scope of projects categorized as “green” is determined by the issuer and can be broad. At one end of the spectrum, the instrument could be tied to mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change (sometimes called climate bonds). Alternatively, the green bond could have a narrow focus and be tied to a specific environmental issue or technology, such as solar and wind energy projects… [Green] bonds are a good vehicle for supporting environmental investment on a large scale, especially capital intensive green infrastructure, like wind and solar energy. The bonds provide a steady stream of capital over many years, allowing projects to be launched and kept afloat before they become profitable.” (2)

The idea of a green victory bond tied to specific projects that reduce humanity’s carbon footprint, means taking a society which relies on high energy flux dense modes of technology to exist, and forcing low energy flux dense modes of technology upon it. This is equivalent to taking someone with a 36 inch waist and convincing them that in order to stay healthy they must contract their belt to 8 inches. This deadly concept represents the culmination of an intention to implement a zero growth population reduction policy which accelerated with the assassination of John F. Kennedy who represented to the world a positive impulse towards scientific and technological progress. This new Green bonds policy is genocide and it must be stopped.

The sophistry located in the above excerpt from the TD report is clear for anyone who has an idea of the principled fight between the American and British systems of political economy. Sadly today, few Americans, and even fewer Canadians have an understanding of this fight. Since any evaluation of Canadian history within the context of a larger universal history is useless without this knowledge, a brief summary overview shall be necessary in order to understand the true evil represented by the Green bonds.

The Case of Victory Bonds

The Bank of Canada issued “Victory Bonds” which were vital in both winning World War II and building Canada’s modern industrial economy. These were modeled on the example set forth by American productive credit embodied at that time by the great Hamiltonian scholar, and Lincoln follower, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Specific projects necessary for the success of the mission as a whole were financed by Victory bonds under the logic that the value of the mission as a whole and the future increased production of the financed capital intensive project would extinguish the debt incurred in the present. This view represents the principle set forth  by the first U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton when he wrote in 1789 that “public debts are public benefits,” under the condition “that the creation of debt should always be accompanied with the means of extinguishment.”  (3)

The fruits of an industrialized modern Canada working in friendly cooperation with a post-World War II America resulted in the greatest increase of production, education, dignity and quality of life in Canada’s history. The decision by American policy makers to use atomic power for the civilian economy also allowed patriots such as C.D. Howe to make Canada the 2nd nation to use this new power source after the United States, and become a leader in utilizing a high energy flux density sources as represented by the unique CANDU nuclear design. In other words what pays the debt back is the growth of the creative labor power of the physical economy, not the growth of money.

This new power was understood by forward thinking citizens to be not only the way out of the trap of limited fixed fossil fuels, and water (via nuclear desalinization) but also a gateway to a fusion powered economy by the end of the century. With this advancement, the creation of new resources would finally become possible on a scale never before imagined (4).

9-c- club of romeBy the late 1960s, nuclear power reactors had been built across North America, with the highest concentration built in the Province of Ontario. Today, Ontario currently enjoys the greatest concentration of nuclear power relative to any other province in Canada, and the second densest concentration of atomic power in the world with the Darlington nuclear complex with 56% of its energy derived from the atom. This fact has made Ontario a world leader in high energy flux density technology. However, this power, and its potential to break out of the fixed system of monopolized scarce resources, has been under attack ever since the 1968-1972 paradigm shift which culminated in the neo-Malthusian Club of Rome setting up shop in Canada under Pierre Elliot Trudeau. The Club of Rome’s original intention as revealed in it’s fraudulent  Limits to Growth manifesto was repackaged in 1991 under the title The First Global Revolution:

“The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,  water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

This agenda had been echoed earlier, by Canadian Club of Rome co-founder, and Privy Councillor Senator Maurice Lamontagne, who drew up the post -1968 science policy program for Canada when he wrote:

“It is becoming apparent, however, that nature is not as passive as we thought, that it has its own laws and can revenge itself, once its own equilibrium has been disrupted… Nature imposes definite constraints on technology itself and if man persists in ignoring them the net effect of his action in the long run can be to reduce rather than to increase nature’ potential as a provider of resources and habitable space… But then, an obvious question arises: How can we stop man’s creativeness? How can we proclaim a moratorium on technology? It is impossible to destroy existing knowledge; impossible to paralyze man’s inborn desire to learn, to invent and to innovate… In the final analysis we find that technology is merely a tool created by man in pursuit of his infinite aspirations and is not the significant element invading the natural environment. It is material growth itself that is the source of conflict between man and nature”

The need to “stop man’s creativeness” by focusing that creative energy upon tackling the “conflict between man and nature” not by increasing scientific and technological progress, but by creating technologies and modes of behaviour that would contract “material growth” became the basis for the establishment of the Club of Rome, and the greater environmental movement internationally. Maurice Lamontagne later went on to dedicate his energies to promoting the Club’s logic of “zero technological growth”, “appropriate technologies” and “post-industrial consumerism”, around which the attack on nuclear power was centralized.

The Matter of Atomic Power

A vital insight into the true intention of Ontario’s green infrastructure bonds can be found in the fact that of all the “green” infrastructure which emits zero carbon dioxide, the one that will NOT be funded either under the “green victory bond” scheme or any other, is nuclear power. Indeed on October 9, just three weeks before the announcement of the Green Bonds, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne cancelled the construction of the only two nuclear reactors that had been scheduled to be built in all of Canada. These reactors would have been the first to have been built since 1987, and would have potentially led to the reversing of the anti-science policy later imposed upon Ontario Hydro by Maurice Strong beginning in 1992. In 1990, Maurice Strong, former Vice President of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature under Prince Philip, a long time member of the Privy Council, and Canadian Club of Rome, had shared some “hypothetical” thoughts in an interview:

“What if a small group of world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? And if the world is to survive, those rich countries would have to sign an agreement reducing their impact on the environment. Will they do it? The group’s conclusion is ‘no’. The rich countries won’t do it. They won’t change. So, in order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” (7)

With these words, the cat was officially let out of the bag. For it is the destruction of industrial civilization itself that has been at the heart of the Malthusian agenda for decades, and a special focus of the attack on civilization has been nuclear power, as the understanding of this power provides mankind the key to solving ALL of the major barriers to his existence. The harnessing of nuclear fissile material as an energy source represents, after all, a cheap, abundant, safe, and RECYCLABLE power source which is of a high energy flux density nature. This means that the power to accomplish useful work using 1 GW of nuclear energy vs 1 GW of wind power is magnitudes greater.9-c- rae and strong

It is unfortunate that more people were not aware of Maurice Strong’s views before he was permitted to become President of Ontario Hydro.

Ontario Hydro 1992-the Present

From 1992 until 1995 Maurice Strong was assigned by his masters in London to oversee the destruction of Canada’s nuclear energy program. Under Rhodes Scholar, and Power Corporation tool Bob Rae, who then had become NDP Ontario Premier, Maurice Strong was given the reins to Ontario Hydro and began a vast restructuring that ended with the shutting down of 8 reactors, and the firing of its best and brightest engineers and directors. By 1997, a massive increase of gas and coal power plants were deployed to compensate for the vast energy deficit created by Strong’s intervention raising pollution levels to record heights in a short time.

Against all odds, the leadership of Ontario fought to refurbish and reopen all eight of those reactors such that all were back online by 2007 totalling 4250 Megawatts of power with two new ones announced in 2009 by a government which had been thoroughly embarrassed by the green energy debacle.

This was however all too late. By now, the green energy program had resulted in the creation of a multibillion dollar monster which was made hungry with the 2009 Green Energy Act’s promise to build 5791 mW of wind power by 2016 at a cost to tax payers of $1.5-$2 billion. Scandals have continued to mount across Ontario, with the reality that green energy is a pathetic land wasting debacle incapable of quality, affordability, and reliance (the wind often doesn’t blow and the sun often doesn’t shine).

The massive subsidies to solar and wind companies have created a culture of blatant corruption witnessed in the recent $7 billion deal with Samsung to build 2500 mW of green energy which was rewritten to 1369 mW when the reality of its unfeasibility became apparent. Meanwhile nuclear and hydro power stations are being paid vast sums in order to discard their power in order to raise the market price. The insanity has risen to such heights that most Ontarians even now are clamoring to stop this green and bloody mess.

A Return to Green Bonds… a Matter of Value

We now return to the fundamental choice. We must either decide to value humanity as a whole, or personal self interest. One choice leads to a renaissance for the species, while the other leads only to destruction. We must recognize now once and for all, that there is no war against Global Warming to win any more than there is a war against terrorism as both are the creation of the same imperial agenda preying off the ignorance and fear of the masses. In fact there is only one war, and that is against the oligarchical principle.

The phony science of anthropogenic climate change was created with the intention to block the development of new technologies and lock the collective mind of humanity within a fixed framework of scarcity, leaving the “only solution” to manage such “diminishing rates of returns” to a small oligarchy presiding over a one world dictatorship.

Now that the global financial collapse is upon humanity, and credit has only been made available for the purposes of debt slavery or bailing out financial parasites, the actual programs needed by the empire to green “sustainable” system of feudalism, require money that doesn’t exist within an economic environment of stability which doesn’t exist.

9-c- lyn hamiltonWhile the principle of Hamiltonian credit is based upon the increase of the productive powers of labour via the overcoming of fixed limits to growth, resulting in an exponential increase in potential relative population density as outlined by American economist Lyndon LaRouche, the British perversion of this credit system now being promoted by the Canadian oligarchy in the form of Green Infrastructure bonds, relies upon “value” being associated with the rate of destruction of that potential to sustain human life known as the “carbon footprint”.

As Lyndon LaRouche stated the fact recently:

“Honest debt to the future can be paid only through honest creation of future physical and equivalent wealth, including the development of the relevant creative powers of the individual citizen, and also the children and adolescents of those families.

Such debts of a credit system must be paid by the fruitfulness of future production, as this principle was already understood by the Winthrops and Mathers of the original Massachusetts colony. Such debts require that the government delimit such accumulations of debt to the efficient commitment to promote that production. Such debt can be lawfully incurred only by a decision premised on a reasonable expectation of the relevant creation of the increased physical wealth, and of the increased physical productivity of the nation. Debts incurred on the account of financial speculation are not legitimate debts of a government.” (8)

Thus, it is not the duty of nations to honour fictitious monetary debts incurred by private speculators or service debt farming via brutal austerity against its own people as nations are being expected to do today. The only responsibility of nations, if they are to lay any claim to sovereignty is to protect the general welfare of its citizens even if that means abolishing monetary, or ecological contracts which, if honored will destroy society’s standard of living and creative potential.

With the immediate restoration of Glass-Steagall bank separation, and the unleashing of productive credit towards such programs as fusion power, the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA), and asteroid defence, with Russia, China and India as our allies, mankind still has one chance to avoid a green “sustainable” new dark age, and create a renaissance.


[1] The difference between the system of Hamiltonian “greenbacks” produced by Abraham Lincoln during the course of the American Civil War (1860-1865) and the currently proposed “green bonds” is one of Power. Where the Hamiltonian greenbacks were designed to increase man’s power over nature by the increase of creative discoveries and inventions, the green bond system is designed to reduce said power in conformity with presumed mathematical laws of “equilibrium”.

[2] Toronto Dominion Special Report: Green Bonds- Victory Bonds for the Environment, Nov. 1, 2013, p.2

[3] Alexander Hamilton, Report on Public Credit, 1789, submitted to the House of Representatives, Jan 9, 1790 


[4] The atom can be harnessed in a fissile form using either uranium or thorium, and leads us organically towards nuclear Fusion. With such a prospect of near infinite resource CREATION, instead of mere exploitation, combined with space exploration and bio-geo-engineering on earth, the limits to growth paradigm that the Club of Rome and its agents have imposed upon mankind would quickly melt away.

[5] Alexander King, The First Global Revolution: Report by the Council of the Club of Rome, Orient Longmen publishing, 1993, p. 74

[6] Maurice Lamontagne, Report of the Senate Special Committee on Science Policy, vol. 1, p.22. This Committee’s findings were incorporated in full by Pierre Elliet Trudeau by 1978.

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