As of October 2, Member of Parliament Justin Trudeau has announced his candidacy for the leadership of the Liberal Party. With his press release announcing his inner circle of advisors, it must be said here and now that Justin is off to a very bad start. The first of the two advisors that send off alarm bells is none other than Ted Johnson, who was not only his father’s executive assistant, but also served as Vice President of Paul Desmarais’ Power Corp. in the 1990s, handling the damage control during the disastrous “UN Food for Oil”program.

Joining Johnson is Justin Trudeau’s old McGill University debate partner Gerald Butts, who is returning from his former role as Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s principal Secretary, having overseen the disastrous Green energy initiatives of McGuinty’s government, to handle his young protégé. Butts’ qualifications for his Ontario job rested heavily on the fact that he was and remains President and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWFC). The Malthusian WWF was founded by Prince Philip, Sir Julian Huxley and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands in 1961 as part of the British Empire’s policy of making the “unthinkable once again become thinkable” as Sir Huxley wrote in his 1946 founding document of UNESCO. The unthinkable of course, is “the important science of Eugenics”, which, in the eyes of these oligarchs, was given ‘terrible publicity’ when their “Hitler project” (begun and controlled largely as a British-Wall Street initiative until 1937) failed them. It is no coincidence that former Nazi SS officer Prince Bernhard is also the founder of the infamous Bilderberg conferences which began in 1954 to advance the cause of one world government and depopulation. Both Ted Johnson and Gerald Butts were participants in those very conferences (1983 and 2007 respectively).

The WWF Canada was given new powers to influence national policy as part of Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s revolution in “greening Canada” from 1968-1984. These reforms, which included the creation of Environment Canada, a mass of green legislation, and new financing support systems for NGOs such as WWF, Nature Trust, and Conservation International, have had a devastating impact in arresting all serious development projects in Canada as well as representing a frontal attack on the universalizing sense of optimism that NASA’s Apollo landing on the Moon represented, especially for Canadians who took great pride that their newly founded Canadian Space Agency partook of this great endeavour.

These Pierre Trudeau-era programs have served to stunt Canada’s development as a sovereign nation-state on the one side, and keep Canada locked into the Power Corp.-enforced trap of the free trade (aka: “fur trade”) exploitation of resources for prices that often fall below the cost of production, demonstrated by such monstrous policies as NAFTA.

Power Corp. has been directly linked to every major leader of the Liberal Party since Pierre Trudeau, and that includes Conservative Brian Mulroney who recently helped found the Asia Power Corp. to attempt to control the energy program of Asia. This roster of recent Liberal leaders include Jean Chrétien , Paul Martin, as well as current interim leader of the Liberal Party Bob Rae, whose brother John Rae currently serves as the Executive Vice-President of Power Corp. as Paul Desmarais’ right-hand man. Paul Demarais is also a Privy Councillor to her Royal Highness Queen Elisabeth II.

In light of these revelations, perhaps the Liberal Party would do well to not be seduced by the star power of young Justin and arrange for a competent leader with more substance to take on the important role of leading Canada into the future.