By Matthew Ehret-Kump

In 2007, headlines across Canada echoed the spirit of the Cold war, as Canadian Defense Minister Peter Mackay screamed that Canada’s arctic sovereignty was threatened and that a greedy resource grab of valuable Canadian territory had occurred. Stephen Harper immediately announced plans to purchase three arctic patrol ships, (later confirming three unmanned drones) to defend Canada’s “true north strong and free”. The Russian ‘aggressors’ had to be put in their place. What had provoked this unbalanced response from a Canada that had demonstrated no active interest in the Arctic or its development for decades? As it turned out, a Russian submarine had placed a Russian flag near the North Pole along a disputed territory known as the Lomonosov Ridge. As facts would later reveal, the Russian submarine was on nothing more than a scientific study.

While large components of the abrupt militarization of the Arctic announced by Harper in 2007, were put on hold due to the economic crisis that spiked in 2009, it had not at all disappeared, as we now find the seeds of this orchestrated tension springing up yet again. This is evidenced by the October 5th announcement of the Canadian Geological Survey and Natural Resources Canada that 1.75 million square kilometres of seabed in the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans are definitively the sole property of Canada. These claims are the substance of a multi-thousand page submission of 25 studies submitted in October to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) which had adopted “a new formula” for determining national coastal boundaries in 2003. Nations had been given 10 years to conduct studies and submit claims for expanded territory beyond the current 12 nautical miles (22.2 km) off coastal land. If these claims are approved, then Canada’s current area of 9.9 million square kilometres will increase by 20% (or the size of Quebec). Two of the most important territorial claims involve the Alpha Ridge mountain extending past the North Pole, and the other is the Lomonosov Ridge.

The Seeds of World War Begin to Grow

Today, as tense hotspots have been built up in Syria and Iran, which could easily unfold into a nuclear showdown between Russia and China pitted against NATO countries, a less understood component to the orchestration of general war exists in the domain of territorial conflicts around the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

This strategy cannot be understood unless the reader comprehend that the only opposition to a new British Empire (one world government) is to be found in the coalition of Russia, China and Argentina. These three nations have made their full national policy commitments center on the right to national sovereignty, international cooperation, technological progress, and have committed to effective war avoidance measures ever since the assassination of Libya’s President Gaddafi. Nations of the “non-aligned” movement representing over two thirds of the world population have rallied strongly around these three pillars.

In the Pacific Ocean, Japan’s brash nationalization of the five uninhabited islets (known by Japan as “Senkaku” and by China as “Diaoyu”) has resulted in an international crisis pitting China against Japan. China faces the danger of another territorial conflict sparked by the the President of the Philippines who decided late in 2011 that the South China Sea should be re-named the “EastPhilippinesSea”. What most media reports leave out when discussing these hot spots, is that both the Philippine President Benigno Aquino III, as well as the Japan President Noda, have both agreed recently to host U.S. military bases as part of the new Air-Sea battle plan designed around the containment of China and documented in LaRouchePAC’s recent feature film Unsurvivable. This military strategy has seen two U.S Ohio class submarines deployed to the Pacific theatre, each packing Trident nuclear warheads.

Other more official British colonies such as Australia are being used to contain China within the new “Air-Sea Battle Plan”, as Australian PM Julia Gillard has agreed to host two US military bases on its territory which Chinese military officials have identified as representing direct strategic threats. Due to the new UNCLOS measures, Australia has recently expanded its undersea territory by 2.5 million square kilometres (or 1/3 its total land area) in 2008.

As small minded (often unwitting) pawns of the British Empire do the Matriarch’s dirty work on the Pacific theatre, the British military has sprung into aggressive direct action in the Atlantic as a response to Argentina’s recent re-affirmation that the Malvinas Islands are (and have always been) a part of Argentina. Indeed, the Islands were in fact stolen by the British Empire during the early 1833 war with Argentina, and have been maintained as a British colony ever since. The British response to Argentina’s claim has been to 1) reject all Argentine offers of dialogue and 2) deploy a Destroyer battleship and a one of its four HMS Vanguard nuclear armed submarines to the coast of the Malvinas (which they continue to call the “Falkland’s”). The irony in this instance is that Britain’s basis for its military deployment is centered on its accusation that Argentina is acting like a “colonialist”. This absurd accusation persists, despite Argentine President Christina Kirchner’s insistence of the fact that Britain’s continued claim of the Falkland’s remains illegitimate according to the UN Special Committee on Decolonization.

The Consequences of Ignoring Reality

One year after Russia was scorned by Peter Mackay and Harper for trying to “steal Canada’s arctic sovereignty”, Russia had found itself the subject of an attack by Soros’ Georgian puppet president Mikheil  Saakashvili in 2008. Saakashvili’s attack on Russia’s protectorate in South Ossetia resulted in a brief war that ended five days after having begun. Saakashvili attempted to illegally claim South Ossetia as Georgian territory. At that time, Georgia was not a part of NATO, and had it been, all relevant NATO members would have been drawn into that conflict in Georgia’s defence. Today, Saakashvili has been replaced by yet another billionaire puppet that has made Georgia’s admission to NATO a primary objective.

With literally dozens of explosive powder kegs placed all around the world which couldn’t exist as detonators for war were it not for the belief in resource ‘scarcity’ and monetary rules to which our behaviour and thoughts must conform, the world is sitting on the edge of a self-imposed