By Matthew Ehret-Kump

When the consequences of a gambling addiction catch up to the addict, were his immediate response not to seek help, but to sell his children, the future for that family would become bleak indeed. This response is pitifully tragic when committed by any individual, but criminally insane when committed by the leadership of national governments entrusted by the people with the care of the common good.

Although criminally insane, it is specifically this mindset which is the driving force behind Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s recent demands for another bailout, Obama’s calls for gutting Social Security and Medicare in order to raise the debt ceiling, and the similar behavior of bailouts and fascist cuts being demanded by the IMF and ECB in Europe. In the midst of this torrent of insanity, the voice of the people is increasingly calling for the abolishment the speculative monopoly money and returning to national banking programs under a global Glass Steagall reform[1].

To exacerbate this crisis even more, we find that a global policy is being implemented on the behalf of the British empire’s Inter Alpha group[2] through their control of the Green movement to crush those last remnants of frontier science which humanity still has at its disposal, and which, under a new system could be mobilized to build our way out of this multi-generational crisis.

It has long been understood by the empire and its opponents, that it is functionally in the domain of science and technology that mankind’s true role as a unique species of unbounded potential expresses itself, and in that fact, so too melts away any sophistical justification for the existence of the parasitical system of oligarchy, which rather seeks to keep humanity enslaved as cattle in fixed systems of “zero growth”. This anti-science (and anti-human) intention expressed by controllers of the Green movement such as Prince Phillip, involve bringing humankind’s population to levels ‘acceptable’ to a governing elite according to mathematical models known as ‘carrying capacity’[3].

As Plato once warned, it is the desire for one`s shackles that maintains a slave more effectively than forcing shackles upon him. Hence, it has also been that long term intention to bring society’s

behaviour and values into conformity with an oligarchical model that is the underlying cause of Germany’s suicidal decision to exit from Nuclear by 2020, Harper’s selloff of AECL and Obama’s abolishment of the manned space program. The causal intention is nothing less than those genocidal effects which will result due to such policies.

The Green-Blue Paradox

This context must be kept in mind when considering the new phenomenon sweeping the Canadian political landscape between two irreconcilable movements. That is, the marriage of labour and environmentalism which is manifesting itself most clearly within the National Democratic Party (NDP) and Quebec’s Parti Quebecois (PQ) as of this writing. The argument for a “green-blue” marriage is based not on science but rather on the fallacious assumption that manmade activities and CO2 emissions are the primary drivers for Global Warming and must be halted at all cost. The only solution to this non-existent problem proposed by those powers attempting to orchestrate the marriage involve the drastic elimination of those means of sustaining advanced civilization via:

1) Reduction of high energy density technologies such as nuclear power

2) The elimination of CO2 emissions via new speculative cap and trade programs and

3) The advancement of low energy dense power systems such as wind, solar, geothermal and tidal power which lack the power density to sustain the industrial needs of a technologically advanced, population dense mode of society.

All three factors are designed to have one common objective: The reduction of the world population from the current 7 billion to less than 1 billion. This policy was outlined in blood curdling detail in the recent report by the Scientific Advisory Council of the Federal Government of Germany on Global Environmental Changes (WBGU)[4] whose director Hans Joachim Schellnhuber was recently quoted as saying: “In a cynical way, it’s a triumph for science because at last we have stabilized something–namely the estimates for the carrying capacity of the planet, namely below 1 billion people. What a triumph. On the other hand, do we want this alternative? I think we can do much, much better.”

To any humanist, the contradiction in the attempted marriage of labour movements which support the general welfare and anti humanist environmentalism is blatant. The awareness of this contradiction was made evident in the heated fight during the 2011 Vancouver NDP convention, between the true labour and green factions, who fiercely battled over the attempted greening of the Party constitution, replacing principles of “social justice” to “conservation”. While that amalgamation of green-blue was successfully resisted then, a new wave has begun, with the same desired effect.

The arguments which attempt to justify the un-natural alliance are not merely fallacies, but actually reflect a moral disease festering in the minds of the Canadian people which must be overcome quickly. The reality is that the entire world system is in the last throws of a general collapse whose causes are largely to be found in the unwillingness of the political leadership to confront the Inter-Alpha Group`s immense stranglehold over our national economies.

As Lyndon Larouche has been saying for decades; nothing within the monetarist logic will solve this type of physical crisis. Nothing short of a fundamental abolishment of the artificial rules of monetarism in favour of a return to clean Hamiltonian banking practices on a global level will open any pathway to a future worth living in. That means that no opinions justifying budget cuts, hyperinflationary bailout, or green population reduction as “solutions” to this crisis shall be respected as legitimate.

A Lesson from Physical Economics

In the science of physical economics, we learn that it is mankind’s increasing power within and over the universe which is the invariant metric of value. Not money. Interestingly, it is not only a characteristic of human life which expresses this potential of creative anti-entropy, but contrary to the popular delusion now taught in schools, the universe as a whole exhibits this same power of constant self development. Moving from energy sources of lower flux density to higher flux density as we see with the leaps of wood to coal, coal to uranium, and beyond in human society represents the same function expressed in lower orders of life developing new technologies such as chlorophyll, and permitting for greater metabolic activity of life on earth.

This increase of powers of energy to accomplish increased work is known as energy flux density in physical economics. The truth of this power unique to the human condition is one which necessitates our total abolishment of all forms of energy policy which have the effect of:

1) Reducing our power to act on the universe through forcing a decrease of energy flux density

2) Reducing human population growth

3) Reducing our intensive expansion of global investments into all anti-inflationary (and anti-entropic) activities of the type outlined on the page.

In fact, the only power source with the energy flux density adequate to support the perpetual growth of these three factors at once, is to be found in domain of third and fourth generation nuclear energy, thermonuclear fusion, and eventual Matter-Antimatter processes. Each increase of power upward must be subsumed within a higher Moon to Mars (and beyond) colonization outlook. Windmills, and solar panels offer only self destruction[5].

It is this optimistic outlook and the associated means of actualizing its aims, that not only built the best aspects of our civilization (which are now suffering from neglect, privatization, and cuts), but which will again be the efficient Power behind our still possible survival. The participation of a reformed Canada in an alliance of sovereign nation states for the passage of a Global Glass Steagall, followed by a return to fixed exchange rates as described under LaRouche’s New Bretton Woods remains a possible third option beyond that of chaos, and despotism now being offered to the credulous.

Market forces be damned, humanity comes first.

The means thus established for a Hamiltonian credit system usher in the next question:

How can labour return to its roots as an uncompromising defender of social justice, and scientific and technological progress which have defined our nation’s best character for generations? How can Canadian labour help kick start the re-industrialization of ourselves and our neighbours abroad, using the most advanced science and technology for the common interests of all?

This bold change in paradigm could not be done for monetary profit, nor to appease market forces, and not possibly to ‘make jobs’. This change could only occur with the understanding that it is the creative powers of human cognition which permit for the increase of humanity`s power over the universe and is expressed formally as a measure of our potential relative population density.

Today, no source of energy existent aside from Nuclear fission and thermonuclear Fusion will ever permit for the equitable increase of those material standards of life to levels high enough to supply the dignity and freedom so necessary for those creative powers of our species to express themselves, and with them, the necessary a moral precondition for self-governance.

If we succumb through ignorance, or inaction, to the monetarist and environmentalist propaganda by rejecting those frontiers of nuclear energy and space exploration, it is not merely the financial oligarchy, but ourselves that will be judged guilty for the genocide that will be unleashed.

[1] For an overview of the full separation of speculative from productive banking activities visit our Glass-Steagall website at

[2] See the Lpac video: The Inter Alpha Group

[3] ‘In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.’- Prince Philipe,founder of World Wildlife Fund for Nature, quoted in Deutsche Press Agentur (DPA), August, 1988

[4] World in Transition : A Social Contract for Sustainability

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