To know where you are going you must first know where you have been. In Matthew Ehret’s book “Clash of the Two Americas” one could easily say that to know where you are being led, you must first know how you were led in the past.

Understanding history is tricky business, especially in todays’ postmodernist, woke, globalist world that we are all being led into. We can feel a sense of fear and anxiety at the direction for where things are going, not by chance but by design. Society is being corralled towards a utopia that feels less like a heaven on earth, and more like a tech-internet, health pass, gulag.

It is with this fear and anxiety for the future that I reached for an understanding of the past, and for Matthew’s book “Clash of the Two Americas”.

Reading “Clash of the Two Americas” can add clarity to America’s tricky, misunderstood history, which was shaped and manipulated by politicians, power players, and the globalists of their time, operating and maneuvering in the shadows to bring about a world hegemon and global super power, with all the blood and treasure that entails.

Though the power players and globalists of today lack the refinement and grace of those who preceded them (today’s elite are a crude bunch of robber barons) they still carry on the hubris of expanding the utopia promised centuries ago, a struggle for utopia on earth that
Matthew so eloquently explains, re-introducing the reader to familiar historical figures like Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton (adding new twists to their historical significance), and not so familiar figures like Lincoln’s loyal bodyguard William Gilpin, who
was known as the “prophet of progress”, a moniker that could easily be attributed to Klaus Schwab of today.

Read this book to understand the high stakes that were at play during America’s founding, its rise to prominence and providence. Once we understand how we ended up in this world order, we will better understand what is unfolding before us. The founding fathers set out to build an American hegemon, a utopia nation. Today’s globalists are raising the stakes, hell bent on building a one-world utopia, ‘you will own nothing and be happy’.

“Clash of the Two Americas” confirms to me that the more things change the more they stay the same. The solace I received from reading this book is that ultimately the hubris that brings them to power is the very hubris that will bring them to failure.