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How To Survive Without Derivatives

By John Hoeffle We publish this message to Americans published originally in the Nov. 11, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. Our Canadian readers must realize the systemic risk associated with derivatives, which has captured our financial system as much as every other part of the world [see following article for more]

Glass Steagall

Worldwide Glass-Steagall Legislative Initiatives: An International Overview

The urgency of enforcing full, Glass-Steagall separation of the banks, as specified in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1933 law —not the fraudulent self-policing schemes (“ring-fencing,” “the Volcker rule,” Liikanen, etc.) put forward by speculative finance— is being recognized and debated by leading figures and representatives across all continents as the first, necessary step towards ending the…

Carney Flaherty and their master

Quantitative Stealing – A Chronology

This is an incomplete chronology of salient points in the process of discussion and elaboration of the “bail-in” or “Cyprus Template” policy of stealing bank deposits. It shows that, although the “bail-in” scheme predates the breakout of the global financial crisis, there was a shift after the Lehman Brothers shock. It also indicates a central…

Graph 1: While most look to the equity and assets when evaluating the soundness of the Canadian banking system, it is in fact the $20 trillion derivatives exposure which threatens to blow out the system

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid. The Global Derivatives Cancer HAS Infested Canada

By a CRC Investigative Team The two biggest defenses of the “conservative Canadian financial culture” and “near-invulnerability” of Canadian banks are made up of the following oft repeated mantras: 1) The $67 CMHC bailouts were actually a good investment because those securitized housing assets actually turned a profit since the housing values continued to rise.…