This week a devastating earthquake struck Turkey and Syria killing over 20,000 and leaving devastating destruction in its wake. In the case of war-torn Allepo, Latakia and broader Syria- sitting already on fragile foundations after nearly a decade of western-directed war, desperate help is needed from the international community which is being blocked by international sanctions against the Syrian government.

In the following report to Syriana Analysis, Damascus-based journalist Vanessa Beeley lays out the terms of the crisis and top down agenda from Rules Based Orderists of the west seeking to take advantage of this crisis.

Additionally, due to the difficulty in sending money to Syria, Vanessa Beeley additionally assembled information below for anyone seeking to help out…

Vanessa writes:

One of the few international organisations based in Damascus with volunteers throughout Syria

We are trying to establish totally independent fundraising initiatives outside Syria but we are being hit by sanctions (of course). The following article demonstrates this – link to the article here:

Perfectly happy to raise money for Al Qaeda-affiliated White Helmets of course – based exclusively in Turkey and Idlib:

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