By Kirsten Juel

«God must be sought amongst men. In human matters, in human thoughts and feelings, the spirit of heaven reveals itself in the brightest way. Religious doctrine is entirely detached therefrom and can only be understood and made use of by religious people. Religion cannot be proclaimed in any other way than love and patriotism.»


That love, for us, is the most human of all forms of existence, we already knew from St. Paul. And yet, it is interesting that also quantum- and neuroscience in the meantime seem to have reached the same conclusion. According to pioneering researchers within these fields, we come to learn that the foundation of the human body is love, for the human being, when feeling love is – seen from the perspective of neurophysiology – in his highest possible state of physical health. If however the human being has contrary sensations to love, we find that measurable neurological chaos arises in the brain, which again, demonstrably creates chemical and hormonal chaos in the body, all the way down to degeneration and disease, depending on how long the condition lasts. As long as the body remains, there is love, even when the person himself does not feel it. Should his feeling however find its way back to love, he immediately, bit by bit, returns into his greatest possible state of health. In this sense, the human body by default, is built from love and maintained by love.

So also from this point of view it is proper that we humans have created a cultural domain – besides the domain of nature – by the means of which we can cultivate the forces of our souls – towards love – by training our thinking on truth toward scientific reasoning. Our feelings can be cultivated during this process through through the arts towards a sense for beauty, and our will can be shaped towards goodness with the help of religion.[1] Truth is love in philosophy and science; beauty is love in arts, and goodness is love in religion.

The person who is unable to develop a sense for a higher form of love and believes, falling into the trap of assuming that humanity is mere matter without soul and spirit, will – in order to recover from the dullness everyday life – rather turn to Netflix, drugs or other distractions and leave the higher cultural life aside, which this poor person considers to be useless.

The person, who likewise does not know love, though knows that man has spirit and soul, but clings to the sectarian belief that mankind is therefore an error of the universe, because he – by his creative spirit and his loving soul – can overrule the law of natural selection – for him, such culture isn’t useless, but downright dangerous.

For he knows that a heart educated to love will enable even the unfittest to survive; he knows that a mind educated to truthful science is predisposed to make discoveries and inventions through which humanity can leap above the struggle for survival. And that is why in his view – culture must be controlled like a weapon for an elite class, for it contains within itself the giant potential to refute and oppose the limits to growth – on which his power depends.

Call him Oligarch, Malthusian, Great-Reseter or Transhumanist – he always remains the same old, dangerous, racist, pitiful eugenicist with his degenerated soul, who experienced too little love and is therefore incapable of loving, himself, and instead fanatically clings to his occult religion, in which he can be someone regardless of love and where – of all people – the task fell to him, to artificially bring about what nature couldn’t: the salvation of the Planet by reduction og man.

The “Club of Rome” – founded in 1968 by Sir Alexander King and Aurelio Peccei – published the tendentious 1972 report “Limits to Growth”, in which statistics based on computer simulations pretend that the end of civilization as we know it will inevitably result as a consequence of rapid population growth, combined with supposedly limited resources. It was these very same agencies who simultaneously constructed the threatening scenario of man-made global warming via CO2 emissions. The Club of Rome report: “The First Global Revolution” published in 1991 admits that latter was simply a necessary artificial invention to bring about the long desired change, yet also this construct was applied, in order to leave no doubt, the 1974 Club of Rome report ‘Mankind at the Turning Point’ explicitly states:

«The Earth has cancer and the cancer is Man.»[2]

One of the main propagandists of the CO2 theory was Canadian technocrat named Maurice Strong – who also happened to be a founding member of the Club of Rome. Strong was vice president of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) under Prince Philip’s presidency, chairman of the 1972 Stockholm “UN Earth Day Conference” and appointed by the UN Secretary General to head the 1992 “UN Conference on Environment and Development” (UNCED) in Brazil. Strong oversaw the drafting of the UN “Sustainable Environment” goals, created the UN’s the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and crafted “Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development”, which later became the basis of Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset”. After Strong’s death in 2015, the WEF founder devoted eulogized him saying:

«He was my mentor since the creation of the Forum: a great friend; an indispensable advisor; and, for many years, a member of our Foundation Board.»[3]

Meanwhile, let’s summarize Strong’s dear fantasy in his own words, as he expressed it in the moments before the UN Earth Day conference:

«Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?»[4]

But enough of Strong – «may he rest in pieces», as they say…

Finally, let’s also give Club of Rome founder Sir Alexander King his say, who provides us with an easily understandable summary of the overall message:

«In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.»[5]

I summarize (one could include the “Corona Agenda-complex” and more, but for the sake of simplicity and length I will leave it aside – The logic, however, remains the same; once one have found it, one will easily be able to identify it otherwhere): The climate change agenda is rolling down on us – especially also in Europe increasingly in an existential way – with reduction to “green”, “renewable” energies, which are not only expensive, but also highly harmful to the environment in terms of production. This problem has become so accute and the promoters of ‘green energy’ have become so incapable of recognizing the underlying self-contradictions of their fanatical committment to ban all hydrocarbons by 2050, that research is currently being done on how to turn wind turbine blades – too toxic to be exposed to nature – into gummy bears.[6]

These “renewable” energies – according to the fantasists – are supposed to replace all other, allegedly “dirty” energy sources which emit molecules of carbon dioxide. But they can’t. Using wind turbine technology, for instance, you cannot produce wind turbines.[7]

As a result, there will be energy poverty, leading to industrial collapse, leading to supply chain collapse, leading to humans starving, freezing, and dying. And that is exactly the plan, we recall: “The real enemy is mankind itself.”

This climate change program – as we know – with all its restrictions, stands or falls with the theoretical outcome of computer simulations, based on data regarding which even the originators admitted were arbitrarily invented in order to bring about the desired “change”. This change was never tied to preserving nature, but rather directed towards the reduction of mankind – which would be the inevitable consequence to the implementation of the ‘green agenda’ itself.

Limits to growth – which do not exist in a natural way – are created, by limiting resources, and limiting new scientific discoveries, in order for people to die – not the other way around. And everything must be eliminated which that questions – and threatens to overcome – those limits, especially culture itself.

If culture cannot be destroyed, it is to be turned into its negative: directed towards Untruthfullness, ugliness and evil. For there is no greater enemy to ‘limits to growth’ than the creative human being who educates his/her soul and spirit by means of a healthy cultural life to truth, beauty and goodness. This matured type of person is able to break through the occult cage, places around his/her head – which continually whispers: “There are insurmountable limits to growth, there are insurmountable limits to knowledge”. This sort of person who finds love for his fellow men, turns to the future and asks: “How do I overcome the limit? How do I turn desert into farmland so that more life can be given?”[8].

As powerful as they may be – the Strongs and Kings of this world – they can never compete with love in the end, because love is not actually a feeling, but rather a force. Love can be thought of like a mirror which I break. With the broken mirror, my reflection disappears, but I myself am still here. They can kill the feeling within themselves – and to do so is part of their religion – but the force, however – whose image was shown in the feeling – lives. They rage against love with all the intelligence and power of this world, and yet they cannot escape it without destroying their own physical foundation (see the beginning of this article) – because love is not merely an attitude, but ultimately the very force that sustains even their body from within. For with love it is as with the sun – it is there for everyone.

Let’s therefore re-give to love what it does not demand: the mirror, its image – the feeling within! And we do that, by the maintenance of culture which elevates our soul to love, through science, art and religion – empowering us to overcome the limits to growth and knowledge which are placed in our path, in order for us to grow.

«There are four spheres of human activity in which man devotes himself entirely to the spirit while sacrificing all egoism: knowledge, art, religion, and loving devotion to another human being in spirit. He who does not live in at least one of these four spheres does not live at all. Knowledge is devotion to the universe in thought, art in contemplation, religion in the feeling, love with the sum of all spiritual forces towards something which appears to us as a being worthy of appreciation in the world as a whole. Knowledge is the most spiritual, love the most beautiful form of selfless devotion. For love is a true heavens light in the life of ordinariness. Devout, truly spiritual love ennobles our being to its innermost fiber, it elevates everything that lives within us. This pure devout love transforms the whole life of the soul into another that is related to the universal spirit. To love in this highest sense means to carry the breath of the life of God to a place where usually only the most despicable egoism and disrespectful passion is to be found. One must have knowledge of the sacredness of love, before one can speak of piety.”[9]

Rudolf Steiner 1886

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Kirsten Juel is the Editor-in-Chief of the Swiss-based journal KERNPUNKTE on which this article was originally published in German

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