Social media companies censoring Donald Trump.

Democrats request Pence remove Trump from office.

Video appears to show police ushering protesters into Capitol.

Trump’s social media blocked, certification appears to resume and curfew in Washington DC until 0600 hours, or be ‘subject to arrest’

Republicans “using chaos as pretext to drop electoral challenge”.

Cabinet discussing invoking 25th Amendment to remove “mentally unstable” Trump from office.

The session of Congress in which Joe Biden was set to be confirmed as the next US President has been put on recess after the Capitol building was allegedly “stormed” by supporters of Donald Trump.

How one of the most secure buildings on the planet was suddenly vulnerable to “storming” froma couple of hundred Trump supporters remains a mystery. There have been only very limited reports of violence, despite the legendarily itchy trigger fingers of America’s militarized police forces.

This apparent contradiction has not gone unnoticed, even by mainstream voices:

As always with breaking stories designed to create a narrative, story is picking up and discarding threads. There have been as-yet-unsubstantiated reports of “pipe bombs”, but no explosions. Another article accused the “rioters” of “deploying chemicals”.

In “progressive” political circles, this absurd series of events is being used as a catalyst to trigger the potential forceful removal of Donald Trump from office, via the 25h Amendment:

Or even expelling any Republican member of congress that questioned the result of the Presidential election:

The so-called “President-elect” Joe Biden has been quick to label the protests “chaos which borders on sedition”.

The response is escalating quickly. The mayor of Washington DC has been quick to put a curfew order in place, and there is talk of the national guard being brought in.

So, was the whole purpose of the blatantly rigged and fraudulent US election to kick off riots, and eventually a ‘civil war’ to justify a coup by some faction and martial law?

This is the standard “color revolution” playbook anyhow. Is it currently being used in the US by proponents of the New Normal?

Do we really believe some ad hoc rioters just closed Congress?

This has all the hallmarks of a planned rollout…

UPDATE: Donald Trump posted a brief video to social media, repeating his claims of electoral fraud, but telling the protestors to “go home”:Video Player00:0001:01

Facebook has taken the video down. While twitter – at first – totally prevented people from commenting on it or sharing, adding the alarmingly Orwellian warning:

This claim of election fraud is disputed, and this Tweet can’t be replied to, retweeted, or liked due to a risk of violence

…but then totally removed both the video and this tweet, which called on protestors to go home “in love and peace”:

Is this about ending the “risk of violence”? Or is it about purging all evidence of Trump telling the protestors to desist, so he can be blamed?

UPDATE: Democratic Congresswoman McBath has asked that VP Mike Pence remove Trump from office:

UPDATE: Did the police enable the “riot”? Video emerges which appears to show police opening barriers and ushering protesters through:

UPDATE: Certification is reported to have resumed. Trump’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been locked. Various condemnation of Trump for ‘inciting’ violence in the Capitol, including this tweet from Obama:

Various calls for impeachment. City-wide curfew in place in Washington DC from 1800 to 0600 hours.

UPDATE: Global Research is reporting that the few remaining dissenting Republicans in the Senate will use the “Capitol Hill chaos” as a pretext to drop any further challenge to the alleged election of Joe Biden as President.

Meanwhile, many mainstream sources are reporting that Trump’s cabinet is discussing enacting the 25th Amendement to remove Trump from office, alleging he is “mentally unstable”.

Originally posted on Off-Guardian


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One thought

  1. Barack Obama, RE: “Fantasy Narrative”.
    PATHOLOGICALLY DYSFUNCTIONAL WORLDVIEW Over the past 500 years, 10s of millions of people fled economic & ecological oligarch ‘exogenous’ (Latin ‘other-generated’) mismanagement in colonially (Assyrian, Greek & Roman) occupied Europe. This failed misfit refugee component of European society was shipped by the 10s of millions to invade, occupy & shamelessly genocide healthy ‘indigenous’ (L ‘self-generating’) peoples worldwide. Some 50% of those who fled their own oppression & contributed to the violent colonial occupation, were of deep religious, left-wing & even pacifist origins. Our minds are in fantasy, while our bodies commit atrocity. Our colonial settler society is founded upon invasion & genocide (forced removal of people from their means of livelihood + murder) of over 100 million 1st Nation people across the Americas. Western nations continue our violent destabilizations & invasions for the resources & control of 2nd & 3rd world peoples, with millions dying every year.
    When whole peoples are indoctrinated in false feel-good myths, so as to refuse to acknowledge our violent origins & daily consumer ravaging lifestyle, both mentally & emotionally, both left & right, this is the definition of a ‘Fantasy Narrative’ schizophrenia. The average American & Canadian (my origins) are dependent & attached to false Group-think. This is what inspired George Orwell to write such as 1984.
    Present Republican calls for transparent election systems with chain-of-custody for votes, elimination of computer voting systems, bipartisan observation in the counting & reporting process, control over campaign financing & popular control of Mainstream Media MSM are understood worldwide as the normal foundation of ‘political’ (‘poly’ = ‘many’ + ‘tics’ = ‘workings-of’) democracy & legislated in most countries. Transparency is all Republicans are asking for, yet Democrats, most official leftists, liberals & MSM controlled media are unable to acknowledge these simple requirements for fair elections. That not one Democrat or Independant Senator or Representative has recognized & acknowledged these most basic worldwide requirements of political democracy, shows how vacuous, detached & sublimely murderous, such a mind as Barack Obama, can be.
    Of course deeper down all humanity’s worldwide indigenous roots would have us understand how indigenous Economic Democracy in the Multihome-Dwelling-Complex & progressive-ownership of Production-Society-Guilds provide for an organization from the Tree-Roots, needed to engage Political Democracy as a subset. When we are in participatory control of our livelihood, then our minds relax enough to look outside the propaganda window to see what the living world is all about.

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