The Solidarity of the Treaty of Westphalia

The peace of Westphalia was a crucial milestone in the history of human civilization. Not only did it set a precedent for international law and human rights but it challenged the Empire by finally realizing the dream of Nicholas of Cusa (although imperfectly). It was Cusa who first advocated the principle of ‘Nation State’. The nation state principle was later understood and realized more perfectly by the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Founding Fathers of United States of America.

This principle of a sovereign population , ruled by human reason alone and not by the ‘divine right of kings’ became a mortal threat to the British Empire. But never till now, has this principle been so openly challenged. And sad to say, there are far too few among us that understand that principle competently in order to defend it.

In my class, I will try to show you why the British Empire fears a sovereign nation state and what we must understand now to create a new paradigm for civilization.

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