The Queen’s White Glove Hides Iron Fist Rule over ‘United Kingdom’

LPAC– January 16, 2013

Yes dear, the Queen does rule over Britain. She even reserves the right to declare war. Documents received through the British Freedom of Information Act have revealed that the Queen and Prince Charles have exercised their right to veto legislation. This does not only involve ecological or other pet concerns of Prince Charles, but real legislation. For instance in 1999 the Queen vetoed the Military Actions Against Iraq Bill, drafted to transfer the power to authorize military strikes against Iraq from the Monarch to Parliament. In 2004 she asked to consent to the Civil Partnership Act, which required significant changes in the legislation in order for it to be approved by the Queen.

The documents were released after legal expert John Kirkhope fought in the courts for their release. He is quoted in the Daily Telegraph as having said, “There has been an implication that these prerogative powers are quaint and sweet, but actually there is real influence and real power, albeit unaccountable.”

Andrew George, Liberal Democratic MP for St Ives, which touches upon Prince Charles’s Duchy of Cornwall, told the Telegraph that these revelations show that the Queen and Charles “are playing an active role in the democratic process… This is opening the eyes of those who believe the Queen only has a ceremonial role.”

Charles has vetoed 12 government bills since 2005.