Reality of War Drive is introduced at 2014 CDA Conference in Ottawa, Canada

Video overviews of the CDA conference accompany this report by Matthew Ehret-Kump in english and Pascal Chevrier in french


February 20-21, 2014

During the two days of February 20 and 21st, representatives of the Committee for the Republic of Canada participated in the Canadian Defense and Security Conference of 2014 in Ottawa Canada.

The conference was the largest of its type in Canada and brought together leading military, and defense analysts, active and retired military figures and politicians who were convened to discuss the future of the Canadian military based upon the transformative economic and geopolitical landscape. The key organizers of the conference were the Five Eyes countries of Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and America. Keynote presentations and panels focused upon such important topics as the Asia Pivot, Canada’s role within it, Cyber-security in the post-Snowden era, and the Arc of instability: from the Meghreb to Pakistan.

As important as these issues were, the problem was that they were presented in a vacuum completely detached from the strategic reality shaping the geopolitical landscape laid out by LaRouche as 1) The financial collapse to be triggered by the bail-in regime and the immanent defaults of securitized national debts, and 2) the intention to wage war with Russia and China.

Without taking these factors into any consideration, the discussions were nothing but dangerous opinions floating in a vacuum which are leading us directly into thermonuclear war. Every time a keynote speaker or panelists spoke about the future whether it be 2020, 2030 or 2040, it was based upon a linear extrapolation of trends of the current system with no economic collapse, and no nuclear war possibilities even considered making the analysis beyond worthless.

This was the fallacy that the members of the CRC corrected in our several interventions.

The first intervention took place after a panel on the Asia Pivot, which tried to sell the notion that Canada must join Australia and America in the anti-China endeavour to militarize the Pacific. Our organizer was able to pose a question which began by addressing the fact of China’s awareness of the immanent collapse of the current financial system, Hank Paulson’s warnings of collapse of the global debt based derivatives bubble triggered by the bail-in regime, and how it is perceived by the Asian establishment that this fact is driving the anti China war plans in the Pacific theater as well as the Trans Pacific Partnership ending with the point of asking why this is not being addressed in the analysis and 2) were it not better that we joined the Shanghai Cooperation Nations in mutual development and reconstruction instead of antagonistically treating them as an enemy? (see video of question)

The first panelist lamely evaded the issues brought up by stating his belief that the financial crisis of 2009 was over and that the system was in much better shape now. The second panelist (a former MI6 director stated his belief that a new world reserve currency based upon the Chinese Renmimbi were inevitable, although China was not willing to go along yet.

Many fruitful discussions with audience members were harvested due to this intervention with several younger attendees thanking the organizer for posing the question. One of whom was surprised since he had formerly believed that China was the aggressor nation trying to gobble up its neighbours and had never realized the possibility that it may in fact be the west instigating war.

A later panel led by the head of US Africom discussed the hot spots of terrorism in Africa and the middle east and was similarly devoid of any of the actual causes of the crises discussed, getting lost in the complexity of bottom up thinking and leaving the impression that the problems facing Africa (terrorism, war and starvation) were intrinsically unsolvable (short of merely aiding in subsistence agriculture). After this onslaught of incompetent sophistry from the four panelists, our organizer was able to bring up the west’s support of terrorist networks exemplified by the Libyan Shield, Jabhat al Nusra, and now the Svoboda Party in Ukraine, and how these networks are supported by the drug profits laundered through such banks as HSBC. The questioner asked why these factors were being ignored in their expositions? (See video of question)

Again, the panelists were forced to lamely state that the issues of terrorism were brought up, while ignoring all of the key points brought up in the question. Another panelist simply ranted about the complexity of the situation and also evaded the issues brought up entirely.

Admiral Greenert, Chief of the US Naval Operations provided an insane briefing exposing his ignorance of the true nature and purpose of the military, presuming that its role was to defend flow of trade rather than national interests. In a followup interview, Greenert denied the possibility of thermonuclear war with either Russia or China merely by saying “since it’s never happened before, it couldn’t happen” and that Russian and Chinese concerns were unwarranted based upon the promises that the US government has made not to use its military capabilities against either country. Bob asked a two fold question to the Admiral focusing upon the Bering Strait rail project as an alternative to British geopolitics to which the Admiral expressed his enthusiasm although stating that he had never heard of it. The second part of Bob’s question focused upon the oligarchy’s thermonuclear war drive to which the Admiral decided not to comment upon. [see video of two questions and Greenert’s answers]. Greenert also took our 60 page special report on the Ukraine Cockpit for thermonuclear war [link to 1: video of Matt’s question to Admiral Greenart and 2: Bob’s question‘s to the Admiral)

Overall, a running theme throughout the conference involved arguments which labelled Edward Snowden as a terrorist who had made the world more dangerous and opened “free globalized democracies” to greater threats of terrorist attack. The former Defense Minister of Germany (now employed by Barrick Gold) exclaimed that Snowden was “the last hiccup” of the Old World Order and demanded that the world use the Snowden crisis as a way to globalize cyber security and move from sovereign governments to a world “googlement”. The idea that our national military capabilities, internet surveillance capabilities must follow the model of globalization and move into private controls, was repeated in various ways throughout the conference.

Particular singularities encountered by our organizers throughout the event included an Australian strategist who told Bob “you sound like the CEC. I’m on their mailing list!”

A retired Major (and mayor) who is now VP of the Royal Canadian Regiment had scoffed at our “conspiratorial analysis” at first until it was revealed that he had read articles on the Frankfurt School and also believed that there was a satanic social engineering policy to destroy western family structures and valued in order to reduce society into bestiality. Having been cleansed of his former belief that Larouche was an atheist and that conspiracies are impossible, he became highly exuberant and enthusiastic about fighting for humanity against the oligarchy.

Overall, no one knew about the western manipulation of the situation in Ukraine nor how it was related to fascist neo Nazi groups.

Many people who came to ask us questions afterwards didn’t necessarily agree with our analysis but were still highly provoked and wanted to know more about the Canadian Patriot magazine.

Many contacts were made and many illusions were crushed as our organizers intervened throughout the convention, distributing a lot of literature and engaging in many serious strategic discussions.

Interventions from the February 2012 conference can be viewed on the LaRouche Canada youtube page.