Prometheus and Canada part 3: The Huxley/Trudeau Eugenics Revolution re-shackles Prometheus

This third part of the Prometheus and Canada series begins with a political overview of the world in 2014. After situating the world dynamic as being shaped around the Promethean outlook of the Russia-China alliance vs the Oligarchical-Zeusian outlook of the Anglo Dutch empire, we ask the question: What role will Canada play in the oncoming Dark age or Renaissance?

The Class begins with the 1865 formation of the T.H. Huxley-run X Club, the Fabian Society and Rhodes Trust which were the core of the British empire’s re-organization policy in response to Lincoln’s victory over the British-run southern Confederacy.

This class then follows the efforts made by these oligarchical networks as they shaped world policy for the coming century, always with an eye to creating a global Anglo-American world empire steered from London. We move through the century focusing on several failed attempts by the oligarchy to create their blueprint for a eugenics-based “New World Order” beginning with the failed League of Nations in 1919-1923, the failed fascist takeovers of America and Canada in 1933, and the failed attempt to hijack the Bretton Wood Conference in 1945.

We end our class by answering the question of what the Quiet Revolution of 1960 which secularized Quebec was really all about, and how this technocratic reform was used to overhaul the culture and bureaucracy of Canada culminating in the 1968-1972 Trudeau revolution in Cybernetics and Systems analysis, the creation of Environment Canada and the creation by Maurice Strong of the new Canadian agenda for the re-colonization of Africa named “environmentalism”.