Montreal Conference: The New BRICS Paradigm and the End of Empire

On November 30, 2014 the CRC and the Canadian Patriot Review hosted a conference at the heart of downtown Montreal on the theme of the New BRICS Paradigm and the scientific-cultural revolution that can lead into the next phase of mankind’s self-conscious evolution.

Compte-rendu politique: Les BRICS et l’avantage de l’autre

[youtube] Jean-Philippe Lebleu du CRC donne un compte-rendu des différentes activités des nations du BRICS, et de la nécessité de rompre avec l’ignorance de la population et des décideurs politiques vis-à-vis ces nations. La politique étrangère, tout comme l’opinion populaire, a une très mauvaise odeur!

The End of Closed System Geopolitics and the Rise of Open System Development

[youtube] Matthew Ehret-Kump, editor of the Canadian Patriot, introduces the scientific basis for the new paradigm now emerging with the BRICS using Vernadsky’s revolution in biogeochemistry and the redefining of the creative reason (the Noosphere) as a natural geological power of change.

Useful accompanying literature to read as a followup to this class can be found on, including most of the key original works by Vladimir Vernadsky.

From an Oligarchy`s Utopia to Dante`s Paradise
[youtube] David Gosselin of the CRC introduces the role of great art and classical culture in elevating humanity to a higher sense of self conscious reason using the example of Dante’s Commedia as a guide for a true revolution.