Keplerian Quantum Physics: God is Not a Particle

Keplerian Quantum Physics: God is Not a Particle from Committee For The Republic of Ca on Vimeo.

With the currently impending world war and breakdown crisis under way at the beginning of the 21st century, thinking citizens find themselves not only forced to re-evaluate the standards of economic doctrine which have destroyed our once powerful economies and cultures, but also which those standards of biology and physics that have underlain the disastrous attempts to smash particles together at ever faster speeds in order to verify the existence of fictitious mathematical chimeras such as the quark, gluon and now infamous Higgs-Boson “God particle”. Were the true methods of discovery of gravitation and electrodynamics by Kepler and his followers such as Riemann, Weber, and Planck not suppressed by the British Oligarchy over the past centuries, then our understanding of the lawful characteristics of the atom in the microcosm and the larger galactic context of its macrocosmic environment would be increasing our power to understand and act creatively upon, the universe.

This class, given by Matthew Ehret-Kump of the Committee for the Republic of Canada, on December 23 2011, serves as an introduction to Kepler’s discovery of gravitation as a universal harmony, and the implications of that discovery to our understanding of the quantum today.