How Bertrand Russell Made Society Stupid, Fearful, and Evil.

As the leading financial journalist for the Daily Telegraph, Ambrose Evans Pritchard, reports from an interview at Davos with William White, former chief economist of the Bank for International Settlements, it clear to all concerned that the financial system is coming down. The question facing every nation is how to secure their population from mass death in the ensuing period. If Obama remains at the helm in the U.S., there will be no security, just mass death for the inhabitants of the U.S. Responsible individuals have to now intervene to remove Obama, and measures including Glass-Steagall have to be put in place to secure the safety and existence of the population. This applies to all nations, as well as Canada. Since this reality has yet to emerge in the electoral process of the U.S., individuals in responsible positions in the U.S. Congress, and the institutions at all levels, with support from the population, are going to have to act to remove Obama. In other nations, including Canada, the institutions are going to have to move to secure the existence of their population. It is guaranteed that all of you, including those in Canada, are going to die if Obama remains in office in the U.S., whether that is by nuclear war, or by the disintegration of society, or both simultaneously. It is the need to secure human existence in this crisis which now imposes the necessity of a renaissance and a new paradigm for humanity. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this is how, in world history, human progress has been effected. The same situation exists in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Hundreds of millions of refugees are in the process of flooding Europe from the Middle East and Africa as a result of terrorism, and/or the devastating effects of the collapse of oil prices. It is however, the Russians and the Chinese who are seeking to secure the existence of the people of those areas and seeking to engage Europe in an effort to act with them to do so. Chinese President Xi Jingping is touring the Middle East visiting Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt in attempting to do this as Russia is seeking to secure Syria as well. The issue of Bertrand Russell and the article that Paul did for the Executive Intelligence Review on Bertrand Russell and other related matters will be the focus of the next meeting. Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) designed the political, strategic, and spiritual hell we are living in today. Madness on this grand of a scale that we are seeing today in politics, culture, and society, does not happen by accident. There is however a pathway and a plan for a way out. That will also be discussed. We are fortunate that the long arm of Russell’s spiritual destruction of the West did not completely extend to the East. As result we have a rebirth and a renaissance beginning to occur in Asia. Though Russell did influence Mao, China has survived that earlier influence. Conspiracy theorists and even “truthers” have the problem in that they most often don’t know how their own minds have been shaped, and where their deeply ingrained pessimism comes from. This is a vital meeting and it is hoped you will not miss it. This intersects greatly the “tragic circus” of the Presidential election in the United States.