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British Empire
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Economic Collapse
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International Developments
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Issue 06 April-May 2013
Special Report- Republic or Colony
Stop Austerity/Depopulation
Stop WW3
Issue 03- Winter 2012
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The Future
Issue 04- January 2013
Montreal NAWAPA Conference Dec 2010- presentation 1: Conquering the Prairies
Who Controls Africa’s Raw Materials?
Le Refus Global contre la Révolution Tranquille
Keplerian Quantum Physics: God is Not a Particle
Time for a Living Revolution- Matthew Ehret-Kump
Educating a Renaissance and Overcoming the Concentration Camp of the Mind
Canada Enters the "New NAFTA" of the Pacific
The Glass-Steagall of the North: Re-instate the Four Pillars of Banking Now
Environmentalism and the General Welfare Make Poor Bedfellows
The British Consolidate their Property
Lord Conrad Black Declares: “The British Commonwealth Will Rise Again”
The Paradoxical Case of Britain’s Attack on its own Green Movement in Canada
Mackinder’s Geopolitics versus LaRouche’s World Landbridge
The “New Canada” Imperial Arctic Makeover: Will Increased Canadian Arctic Territory be used to Provoke War with Russia?
Is China on the road to becoming the world leader in the nuclear energy of the future?
Is Québec committing scientific suicide? (Or why buying gold won’t change a thing)
What does the Empire have planned for poor Justin Trudeau?
Britain's "Invisible" Empire Unleashes The Dogs of War
Crown Agents: The Queen's Managers
The Dogs of War: Her Majesty's Irregular Forces
Nazi Roots of the House of Windsor
Her Majesty’s Prerogative Powers
The Queen is the Ultimate Insider Trader
The Queen’s Corps of Commissionaires
The Queen’s Powers- They’re Real
The Sun Never Sets on the New British Empire
The Inter-Alpha Group: Nation-Killers for Imperial Genocide
Part One: A Pacific Orientation Not World War
Part Two. Forecasting and Bio-Engineering : Thinking outside the collapse.
Part Three. Is Humanity fit to Survive?
Canada’s Housing Bubble Blow out Amid Global Collapse.
W.A.C. Bennett: Canada’s Spiritual Father of NAWAPA
The Disease in the Healthcare System must be Removed: Is Canada turning into a fascist meat grinder?
The Royal Dope: What is Canada’s Role in the Empire’s global Drug Addiction?
Canada Threatens to Shut down Iranian Embassy amid latest British push for Thermonuclear War
On Music and Creativity- By Jennifer Kreingold
Changing The Surface Of History
L’intervention de Gaulle-Johnson pour sauver l’âme du Québec (et du monde)
L’histoire de NAWAPA: Pour raviver l’esprit de John F. Kennedy
Walter Gordon’s Cultural Engineering, Global Governance and Anarchism in Canada
The Fight for Continental Water Management in Quebec
The British Crown is Guilty of Canadian Inuit Deportation
Montreal Permindex ties revealed to JFK murder, 1001 Club
The Ugly Truth About General Andrew McNaughton
The History of NAWAPA: Reviving the Spirit of John F. Kennedy
The Genocidal Mind of the Empire
The Arctic development / Le Développement de l'Arctique
Towards a World of Sovereign Republics: Why the Evils of Party Politics Must be Overcome
The Queen's White Glove Hides Iron Fist Rule over 'United Kingdom'
Meet Canada’s Ruling Oligarchy: Parasites-a-Plenty!